New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs – CM 104

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - CM 102

There is a brand new PhotoPass Studio at Disney Springs! Super cool photo ops here! That's what we are talking about today! 🙂


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New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Be Our Guest

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Christmas

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - MK Carousel

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Main Street

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Pirates of the Caribbean

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Pirates of the Caribbean

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Peter Pan

New Photopass Studio at Disney Springs - Sleeping Beauty Castle

Steph: Hey everyone, welcome to Capturing Magic, I'm Steph Clay and I'm here today with Heather Winfield, who can be found at Heather W dot com forward slash character and she can be found on social media as Heather W 25.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: Did I get that right?


Heather: Yeah I think so.


Steph: Okay great. Thank you. We also have here with us today, Tanya Hickman, who can be found at: every magic moment dot com. And on social media she is Tanya H 6 6 6.


Hi Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: Thanks for being here. I couldn't tell if you guys were gonna say something or not.


Heather: Well I mean I was going to but then I was like, wait no. Make it weird instead.


Steph: Okay so today we are going to be talking about the new Disney PhotoPass Studio at Disney Springs, super exciting  and Heather had the opportunity to try it out while she was down there, I can't wait to hear all about it Heather.


Heather: Yeah it was fun, I did, it's at market place, so Disney Springs is just- if you haven't been there since they've changed it, it's just huge and it's great and I think I spent more time there than I did in some parks this trip 'cause they had you know the Drone Show, I could try and catch that and- but it's really fun and so this is in the market place and it's attached to the, where they have the, they were there before, like they have the [bitty bye [00:01:34] Boutique, they would do pictures with the kids, so they still have that next to it. So this is just right next to it. It's right there. Anytime I went there was nobody there so I don't know if there normally is, but you just walk right in there and I think like anything with photo path is like dependent on the photographer.


So the first time I went, the guy was great and I was just like, “Yeah I wanna do like all these ones.” And so he did all these things. What it is is there's like a backdrop and I thought it was gonna be like a green screen type of thing where then they would superimpose it, but they actually put it on there. And this is where I'm thinking is-


Steph: This is an actual backdrop of what-


Heather: Yeah it changes, it's a virtual thing, but it's- they actually put it on there, it's not like they put it in afterwards.


Steph: Right.


Heather: So you can turn around and like see what it is. So they have a whole bunch of them and so like I said when I was there I was like, I wanna do a lot and so the guy was doing a bunch of them. And then when I came back the second time and I didn't realize that I had missed a couple and I was like, “Yeah I just wanna do them all.” And she was like, “No I can't do that, there's a lot, just pick one.”


Steph: Oh. You go, “Excuse me?”


Heather: And the guy was great and she was like, “No, no no no no.” So I don't know, you know so hopefully you get a better, nicer person than I did the second time. But they have them, you know just backdrops from like all over different- around the parks. When I was there it was late January- well it was New Year's Eve, and then beginning of January so they still had holiday stuff. So they had you know like the trees, they had the close up of a Mickey [boka [00:03:32] from like a tree. I think that one was one of my favorite ones.


And they have stuff from parks so you have Main Street, Disney World, Disney Land with the castle, the carousel they have inside rides so they had like you're inside Peter Pan so you had the London you know landscape. [I hear that [00:04:00] Although he had me look like I was flying, I don't really know what that looks like but-


Steph: I'm sure it didn't look like what ever you did either.


Heather: Again I would recommend going a couple different times 'cause like I said, she was just like, snap snap. And then he was having me do all these like different poses and stuff. So it depends on that. But like when I had the one on Main Street and that was, like I didn't realize it was behind me at that point so I could've just turned around to see what it was. But he was like, “Act surprised!” So I act surprised but it's in front of like the castle on Main Street, like why would I act surprised?


Steph: I've seen this before.


Heather: Yeah, like I've seen the castle once or twice. So yeah they had that and they had the pirates. So there was one in front of the auction scene and then there was one with the dog. And so it was really cute 'cause there's no other time you're gonna get that kind of picture.


They had that and I'm trying to think- oh like ‘be our guest', they had one that was inside the ball room and then they also had the front entrance, you know where I mean, just when you're about to walk in, not like it's far away but when you're right up there.


Steph: Oh yeah.


Heather: Yeah, so they had all those kinds of things and I wanted to do more the second time but she pretty much only did like I wanted Disney Land 'cause I think she was doing the pirates one and then she was done and I'm like, “Can I have the Disney Land one?” And she's like, “Uh.” Okay.


But it's like, it's different, it's like the Disney World one, down Main Street, it's empty. But the Disney Land one you're like right up to the castle and then it's kind of like blurry in the background. But I don't know they weren't really like consistent with how they looked. Some of them looked like better quality, I don't know if it was the kind of projection. That's the word I was looking for, projection. Or the actual picture, but, I don't know, it was fun. And like I said it's free, it's if you have you know your annual pass or the Memory Maker, it's right on there, or you know otherwise you pay like any kind of thing but you can get as many as you want, as many times as you want. As many people in the picture as you want, so it's a fun little thing they've recently added.


Steph: I was wondering about groups and stuff like that. I'm sure- I mean I'm sure once the word gets out, it will get more crowded in there.


Tanya: For sure.


Heather: Yeah I mean I'm surprised both times I walked up like they have a cue, I took a picture of the area so we can post that also, but yeah I had to both times go up to the desk 'cause that's where they also sell stuff. I was like, “Can I use this studio thing?”


So 'cause they weren't even like hanging out there so I'm assuming if it's more crowded that they'll be right in front, but.


Steph: Yeah for sure. I love the idea, it was something that when I was there a couple of years ago, I thought they were doing, I walked in downtown Disney and saw a PhotoPass place and I was so excited, I'm like, “Oh no are they really doing photos here?” And downtown Disney that's what it was back then, I'm having a hard time converting to Disney Springs. Let's just be real. And it wasn't what I thought it was back then, but now it is and that's pretty exciting.


Heather: And it's cool since it's virtual stuff, so they can constantly update it, add things, I'm assuming they'll have different stuff for each holiday since they had it for the Christmas season, so. You know it should be fun.


Steph: And different new attractions and movies and all of that kind of stuff.


Heather: Yeah I'll definitely go back this trip and see what else they have new or if I can get somebody to just do all of it or what ever.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: It's just funny 'cause like I said there's nobody else there so it's not like I was taking up somebody else's time.


[crosstalk [00:08:14]


Steph: She didn't like you.


Heather: No she didn't.


Steph: She didn't want to have to work with you.


Tanya: She knew you were gonna- this one's gonna be difficult.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: She could see it on your face.


Heather: Yep.


Steph: Okay alrighty, well that's- is that it? That's all we had to talk about on that one?


Heather: Yeah well I got a new anime magic shot this trip.


Steph: Let's hear about it and I think there were some new character things too, yes, no maybe so?


Heather: Yeah maybe.


Steph: Okay let's talk about it, let's hear it.


Heather: Well I went to Animal Kingdom, 'cause when I was there it was cold, so I wanted to get Pocahontas in her winter wear since she has a new outfit so that was new for me. So I went there and I got, of course I took pictures by the tree since they had you know the frame I was like getting that.


So I did that and then when I got home I realized, “Oh I have a magic shot from Bug's Life there.”


Steph: Oh.


Heather: The anime magic shot yeah. So I can't seem to get it to come back up so I, 'cause I don't remember it exactly. I know I sent it to you guys but-


Steph: You did. But I didn't save it, no.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: That doesn't mean anything.


Steph: It's my memory we're talking about here, no I don't remember.


Heather: Let me see if it was that one.


Steph: That's- it was kind of surprising.


Heather: Huh?


Steph: It was kind of surprising.


Heather: Yeah it was cute, it was the Bug's Life, so, I know I had it on here, and maybe I deleted it. I mean I have it but I mean on my phone 'cause I should have thought this through. And I can't- of course I can't get the app to show me more than three pictures right now, so.


Steph: That's okay 'cause we'll put it up on the website so people can see. And also there's a Moana magic shot. Have we talked about that on a podcast chat? I don't think so.


Heather: Yeah we- oh it's finally came up, wait let me see if I can get it to play. The animated one. Oh that's weird. Yeah and so it's like, it like looks like it's a leaf and then like Flick pops up and-


Steph: Cute.


Heather: Okay, yeah so I think we mentioned it on another one but yeah we can talk about it again, Moana, because I went to meet her at Hollywood Studios, and that was great. And I was really thankful for PhotoPass because I went by myself and I come to the character tent and she took like one from the side, with bad lighting. So that would've been a half hour for something if not for PhotoPass.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: So that was good, and she was great. I definitely loved that, so yeah the photo, the magic shot they give you, I know we mentioned it but, it's like, you know comes up where it's like Maui's-


Steph: Oh yeah.


Heather: -tattoos on the thing and yeah it was really cute-


Steph: And then it pops out to a frame.


Heather: Yeah. And I still, the Cinderella, every time I go to Cinderella, they put the Cinderella one on like these random ones for talking I still can't get it on the normal, just posed picture. Like, how hard can that be? But yeah that's [and tiny [00:11:34] to meet Cinderella. And also on this trip we always talked about the anger magic shot for Inside Out at-


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Epcot. We're like, why don't they have a joy one? So I was talking to someone and they were like, yeah we have 'em so like go over there. So I went to the guy and he's like, “Well I don't have it.” But I'll take your picture. But then when I looked at my pictures it was there. So I went back to him later and I was like, “It was there.” I was like, yay.


Steph: So funny.


Heather: Yeah, which I think is much better 'cause like you're happy, and so it's like joy and sadness like popping up in the thing. And I guess you can be sad too. In the park like, you know for whatever reason. So that one was like right behind that area where the- that I never know what to call and that spaceship earth like behind it but when you're walking towards the world showcase. So one- they always have like two photographers there, so the one on the right was the one that was able to do it, even though he didn't know he could.


Steph: Funny.


Heather: They still do the anger magic shot too.


Steph: Oh really?


Heather: Yeah. I don't know why.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I'm trying to think, was there anything else?


Steph: I got, at Disney Land, on this last trip, I got a Moana magic shot too but it was super lame because it was a close up of me.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: And a profile photo of me. It's weird.


Heather: What?


Steph: Yes.


Heather: That's the thing, and I wish I could like tell the photographers this, that like when you're doing a character meet, it's fine for a kid to like take a picture of them when they see the character. But I never understand why they do that with me, like they do a close up of the side of my face, like as you're talking [about [00:13:22].


Tanya: Like extreme close up, not just like- extreme close up.


Heather: It's like my head, that's it, it's my head.


Tanya: yeah.


Steph: So-


Heather: I got like a really cool shot when I went to meet Snow White and I didn't even realize it, but she was standing behind me. And I had earmuffs on so it's like the back of my head, and she's in front, I'll have to send that to you. But I actually really like that one. Like that's an interesting character picture like that I've never had, so that was cool.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: A bit on the [prodder [00:13:59].


Steph: Good, yeah. I wanted to say that usually I'm kinda like Tanya, I get- I don't love meeting face characters 'cause I get super nervous and I'm afraid they're gonna think I'm a total dork.


Tanya: I feel awkward with them like they're looking at me like, I don't know. Which they're not, I feel like they're judging me.


Steph: Yes you weird old lady, here meeting- that's what I feel like.


Heather: There's judging you because you're not with me.


Steph: Like where is your friend that's that character girl?


Tanya: Maybe that's it, but Moana was so fun to meet and I had a great interaction with her and I loved it, it was super fun, super super fun. So-


Heather: Yeah I really, I had a great meet with her too, so- and totally recommend doing that. I'm hoping they eventually have a better spot for her at Disney World, 'cause it's very strange, it's ‘one man's dream,' it's like all the way in the back. And then, I don't know it's just a strange spot to-


Steph: That is a strange spot.


Tanya: So I'm hoping eventually they'll move her somewhere else. That's the only magic shot I got on that whole trip.


Steph: Wow.


Heather: Wow.


Tanya: ‘Cause I decided to see what happened if I didn't ask for them, and apparently if you don't ask for them, you don't get 'em.


Heather: I got a lot of like the [tink [00:15:23] ones, where they fly over you and, I'm trying to think what else I got.


Tanya: Yeah I never remember to ask for them, they just pop up and then I'm like, oh yeah.


Heather: I always have to ask for 'em, I guess they figure I'm too old for that too.


Steph: Funny, okay.


Heather: I noticed too like a lot more like photo props that they've been having lately too, like frames and I finally got the picture, like the card thing that they do when you're waiting for the parade. Like I've never gotten it for a Disney World parade, so I was all excited for, when I was waiting for festival of fantasy, I was like, me, me me!


But when I was- oh that was right when I was doing the Christmas parade and I was sitting there, and I was with friends and there was like you know the guys and they had the things for the Christmas thing and it kept trying to come over and then it like shooed me all away.


It's like, what, you did it for all those people, so. But thankfully for festival fantasy I was able to finally get one.


Steph: That's good. They like to kind of go in order I've learned.


Heather: Yeah but they just skipped me.


Steph: I know.


Heather: With all that past me, I'm like, hey.


Steph: I know. I'm sorry. Yeah.


Tanya: You gotta speak up.


Steph: At the right time, not the wrong time.


Tanya: You, Heather, wave a hand and do a little mumble, you gotta yell. Like, “Me!” Like totally obnoxious and they'll be like- they can't ignore you if you're obnoxious.


Heather: That's funny.


Steph: K let's remind our listeners where they can find us each, Tanya.


Tanya: You can find me at every magic moment dot com and Tanya H 6 6 6 on all social media.


Heather: My character site is Heather W dot com slash character and the Facebook page for it is: I love characters, and then everywhere on social media I am Heather W 25.


Steph: Perfect. And you can find Capturing Magic on social media at Capturing Magic underscore and then you can also spy on me at modern photo solutions.


And we would love to have you follow us on social media, we appreciate you spending time with us, and for listening to the show, we really love our listeners and we are so grateful that you're willing to take time and listen, so that we can keep doing this.


Heather: Yay!


Steph: Yeah. All right thank you and we will see you next time on Capturing Magic.