Mark your calendar for Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Did you know that September 19th is the official “Talk Like a Pirate Day” holiday? It’s true! What started out as a joke among friends has evolved into a real holiday and it has capturing magic potential written all over it! Disney has brought many memorable pirates to life for us over the years that can help you celebrate this quirky little holiday. Here’s a list of all the Disney-related pirates I could think of. Please let me know if you have any others to add to the list!


There are also some Disney attractions that have pirates in them:

Pirates ride


There is plenty of pirate-related merchandise in the parks and in Disney stores. If you’re like me, you’ve come home with more than one piece of pirate loot over the years!

pirate loot


My guess is that if you are a Disney fan, you will be excited to capture some magic on Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here are some fun ways to celebrate:

activities for pirate day


Above all, don’t forget to talk like a pirate!



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