My Reflections on The Half Marathon

Just after I got a high five from Mickey!

Just after I got a high five from Mickey!

Now that I have returned from the Tinker Bell half Marathon weekend I have some thoughts to share.

  • If you are most interested in getting character pictures along the course, get up early to get a good spot in your corral
  • If you want a better corral, think about completing a local race to get an official time to submit to runDisney
  • Have a fully charged battery on your phone and camera
  • Have a set of earbuds – bluetooth might be a good option, less wires in your pictures, and easier to hand off your phone to someone taking your picture
  • Remember that you will be in some pictures, so prepare! I made sure to put on some waterproof mascara and lipgloss, as well as a tinted moisturizer with a good SPF, that's all, just enough so I felt good, but wasn't going to look like my face was melting off.
  • Have a way for your family to track your run
  • Take advantage of the restrooms in the parks, much better than having to use the portables along the city streets
  • When taking a picture be aware that you are moving and an object may appear to “jump” into your frame


  • At the finish look alert, and smile! I was so focused on turning off my running app that I look like I'm madly texting at the end, ooops
  • I'm not texting, honest!
    I'm not texting, honest!
  • Make sure to have your ID and a small amount of cash – in case you need to purchase something along the route (such as aspirin, bandaids etc) there are also massages available at the finish area and they only take cash
  • Discuss with your cheering squad where you will meet after the race, we had some communication issues and took about 30 minutes to finally meet up
  • Beware of posting images of your bib to social media. Doing so before the race could allow someone to create a fake bib and join the race. Also the race results are public and anyone can type in your bib number and find your name, age and hometown.

Over all, I had a great time, a definite Disney Bucket List item! Would I do this again? I think so, although perhaps a 10K instead of a Half Marathon. The 10K route is almost entirely in the parks, since I'm not a runner that distance is just right and I get to be in the parks. I'd also do a local race to get a better time to get an earlier corral, more time in the parks to get pictures!




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