Personalize Your Disney Home Videos

How can we talk about capturing “magical” memories, without talking video. Quite a few of us bring a variety of cameras to document our trips, and sometimes even a video camera. Nowadays, even our smart phones can capture video clips. But, what do you do with these videos once you arrive back home? Do you create family movies? In this article, I will not being going into the all of the different software programs you can use for editing videos… but more of an fun feature you can add to the INTRO of your videos.

“Imagine you are sitting down in from of your TV with your family. You've have a bowl of popcorn and a Disney movie in the player. What happens next on the screen? If you said, “the classic Disney intro, with Tinkerbell flashing over Cinderella's castle” you would be correct!”

Sahlin Family Disney Intro

I can't imagine watching any Disney film without seeing that classic intro. It gives so much anticipation for whats to come. Imagine something like this in your own personal home videos! Check out one here:

I was lucky to find out about this years ago, stumbling around on DISboards. I happened to come upon a thread where a fellow DISmember, willise, shared what he create for his own family home videos. Talk about “MAGIC”! He was generous enough to create one for me to include on my Disney trip home videos… and since then my videos have the perfect magic right from the start.

How To – On Your Own:

I am a novice at the “how to” process. But after running an internet search I found a few great resources if you are looking to do this for your own home videos. 1) First of all, you will need a free software program called, Blender. You can download from their website here at: 2) Next, you need the Custom Disney (2D & 3d) Intro Template. There are a few different websites I found these at, here at or another at I was amazed to find they included everything from the classic Disney font to the “magical” sound byte. 3) Create. It looks like it is a pretty easy process, around 9 minutes from start to finsh. Here is a good tutorial here to get you started for your personalized Disney Intro

How To – Customized:

Afraid to do this on your own? I did find a few different websites offering that offer to help customization and create one for you, or These looked like they were offered for a small nominal fee to help pay for the costs of customization and rending fees. (I personally have not tried these options, but feel free to check them out for yourselves).

Have fun!! I hope this inspired you to create your own “magical” memory video.

Krista Sahlin is the digital scrapbook kit designer behind, Sahlin Studio. Check out her website for digital scrapbooking tutorials, free digital scrapbook goods, journaling tips and more.

I have no intention of claiming the logo or video intro as my own or infringing upon copyright laws. This is merely to show what you could create to include in your personal home videos.