NEW Christmas Story Themes Including Frozen and Another Marathon

Wednesday afternoon my phone started going crazy as it buzzed with texts and emails from team members, letting me know that the Story App had JUST updated. My heart jumped and I fumbled my phone with excitement to download the update.  We are passionate memory keepers here and especially when it comes to our Disney memories. More than one team member has told me that they were shocked at how simple, fast, (and addicting) the Story app is.   We have been, very impatiently, waiting for more themes and crossing our fingers that we would get some holiday themes.  Disney came through for us in a BIG BIG way!!  We all think the Story app is pretty amazing…but let me tell you…the new themes top it all!!  They are…well…beyond amazing!!

New themes for @DisneyStory app

There are SEVEN new themes (the Mickey In Paris theme pictured above is from the original app release). Five of the new themes are FREE including: Frozen, 25 Days of Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Season's Greetings, and Alpine Mickey. The two in app purchases are $1.99 and are: Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh.

Each theme comes with additional song/s that can be used with that theme or another theme (I love mixing up the music). One of the things that we noticed in these new themes is that the animations in the middle portion of the app change each time you view it. The animated scenes might be the same, but the characters and how the scene is played out, are different. The themes are SO extremely well done!!

 How would you like to see them in action? Just click any of the images below to view the Story.

New Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh Themes

Meghan created her very first Story using the New “Winnie the Pooh” theme (in app purchase for $1.99):

Friends @DisneyStory with Winnie the Pooh theme

I LOVE Tanya's Story about sharing her cousin Sid's birthday (I love Sid!) at Disneyland using the “Toy Story” theme (in app purchase for $1.99):

Sid's Birthday at Disneyland @DisneyStory using Toy Story theme

NEW Holiday Themes

Tanya created this Story using the free 25 Days of Christmas theme (click the image to view the full Story):

Jingle Jangle Story by Tanya - 25 Days of Christmas theme

I created this Story about seeing the Disneyland Holiday parade using the free 25 Days of Christmas Theme:

Disneyland Holiday Parade Story by Steph - 25 Days of Christmas Theme

Tanya created this fun Story about the Jingle Jungle Cruise at Disneyland using the 25 Days of Christmas theme:

Jingle Jungle Cruise Story by Tanya with 25 Days of Christmas @DisneyStory theme

Aaron made such a cute Story about his trip with his family to Disney World at Christmas last year, using the new FREE “Winter Wonderland” theme:

Aaron December at Disney World using @DisneyStory Winter Wonderland theme

Stephanie H created this adorable Story about the Disney Fantasy Parade at Disneyland using the free “Alpine Mickey” theme:

Christmas Fanatasy Parade Story by Stephanie H with Alpine Mickey Theme

Beth created her first Story about seeing Frozen in the theater using the new, FREE Frozen theme:

Fun at the Movies Story - Frozen by Beth with Frozen @DisneyStory theme

I created this Story about meeting Elsa and Anna on my birthday using the free Frozen theme:

Tanya used the Frozen theme for her Story about ChristmasTime at the Disneyland Resort:

Krisi made her first Story using the brand new, free “Seasons Greetings” them:

Visit with Santa by Krisi

I had so much fun creating this Story about my time at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World (using the “Season's Greetings” theme):

Mickey's Very Merry Christmsa Party @DisneyStory using Seasons Greetings Theme

Have you tried out the Story app yet?  What about the new themes?