Official Disney Digital Downloads and Official Project Life a Perfect Fit

Last week, I shared with you some ideas for using Disney note cards in tangible Project Life pages. This week, I'm sharing some ideas for using official Disney Printables from on Digital Project Life pages.  

Here's a list of the products I used on this page:


When I was looking for downloads from Disney, I just went to and did a search for Tinkerbell Printable and got lots of great cards and projects that would be easy to adapt to a digital scrapbook page.

I opened the template in Photoshop and then opened the Lunch notes printable that had the Tinkerbell card on it. When the window popped up for sizing, I used these settings:

I used the marquee selection tool to select the Tinkerbell card, then went to edit>copy:

then moved over to my template page and clicked edit>paste:

Making sure that the Tinkerbell card layer was above the top left corner photo spot:

I used the keyboard shortcut; Ctrl+alt+g (in PSE use Ctrl+g) to “cut” the graphic to the size of the spot:

Next, we need to get rid of the title that is on the card, so we can add our own. Using the selection tool, with the following settings, I traced around the title:

Then, I created a new layer, and used the Fill Tool (paint bucket) to add the same color as the center of the card and then the Black Chancery font to create my own title:

I used the same techniques for the “T” but, just used the lasso tool to select the part of the letter that I wanted to use on the layout. For more tips on using printable Disney downloads from Spoonful, see this post.