Minnie Me and Goofy Water


It was super fun to shoot Minnie Me with Goofy Water in Toontown, Disneyland! If you aren't familiar with Goofy Water (and it was new-to-me a couple of trips ago, when Heather W and Tanya enlightened me), the water coming out of the fountains is colored (through magic, of course)!  Natalie was the random winner selected by Rafflecopter and she won for following us on Pinterest.  Laura was the random winner selected from those that guessed correctly where Minnie Me was!

We have a bit of time left to enter the Story giveaway, if you haven't yet. Lots and lots of ways to enter, including creating a Story that we will later share here on the site. Stories are so FAST and FUN to create! Who doesn't want Disney animations and music put to their own photos and memories! The app pretty much does it for you! Seriously! We are all addicted around here!

We have a lot of really great things in the works that we can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned! 🙂