Oswald Memory and What To Do When PhotoPass Photos Are Missing

Oswald scrapbook page layout and memory keeping idea by Ktscrapbooklady
My son Alex and I had the chance to play in Disneyland for a few days in early February while my husband was working at a nearby business conference. It was the first time I've been in the parks with only one of my children and it was a new experience to be able to focus only on what he wanted to do. He generally doesn't like the characters but he really loves Oswald and was excited for this meet and greet opportunity near the entrance of California adventure.
The first time we ran into Oswald, I handed the photographer my iPhone with the open PhotoPass app and didn't worry about taking any of my own photos. This was only a few weeks after they rolled out the new program and some of the photographers still seemed a little unsure about it. She scanned our app though and I figured all was well. As the day wore on, my son became worried that the pictures never showed up in our app. Sometimes they took up to an hour to show up, but this was at least 4 hours later. I kicked myself for not taking my own set of photos! We opened the app and found that Oswald would soon be ending his shift so we hurried back over to get another set of photos. This time I also took my own pictures just to be sure.
The new set of photos showed up within an hour and I felt relieved and knew we had the memory captured. Then the next day, the original pictures also appeared in my app. Now we had a lot of Oswald photos! Oh well, it's a good problem to have as a memory keeper and we got a giggle out of it. It was nice to have plenty of pictures to choose from to create this page. I used Peppermint Creative's Life in Pictures Magic Memories cards + Becky Higgins' Project Life app to make this layout.

What To Do When Photos Don't Show Up

If you are checking the app for your photos regularly, it is easier to know what might be missing. If something is missing, you can go to one of the photo stores (each park in Disneyland and Disney World has one), and tell them the time and location the photos were taken, and they can add them for you. I would wait until the end of your day, to give the photos plenty of time to work through the system and populate.
You can also, just make a note of the missing photos (the time and location they were taken) and call Disney PhotoPass when your vacation is finished and you are back home. Disney PhotoPass can be reached at 407-650-4300
P.S. If you want to learn more about Oswald's role in Disney history, you might enjoy this Wikipedia entry.
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