My Favorite Mickey’s Halloween Party Memories: Captured

My sisters and I had SO MUCH FUN at Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland together! I thought it might be fun to share some of our top memories and how they were captured. It was a truly magical night!


We were able to see a lot of characters that weren't usually out, which was so much fun!! I remember watching the Christmas parade last year thinking I would probably never get to meet Clarabell Cow, but I did! At Easter, I thought a similar thing about Roger Rabbit and…hello!?  We met them both…and hardly a line at all! The character meets (more than pictured here) were captured by our iPhones, my DSLR, and PhotoPass photographers.

Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade

I got us some GREAT seats for this parade, so I was able to get lots of GREAT photos! It was so much fun and truly magical that things worked out the way they did for us. We sat and ate dinner while waiting for the parade, visited with people around us, and posed for photos (that other people wanted to take with our camera for us…it was so nice of them). I also captured the parade with my DSLR. No video of this.

Cast Members

We had some really amazing Cast Member interactions during the party!! They made the lines seem FAST!! When we were done getting pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie, we were actually sad that we were done hanging out with Zach! He was so fun to visit with while we were in line. He did a great job of running up and down the line, but we were really happy when he hung with us a little bit longer!  Hayley had SO MUCH energy and spunk! She was a lot of fun!  My sisters had a few interactions with “this dude” (I know they took down his name, but I don't remember it and I can't read his name tag when I zoom in. I'll get his name from them and update this post). They found him hidden in a corner, handing out candy, and visited and joked with him for a while. He added some super magical touches to their time in Toontown (while I waited in line for characters for all of us…but he did send some candy back with them). We captured these Cast Members with our iPhones. I wish I would have pulled out my DSLR, but I wasn't sure who would have snapped the photo. I also wished I would have had Zach jump in our picture with Mickey and Minnie and had the PhotoPass photographer snap it. Zach really did make that night awesome (and it was after park closing)!

Halloween Screams Fireworks

Out of all of the fireworks shows that I've seen, in Disneyland and Disney World, this is my favorite! I love it! I'm sad that I can only see it during the Halloween Party! It's quite the spectacular! I captured it on video (haha) and a couple of pics with my iPhone (if you are reading this in email or a reader, you will need to come to the site to see the video).

My Favorite Memories

When we first were walking into the park, I admit, I felt a little uncomfortable being dressed up. I can do just about anything with my sisters by my side though and I am so glad I did! It really made the night…spectacular! Truly, truly magical! I'm also SO glad my youngest sister suggested we ride Splash, WITH our hats on!! That really says, in one photo, so much about the whole night!

We had several of these memories captured by our iPhones, my DSLR, PhotoPass photographers, and of course the ride photo on Splash.

Have you gone to a Halloween party at either park? What was your most magical memory?