Mickey Earrings: A How To

Hey everyone, Jen here to show you how to make your very own personalized Mickey earrings for wearing in the parks or an excellent gifts for the upcoming Holiday season!  These steps could also easily be used to make custom brads for your scrapbook pages!

Let's get started, here's what you'll need:



Shrinky Dink plastic comes in a variety of styles and colors.  You can even buy the Printable plastic for ink jet printers.   I've used most of them and like each one for different reasons.  If you want to experiment with them, look into the variety pack that has 3 or 4 different colors.

Let's get started!  First, pre-heat your oven to the required temperature stated in the Shrinky Dink instructions.  Then you can start punching out the Mickeys with your craft punch.  Now here is where you can get creative with the Sharpies!!  For example, I used a red Sharpie marker to draw diagonal lines on the white Shrinky Dink plastic for a candy cane look.  This is easier to do on the light colors – white, clear and/or frosted and is much easier to do BEFORE they are baked.   (Please note: the Stickles are only to be used after they are baked.)    Once you have all that you need/want, then you will place the cut pieces of plastic on the suggested surface stated in the instructions, I used a thin piece of cardboard (old cereal box) on a cookie sheet.  Spread the Mickey pieces a couple of inches apart, then place them on the top rack of your oven.  No need to walk away, they only take 2 to 3 minutes and they are done.  When they are finished, take them out and let them cool completely, which doesn't take very long!!

Once the Shrinky Dink plastic has cooled, take them to your work surface and you can start gluing the Earring Studs to the back using the E6000 glue.  A little glue goes a long way.  I drop a small amount on a spare piece of paper and dipped my stud into the glue.  Allow the glue to dry completely (this is honestly the hardest part… waiting for glue to dry).

After the glue is dried, stick the earring right side up by placing the studs into a piece of styrofoam or think foam.  I used a piece of foam that came with some brads I previously purchased. Now, from here you can be done, they are just as adorable plain as they are all decked out!!  But for some added bling, use Stickles glitter!  You can add it over the whole Mickey or however you want.  For my candy cane Mickeys, I used red glitter over the red stripes and a clear sparkly glitter over the white stripes.  The company that makes Stickles, Ranger, also makes a “Liquid Pearl” decorating glue that I used on the black Mickey cutouts, for a more traditional Mickey look.   Let the Stickles glue dry.  I suggest “locking” in the glitter by adding a layer of Diamond Glaze.  Make sure when you add the Diamond Glaze that you remove ALL air bubbles.  I use the applicator tip to sort of “move” the air bubble off.  Below you'll see what the Diamond Glaze looks like when it's wet, but when it dries, it dries clear.

It is very important that the Diamond Glaze dry completely, I would even suggest letting it dry overnight to be safe.  That's it!  That's all there is to it!  I can't wait to wear my candy cane Mickey Earrings during the Holidays!!  Ooo, I just had an idea – I should make coordinating earrings to match my Animal Kingdomshirts I made!