New Looks For Some Disney Characters – CM091


Heather is sharing some of the new looks we will see on characters in Disney World and Disneyland.

New Costume for Minnie Mouse

New Costume for Jasmine

New Costume for Mulan

New Costume for Pocahontas

New Costume For Mickey Mouse

Steph: Hey everyone, welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph from, and I am here with Heather Winfield, from Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: We also have Tanya Hickman, from Hi, Tanya.


Tanya: Hi.


Steph: One of these days I'm going to reverse it, just to surprise you all, and do Tanya first.


Tanya: That's okay. I'll be like, “What?”


Heather: What? I'm not ready!


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Today, we are talking about costume changes, or outfit changes, wardrobe changes for some of the characters that we've been seeing, or Heather has been seeing around the park. She really, really wanted to talk about them. That is why we're having this show.


Heather: We're talking about capturing the memories, and it's …


Steph: Characters are a big part of that.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: For some people. I love getting my photos with characters. Not everybody does, but when I drag my friends, when they're on trips with me, and I drag them along to meet a character, and they think I'm nutty, then, they end up loving it.


Heather: That's right.


Tanya: I feel like I … I'm sure I've said this before, where I like meeting non-face characters more than face characters. I feel awkward talking to them, and they're judging me, but non-face characters have to be so expressive. They have to do other things, and I love that. I don't love meeting the princesses, and I don't whatever. We had a super fun interaction with Eeyore and Tigger last time we were there, because they're just adorable.


Heather: Eeyore was pushing his ears back like they were his hair, and it was just like …


Tanya: Yeah, it was so cute. Back like they were hair because we were doing a photo shoot. It was cute.


Steph: Oh, cute, super cute. Isn't that kind of how you got started liking characters, Heather? It was as an adult when you went to Disney World.


Heather: Yeah, because I went to Disney when I was 5, and I was scared of characters. My mom didn't take me to meet any of them, which I'm annoyed about, because I would rather have a picture now of me when I was 5, like, screaming and crying with Mickey than not. Unfortunately, no, she's a good mother and didn't want me to be upset. No pictures of me.


Yeah, I actually went on a couple of day trips to Disney, and I didn't know adults were allowed to meet characters. One of my big character regrets is one of those trips, I saw Mulan, and Mushu, and Shang by the hat, meeting. I have a picture of them, but I didn't go to mee them, and Shang is one of those I need to meet characters. Actually, that's one of the reasons why I started running, is because he used to always meet during the Princess 5k and the Princess Half. Then, the first year he didn't do the Princess 5k was my first Princess 5k.


Tanya: You have the worst luck!


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: That's what happened with that, and then I went on our first, it was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip. Ha.


Tanya: Little did they know … That's funny.


Heather: One of the first things we did, actually, is we had dinner at the Crystal Palace. That was the first thing I did was meet the characters there. When I planned the trip, I realized, you can meet characters. I didn't think I would become this, but it would be fun, so I put that in. Of course, that was my first trip, so that was obsessively planned, touring plan kind of thing, so I put character meet into the touring plan. That first trip, I met like 30-something characters. It was several trips before really that was my thing. Now it's like, “Ah, characters!”


Tanya: So funny.


Steph: Okay, so they've got some costume changes, and I want to make note for our listeners that we will have photos of all of these costume changes in the podcast transcription post, whatever you want to call it. In the post with the transcriptions, there will be some photos of the changes that we're talking about. If you want to go find them, be sure to do that. You can just go to, click on podcasts, and they will be there.


Heather: I just want to say, and this is kind of counter-intuitive, but I think all the changes look better in person than they do in pictures. I think the first time people see it, it's usually through the pictures, and that was the case with me. It's like, “Oh,” but they all seem to look better in person. Wait and see, when you see it in person, maybe.


Tanya: Even worse if you're a person that doesn't love change.


Steph: I wonder how much of, because there's been some talk of people not liking, how much of it just is that people don't like change.


Tanya: Probably 75% of it.


Heather: Yeah. It's also the fact that you're so used to it. For example, Mickey and Minnie. How long they've had …


Steph: Yeah, let's talk about them first. What are the changes that we are seeing?


Heather: Both of them, they started off at Shanghai, when they opened that park, it was actually a little before it. They had something, I don't know what it was, it was a store there. It was a couple months before the park opened that they debuted their new look there. I'm trying to …


Steph: We call it a face lift?


Heather: Yeah, or they look a little younger.


Steph: Yeah. They look more cartoon-y.


Tanya: That's what I thought, too. That was exactly what I thought.


Heather: They look maybe happier, a little.


Tanya: It was kind of disturbing at first, but now that I see more pictures of it, I don't necessarily hate it.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Like I said, the first time they debuted was around April. When I first saw it was, “Oh.”


Tanya: Oh.


Heather: Yeah, pretty much that. A couple months later, they debuted at Disney World, they are in their new castle show. What is strange is, that's the only place they are. They're nowhere else in the park. At Disney Land, they just debuted them. Actually, when we were there, it was the first day. They just, kind of like, I just have this [crosstalk [00:06:41].


Tanya: Let me tell that story.


Heather: Okay.


Tanya: We're walking, we were going to go to Radio Springs Racers, and the newsboy show was going on. Mickey was dancing. We didn't even have a good shot of the show. There was a whole crowd of people blocking us, and of course, Heather loves that show, so she glanced over real quick. She knew immediately, from the back of Mickey's head, that it was the new Mickey.


Steph: Oh my goodness.


Tanya: She ran. I was like, “What is going on?” Like, oh my gosh. It wasn't even a clear shot. I never would have seen it. She knew immediately.


Steph: That's so funny.


Heather: Yeah, but when they did it, they did it across the whole park. It's the shows, it's the meet and greets, it's the parades. They didn't just do, “Oh, this one spot, Mickey looks different, and then the parade goes by, and now he looks like old Mickey.” It's kind of weird. I know they've done it on most of the ships, too, because that, actually, I saw that before, I think, the show. No one cares. They're on the ships, and I think they're at somewhere in Disneyland Paris, maybe a show or something.


I'm assuming, eventually, they'll be meeting at Disney World, but I would have thought they would have done it already, if they did it in the show.


Tanya: Minnie's outfit is a little different, too.


Steph: It is, yes.


Tanya: Minnie's outfit is [crosstalk [00:07:56].


Heather: Yes, Minnies outfit.


Steph: It's a lot different. That was one of the few that I looked at right away and went, “Oh, wow.”


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah, her bow is bigger and her dress is kind of completely different. It's still polka dots, but it's bigger polka dots, there's parts where there's no polka dots …


Tanya: Again, it looks more cartoony.


Heather: Yeah, and her shoes.


Tanya: Her shoes, oh my gosh.


Steph: The red bows on the shoes, and then, her bow on her head is ginormous.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: The thing that, I think, probably is still hard to get used to is that she doesn't have lipstick, and she doesn't have eye shadow. I don't wear that much makeup or anything either, so I'm not like, “Oh, you need makeup,” but it's just …


Tanya: It's different.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It is. What makes it, again, the makeup is whatever, but we were watching the …


Heather: Soundsational.


Tanya: Soundsational Parade, and her bow had fallen off, shortly before she got to us, and she looked like Mickey, because she had no lipstick and no eyeshadow.


Heather: No bow.


Tanya: We were just like, “Oh,” like, it was the weirdest thing, she looked like a boy in a dress.


Steph: Weird.


Tanya: It was weird.


Heather: It was my twitter post with the picture, yeah, crazy. It was like, hundreds and hundreds of likes and retweets and stuff. People agreed with us.


Tanya: I went through her photos from right before Minnie got to us, and you can see, it must have fallen off right before she got to us, because you can see a cast member trying to get it back on her, and they couldn't get it.


Heather: I was looking at the pictures, because I had just, when I went to post it, that was my last day, so I wanted to post something. I just posted one where she was looking at us, but then, when I was going back and looking through the pictures, there's the whole string of pictures where she looks embarrassed, like, her hands on her mouth, on top of her head, like, “Oh my goodness, I can't believe this happened!”


Tanya: Going to get the bow, and she's just like, the shoulder shrug. Funny. Yeah, but Mickey's outfit's not that different, right?


Heather: Yeah, I think only like his vest might be, if you're obsessive like me, [crosstalk [00:10:01].


Tanya: It's like a little shorter or something.


Heather: Yeah. Otherwise, his outfit looks the same, it's just him. Him, I like, now. I was, you know, the first time, but now, I think it does … Again, in person, it looks even better. I think it looks cute, and I think it's supposed to look more cartoony, I guess that's the point.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I don't know. Like I said, I don't know why they decided to make a change at a certain point. Is it because they opened the new park? I don't really know.


Tanya: Yeah, I don't know why they did it, their meaning behind it. I guess, just an update, right?


Heather: Yeah, obviously they have updates over the years. You look at Mickey from years ago …


Steph: Opening day, yeah. Definitely. It's scary.


Tanya: Scary Mickey, scary Mickey.


Heather: I always look at when they had Pooh and he had the …


Tanya: The honey …


Heather: The honey on his head.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I love that. I wish I could go back in time and meet that Pooh.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah, I think, are the rest of them face character costume changes, except for Aladdin, the genie?


Heather: No, the genie's not different.


Tanya: Genie's not different.


Steph: It's not different, okay, so all the rest of them are face characters, right?


Tanya: The rest of them are face characters.


Heather: Yeah, other than the Beast, who's not at the park.


Steph: Yeah, mention the Beast, because I really like his new costume. You sent me a picture of that one, and I really liked it.


Heather: Yeah, that was a couple months ago, I had seen that he was on one of the ships. Then, they had him at a 25th anniversary showing in New York. It was a new look Beast there. I don't know at what point he's going to start meeting the parks, but yeah, I think he looks more … I was going to say relatable. I don't know, it doesn't look as scary.


Steph: You can't really say “realistic” either.


Tanya: Yeah, right?


Heather: Cuddly? Something? The current look … I understand the point, he's big …


Steph: Big and scary.


Heather: Yeah. This one, kind of, he looks …


Steph: More charming.


Heather: Yeah, and his new outfit he wears looks more, I think, like the movie.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: It looks very much, if you saw Enchanted, and then it was supposed to be mimicking that. He wears in that, in the dance scene, it looks exactly like what the Beast is now wearing.


Steph: Yeah. For sure.


Tanya: I like it. It looks like.


Steph: Totally agree, I totally agree. The other face characters, it seems to me that they're going a little more authentic to the place?


Tanya: To the country?


Steph: Yeah, to the country, to the location that these characters are from.


Heather: The thing is that they're going, like you said, that, but I think they're going, I think, away from the movies.


Tanya: The movie, yeah.


Heather: Should we just start talking …


Tanya: I agree. That's why …


Steph: Yeah, let's start with Mulan.


Tanya: Yeah, that's my biggest concern is that they're straying too far from the movies, and kids know these characters from the movies.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Right.


Tanya: Which is, but Mulan's outfit is gorgeous. I love Mulan's outfit.


Heather: Yeah, I think, of all the princess dresses … This is the second, now, wave of changes, because they had done, a couple years ago they had done Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel …


Tanya: Cinderella.


Heather: Cinderella. Yeah, she was the first one, I think. They changed theirs, and they look a little different. I think they still looked like the movie, just a little different, they looked more like what they were doing with the dolls or whatever the thing was. This set of changes, it just looks like they were completely gone away from the movie. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't like that it's gone away from the movie.


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: I agree.


Heather: Mulan's is, again, I think it's absolutely gorgeous. A lot of parts of her costume represent different characters in the movie. Mushu, I think, is on one part, and she has a cricket on another part. I always thought that she should be meeting, anyway, as Ping, or as she looks at the end of the movie, because the whole matchmaker thing was what she hated. I honestly never understood why she should meet in that, anyway. This still looks like, I don't know, it doesn't … but, it's beautiful, and she looks great.


Steph: Didn't she meet, during, Forgotten Characters Week in Disneyland, Ping?


Heather: Yeah, Long Lost Friends, yeah.


Tanya: Did she …


Steph: Yeah, sorry, Long Lost Friends, yeah. Forgotten Characters Week, that's basically what it was, was Forgotten Characters Week. I love that.


Tanya: Heather is kicking herself that she didn't go to that week …


Steph: I made it! I was able to go, actually, yeah.


Heather: I went to the Disney World one, and then I was out there for the expo, and then that was starting a couple of days later. I should have stayed, and I guess, I don't know. Why didn't I stay? Why didn't you make me stay, Tanya?


Tanya: It was hot, and I had seen you enough already.


Heather: Yeah, they had a bunch of characters that I still haven't met.


Tanya: You know that I like to rub it in your face when I get characters that you don't get to meet.


Heather: I know. You were [crosstalk [00:15:16] when I finally met [crosstalk [00:15:17].


Tanya: It makes me happy inside. I really never wanted you to meet Suzy and Perla.


Steph: Funny.


Tanya: I am a horrible person. Next.


Steph: Are we done with Mulan?


Tanya: Yeah. Outfit's gorgeous, doesn't look like the movie. Next.


Steph: Yeah, and I wonder if kids are going to be like, “Who is that, Mom?”


Tanya: Exactly. That's the problem.


Steph: Okay, Pocahontas.


Tanya: I like her outfit, I don't like the necklace. That's the only thing.


Heather: That, I think, is the big issue that people have. I'm trying to put it into words …


Tanya: I'm looking at the picture you sent us, Heather, this one you put up, and I feel like her outfit needs to be ironed. Like, it looks like it's been folded up for a while.


Steph: Folded up, yeah. It does, doesn't it.


Tanya: It looks kind of weird.


Heather: Again, the outfit itself looks good. The outfit she had, though, looked exactly like the movies, so I'm not exactly sure why that had to change. The thing with the necklace I think a lot of people had an issue with was because it was supposed to be her mother's necklace, and so like, now she's not wearing it.


Tanya: It was a major plot point in the movie.


Heather: Yeah, so, now she's not wearing it. She's wearing a purse, which, I'm still not understanding why she needs a purse.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I don't think Meeko's hanging out in it or anything.


Steph: Yeah, I don't know.


Tanya: Yeah, it's all right. It is what it is.


Heather: I'm curious to see, too, what her winter outfit looks like.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Because when she would wear her winter outfit, she would wear, like, Uggs, and people were always making fun of that.


Steph: Funny.


Heather: I'm curious what she's going to be wearing, because I like her shoes.


Steph: I love her shoes.


Tanya: I like the shoes a lot.


Steph: They're cute.


Tanya: Really, she should be barefoot, right? That would be hilarious.


Heather: Her hair looks a lot different, too.


Tanya: Her hair looks done.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It's like, pinned back and stuff. [crosstalk [00:17:11]


Heather: It's not really …


Tanya: Yeah, in the movie it's not. Again, I like it all, except for … They could have changed the necklace but still made it blue. It didn't have to be the exact same necklace, it just had to be blue. I don't know.


Heather: Yeah. I like her dress, I just, the whole thing with the necklace from the movie.


Tanya: I'm just kind of meh about hers. It is what it is.


Steph: I'm not mad about it.


Tanya: Yeah, I'm not mad about it. I don't really love it. It's fine.


Steph: Yeah. Okay, Jasmine and Aladdin. We have differing opinions on this one.


Heather: Honestly, when I first started, I had the same opinion as Tanya, and I've gone over to the other side.


Tanya: I love her costume, okay? I do.


Heather: I will also say, again, when I was saying about how it looks different in pictures, the first picture that was posted online of her at the Halloween party at Disney World was not a good picture.


Tanya: It was not a flattering photo at all.


Heather: Yeah, of the outfit. I think that really clouded a lot of people's judgement, and they're like, “Oh, that doesn't look good.” Then, other pictures I've seen, and I've sent you a couple pictures, and I think they look much better. When we saw in her in person, I thought, “Looks better.”


The other thing, too, is, as I've said, they've all changed the hair, also. Even the other, when they had the last group of princesses. When she has bangs on it, it just doesn't look right to me. When we met her, she didn't have the bangs, and so I thought it looked a lot better. I've still seen some pictures since where she has the bangs. I don't know if it's just whatever Jasmine is feeling that day, if she feels like bangs … I think it looks better without the bangs.


Tanya: Yeah, it's almost like, in the photo when we met her at Disney Land without the bangs, she has them pushed off, like, out of the way. I could still kind of see it there, but in the photos that you have from Disney World on here, they have them pulled down. That was kind of weird. They can go either way, like maybe they just accidentally got out of the way. I don't know.


Heather: The thing is, hers was a change that was … I'm trying to … She needed to change the dress because she's having some issues, Jasmine, with the way her outfit looked, and with some guests.


Tanya: The way it was perceived.


Heather: It was with some people, guests were doing … guests. She had to change. She's more covered up, that's the big thing. When you see her, she has pants, but the new look has kind of a skirt over it …


Tanya: A sheer …


Heather: Like a sheer, yeah. It's really pretty, but again, in that first picture, it looked like she was wearing a dress. I think, again, that was a whole …


Tanya: It was just ill-fitting in that first photo. I'm looking at 3 photos now, and it looks different in every photo.


Steph: Every single photo, I totally agree. Every single photo looks totally different. It looks like a totally different outfit.


Tanya: Yeah, it looks like a totally different outfit in every photo. It's hard to tell.


Steph: Yeah. I do think, though, out of these 3 photos, the one where she's not trying to hold the … sheer …


Heather: Yeah, she's holding it like a dress.


Steph: Yes, it's not a dress. I think the best one is where she's not trying to make it look like a dress.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: It's really that the sheer thing is really pretty, it has a lot of designs. Again, her belt has Raja on it, if you look closely.


Tanya: Oh, yeah, it does. Look at that.


Heather: I will …


Tanya: How cool is that?


Heather: When we met her, we met her with Aladdin and Genie. I didn't take a lot of close-up pictures of the kind of thing like I normally would. When I meet her next time, I'll probably do more of that, so I can see more of the costume.


Tanya: I feel like, next to that Aladdin and Genie, though, not the new Aladdin costume, she looks out of place.


Heather: Right, she does.


Steph: Yeah, I agree.


Tanya: She looks way too fancy to be here [crosstalk [00:21:12] them.


Heather: Yeah, and I think that was the thing. The thing is, with Aladdin, he has a new outfit, and at the moment, it's just in Morocco, or when he's … I think I've seen him, maybe alone.


Steph: His outfit looks nice.


Heather: He hasn't met like that in … Mexico, in … Is he traveling? Traveling around the world showing … at the Magic Kingdom. For now, he's still in his street rat outfit, but from what I understand, he's going to eventually be meeting like that all around at least Walt Disney World. I don't know if he's going to be over, because at Disneyland he's still not wearing that. Supposedly, during the Christmas party, he meets as Prince Ali, but this is not Prince Ali, this is Prince Aladdin. This is still him, not like his alter ego.


Tanya: Yeah. Alter what?


Heather: Yeah, you know how, in the movie, like …


Tanya: Like at the very end?


Heather: No, yeah. This is supposed to be him, like, after they get married, not the one pretending to be a prince.


Tanya: Oh.


Steph: I love his outfit a lot, a lot.


Tanya: Yeah, yeah.


Heather: He looks very regal. Next to her, I think her dress looks even better.


Steph: I totally agree.


Tanya: They look good together, yes.


Steph: I have to say, I kind of want her shoes.


Tanya: Yeah, the shoes are super cute.


Heather: I like her shoes.


Tanya: They're killing it on the shoe game with [crosstalk [00:22:27]


Steph: They are!


Tanya: They really are, they really are.


Heather: In the first set of princess changes, they all pretty much gave them the same shoe. Remember [crosstalk [00:22:33]


Tanya: Yeah, the different little [crosstalk [00:22:35]


Heather: Yeah, well, now they don't even wear those. They don't even have the doodads on them any more. They just have those shoes. Yeah, his thing, and he has a really cool cape, and there's a cool pattern inside of his cape, and on the outside of his thing.


Tanya: Yeah, I like it.


Steph: The embroidery, everything. It's really beautiful.


Heather: Yeah. I'm excited to go meet him next trip.


Tanya: For sure. Is that all of them?


Steph: Yeah, that's it. Okay, well, there you have your character costume changes.


Tanya: Character update.


Steph: Character update. Anything else in character news while we're on it?


Heather: They're adding the Muppets show to Magic Kingdom, in early October, like the first, second. Something around there. Have you heard about that?


Steph: I have.


Heather: The one in America. When they're starting that, they're going to be cutting Woody, and Jessie, and Rafiki from the Magic Kingdom show.


Steph: What?


Heather: Yeah, I know. Woody still meets with Buzz at Hollywood Studios. There's some rumors that Jessie might start meeting there, but I don't know. That does make me sad, because they moved characters around a lot there, recently. They had Chip and Dale, and they were meeting in Frontierland, and they moved them to Tomorrowland, and that was in July. I went to meet them, because they had a new costume, so obviously I had to meet them. Then, about a week later, they moved them to Storybook Circus, and now they don't have a costume. It was a good thing I went and met them then. Woody and Jessie had been over by Splash Mountain, so they moved into where they were in Frontierland. Now, I guess, no one will be meeting there at all.


Tanya: Just keep cutting, just keep cutting …


Heather: The other thing I noticed, and I don't know when this happened, but when we were at Disneyland, and they always had Chip and Dale on Buena Vista Street, I noticed, I never saw them. Then, I looked it up on the app after I got home, and they're meeting in … where we were just talking about earlier …


Tanya: Redwood [crosstalk [00:24:50].


Heather: Yeah. They're moving around there, so they don't have a costume, either. I don't know why they keep knocking, they had that happen, also, at Hollywood Studios. They originally were in their Hollywood costumes, over where the … Now, they meet somewhere else, and they don't have costumes. They've lost their costumes everywhere, so I don't know what's going on with that.


Steph: I know …


Tanya: There was a mass laundry [crosstalk [00:25:11].


Steph: Yeah. When I was in California Adventureland, I talked to them about why, I wanted to know if we were going to be able to meet Doug. Yeah, they said that it was Chip and Dale now. I was like, “Oh, so sad.” They said that it was because everyone else was in China.


Tanya: Stinking Shanghai.


Heather: Thanks, Shanghai.


Steph: They really need Doug? Come on.


Tanya: I know.


Steph: That's hilarious.


Tanya: We need Doug! We need Doug.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: He's on our list.


Steph: All right-y. Heather, remind our listeners where they can find you.


Heather: My character site, I love characters, is My Facebook page for it is I Love Characters. On Twitter, Instagram, and whatever, I'm HeatherW25.


Steph: Okay, Tanya.


Tanya: My website is On all social media, I am TanyaH666.


Steph: All right-y. I just want our listeners to please, if you enjoy this show, head to iTunes and give us a quick review. It'll only take a couple of seconds of your time, and we really appreciate it. It helps us gain visibility on iTunes and we appreciate that. Feel free to come join us in the comments of the show notes, the transcriptions will be on the site from this show, along with more photos, so check it all out there.


Thank you, Heather and Tanya, for being here today. I appreciate it.


Tanya: Thanks, it was fun.


Heather: Thank you.


Steph: We will see you next time on Capturing Magic.