Making Video Magic With Magisto

I have recently come across this super fun website (and IOS and Android app) called Magisto!  I downloaded it while looking for video editing apps and it sat on my phone for months before I finally got around to testing it out.

I love taking video in the parks (when I remember of course, lol!) but I never know what to do with them once they are taken.  I can always post it to Instagram or upload it to YouTube, but when it comes to editing and mixing video, I seriously suck at it.

This is where Magisto comes in.  It takes your photos and your videos and automatically makes a awesome video for you!  Yes, it does ALL the work!  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  But I must admit, it does a pretty awesome job.

Here are a couple things you need to know about this app.  It is free, but limited.  The free version only lets you upload 10 photos and 10 videos (up to 15 minutes worth).  You also cannot download the finished project unless you have a premium account.  You can share to multiple social networking sites and send a link to your video though.  Your videos are also stored on the site for the life of the site.

After making a couple videos and loving them, I went ahead and upgraded to the Plus account.  It gives you the option to pay monthly, pay for a whole year, or pay for lifetime access.  The free account was fine for some of my Disneyland day trips where I didn't take many photos, but having to narrow my day down to only 10 photos was becoming more and more difficult.  Having the option to choose 30 photos is soo much nicer =)

Ok, now that we have covered what the site is, let me show you how the website works!  The app is pretty much the exact same thing, but all my music is on my computer so I have more options using the web version =)

When you get to the site, go ahead and register.  Then click the Create Movie button.  By the way, I just want to say that this site is gorgeous!  The interface and photos used, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The next step is to add some photos and videos!

I went ahead and picked out my photos and videos and put them in a separate folder on my desktop so they would be easy for me to find.

Once you pick out your photos and videos, give it a minute to upload them.  The more photos and videos you have, the longer this will take naturally.

Next you can choose a editing style.  There are 16 different styles to choose from.  Sometimes there is a style that works PERFECTLY with your photos.  Other times there is not.  In this case, there was not a good themed fit for me, so I chose the no frills “Clean” style.  Perfect for my photos.

Once you choose your style, it is time for some music!  Each themed style comes with some different music choices.  But you can always choose to either have no music or to upload your own music.  In my case, I chose to upload my own!

Once you choose your music, you are prompted to choose a title for your movie!  This is also where you can make any last minute changes.  There is no editing your movie once it is made, so if you want to change something, you will have to make a whole new video.

Once you hit the Make My Movie button, you are done!  You can leave the site or app and Magisto will go ahead and email you when your movie is done!  The video I made had 30 photos and 2 – 15 second long videos.  I received my email about my video being ready after 8 minutes.  Not too shabby!

Here is how your videos look under your My Movies tab.  They are all stored nicely there for you and you can also sort them into albums!

Here are the movies I have made using the free version:

And the one I have made so far with the paid version:


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