My Magic+ Package

I recently got a package in the mail from Disney. I thought it was the magic band for my January trip, but this package was smaller than the box the magic bands arrive in. And Mr Incredible is on the outside of the box.

After taking the plastic wrap off, I opened the package to find a nice box with the My Magic+ logo on it.

Here is what it looked like when I opened the box.

Inside the box is a card with the My Magic+ logo on the front & information on the back, a booklet with even more information about My Magic+ logo and Disney, and the coolest My Magic+ thing yet…a USB drive.

The USB drive is nestled inside the box so it doesn't shift around during shipping

The front of the USB drive

And the back of the USB drive

Of course I immediately plugged the USB drive into the computer and saw it lights up! As I said, the coolest part of My Magic+ for me so far. 😉

The USB drive is 1GB. Look how it shows up on the computer, with the My Magic+ logo and everything!

On the drive are 2 links, though they take you to the same screen in your browser. Here you will find 2 links again

And here's the confusing part: there is nothing speical on the drive. The links take you to the same parts of the Disney site that you get in the My Magic+ email you receive. The first link takes you to the Edna Mode video about My Magic+. The second takes you to the main My Magic+ site. Sometimes I was required to log in to see the links, sometimes I wasn't. It seems like a lot of trouble to send the USB through the mail for redundant links, however I know some people ignore emails, and they probably want guests to understand how important it is to set everything up for My Magic+ before arriving on property.

Back to the package! As shown before, the booklet includes your family name (even though for this trip, it's just me. I've noticed Disney always addresses emails to the insert-your-last-name family, even if a trip is solo. As someone who travels alone some trips, I would rather it be addressed to my first name, but, that's just my opinion…and maybe it's time to get back to the package!) The booklet does have a few pages about the specific resort you are staying at, which is nice. There is even a page which lists the food court and restaurants, which would be nice for a first time visitor to a resort.

Most of the book is about My Magic+ and typical Disney information on each park, water parks, and DTD. On each park page, it says they've picked out specific things for me. However, based on the recommendation for rides like Rockin Roller Coaster, I don't think they know me that well, even though I've been there over 20 times, haha!

There's also a spread about Capturing Magic favorite Photopass

At the back of the book is the second best part of the package: a Dumbo magnet with your arrival date:

Doesn't it look perfect next to my annual pass magnet on the fridge?

There's nothing special about the card with the My Magic+ logo on it, though I think it would work nicely in a scrapbook. The back of the card just has a note about My Magic+

It looks like this package will be going out to all resort guests, as I've seen a few others posting about it online since I received it. But, as with everything My Magic+ related, that's subject to change.

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