Preparing to Capture Disney – CM093

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Preparing the capturing a Disney vacation

We are talking about everything we do to get ready to capture the magic of our Disney vacations!


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Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph, and I am here today with Tania Hickman who can be found at and TanyaH666. Right, Tanya?


Tanya: Yeah, yeah.


Steph: I can't talk … On Instagram and Twitter. Hi, Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: We also have here with us Heather Winfield, who can be called, oh my goodness, who can be called Heather, and she can be found at, and her username on Instagram and Twitter is heatherw … Tell me again.


Heather: 25.


Steph: That's right. Oh my goodness. This is a rough start for this show. So sorry. We like to keep it casual and informal around here in case this is your first time listening to this show. All right. Today's show is all about prepping for a Disney trip and prepping to capture the magic on a Disney trip and what we do to get ready. I have a system that I go through now when I'm [crosstalk [00:01:22].


Heather: You go through your system, because ours is a little bit more informal. You go and we'll elaborate.


Steph: Okay. The first thing always that I do the night before I leave is I go through and make sure that all of my stuff is charged, and I plug it in and charge it. Here's my stuff. My QX100, which is the lens that I dearly love. Are you still using yours, Tanya?


Tanya: Yes. I love that one.


Steph: How long have you had yours now? 3 years?


Tanya: I got it when it came out. I pre-ordered it. Yeah, it's been 3 years?


Steph: I think it's been 3 years.


Heather: I know you've had it at least since 2013. I remember when I was out there in October that you had it.


Tanya: I had it, okay. I had just gotten it then because I got it for my birthday that year.


Steph: Yeah, and you had just gotten it on one of my trips, too, when we were there for something because we all got together for dinner.


Tanya: Yeah, [Crosstalk [00:02:18]. That October trip.


Steph: It was that October trip and you'd just gotten it so you've had it for 3 years now. I got mine shortly after that. It's, honestly, still one my very favorite things, pieces of camera equipment that I've ever bought, I think, hands down.


Tanya: Yeah, I'm not disappointed with that purchase at all.


Steph: Yeah, me either. I do know a person, I'm not going to call her out on this show, bought it and was not happy with it because of some of the image quality issues. I think she had a lemon, honestly because-


Tanya: Yeah, I have not had a single quality, especially a quality issue.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: As far as … If anything, it would be more an equipment, or a phone issue than it would be anything else but the actual quality of the photos has always been stellar.


Steph: Yes, I totally agree. Then I also, this last time, before my Disney trip, I bought a new Gorilla Pod for it because my other one had seen better days for sure. I almost lost it in the Grand Canyon, actually.


Tanya: Oh, my gosh.


Steph: Yeah. My Gorilla Pod popped, the lens popped off of the bottom of the Gorilla Pod and it almost went rolling down into the Grand Canyon.


Tanya: Oh, my gosh.


Steph: Something straight out of a movie. Yeah, it was-


Tanya: You know Gorilla Pods are supposed to be indestructible.


Steph: They haven't had me test them, obviously because let me tell you, I am hard on stuff. Any stuff, from computer programs, apps, equipment, I'm hard on it. If it can survive me, the new can say it can survive a gorilla.


Tanya: Yeah, right? I keep mine on a little Gorilla Pod, too.


Steph: Yeah, that was one of the best tips. I had actually tried it on a smaller little tripod and I didn't like it as much as I liked the Gorilla Pod so I had to buy a new one. That's also a tip that you gave me as well with the Gorilla Pod. I also check, I started doing this my last trip because the one before that, settings were wrong. Somehow, on my QX100, the resolution got changed and I don't know if it was when a battery was low or when an app update, or something. A lot of my photos from my Disney trip that I shared the book with, the December one, I couldn't put into a big full, a big space on the page because they were too low of resolution.


I went through and changed that and that's something that I need to make sure that I take care of. When I was using an SLR, I also would check the time and date setting on my cameras to make sure that that synced up because nothing is worse when you get home and get all your photos together and the times are all different.


Heather: Yeah, that just happened to me with the cruise. I use an SLR for the first time on this cruise along with my regular camera and my phone and I don't know the time on the SLR, somehow, is wrong. I think it's the AM and PM got mixed up so it's-


Steph: Oh.


Heather: Yeah. That's one of the things I do, I always check. Especially when you're going from Disney Land to Disney World making sure everything is right.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Then I also make sure that my little printer is, when I go to Disney Land I don't use it, at Disney World I haven't, at least. I've used it before in the past and the cast members at Disney World don't get as excited about my little souvenirs for them as my ones that Disney Land do. For those that don't know, I usually take a little portable printer with me because my Mary Poppins bag has everything in it and I have little cards that say, “Thank you for being part of our Magic,” or something like that. I will, on the sly, if there's a cast member that's really made a difference for us, I'll take a picture of either them doing their job or else of them with us, print it out, and then put that on the little card and hand it to them. They're always thrilled to death with it.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah. I make sure that that's charged. This last trip was the first time … In the past, I've taken my Happy printer, which is a Zinc Happy printer and I love that thing. It does a great job. This last time, I ordered a Polaroid Zip printer to try that out.


Tanya: Oh, how was it. It's thinner, right? It's smaller.


Steph: It's so white.


Tanya: Yeah, that's my only problem. I love that Zinc printer but it's heavy duty.


Steph: It's heavy and then, I mean, just the printer by itself is not too bad but you put that battery pack on there, oh boy.


Tanya: Yeah, it's 5 pounds.


Steph: It might as well be 20 by the end of the day when you've been hauling it around Disney all day. Yeah, the Polaroid Zip printer, I love the weight. The prints, I don't think, and it uses the same Zinc technology, Zinc paper, all of that stuff is pretty much the same but I was not as happy with the prints.


Tanya: Oh, that sucks.


Steph: In the Zip, the Polaroid Zip as I am the Zinc Happy. That being said, I'll take the sacrifice and not have the heavy weight of the Happy.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I'll take the Zip again and again just because it's super portable and it doesn't take up as much room in my bag, either. I can wear my hipster, my Vera Bradley hipster, now, with that printer. I can still fit the Zinc Happy printer in my Vera but then I couldn't fit anything else. No autograph books or anything like that.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Okay, I make sure that that's charged and that I have paper to print on, and that I have a little card to stick it to. All of that stuff is ready to go. Then I have an external battery charger that I take with me. Do you guys use those? Do you girls use those?


Tanya: Oh, yeah.


Heather: Oh, yeah. I have [Crosstalk [00:08:25].


Tanya: I have 3 in my bag at a time.


Steph: I just recently had to get a new one, well, a year ago recently, had to get a new one. I went with, because the one that I was using, the New [Trent [00:08:38], they weren't making anymore, which I loved that thing. I was sad about that. I went with the [InkerAstro [00:08:44] 16000 megahertz. Not loving it because it accidentally turns on.


Tanya: Oh. That's so weird that it does that. Usually, if something is not plugged into it, then it shouldn't stay on.


Steph: Here's the thing, it does. Yeah, I know. It does. It also has a flashlight and that thing accidentally turns on. I can't even tell you how many times I've been in a movie theater and been, like, “Why is my purse glowing?” Yeah, then I have to dig it out. On top of that, I'm telling you the model so that you can not buy it. Don't make my mistake. Then the other thing is is that I cannot figure out how to, once that flashlight gets turned on, I can't figure out how to turn it off without going through a whole bunch of combinations of turning off and on, and on and off. It's obnoxious.


Tanya: My biggest external charger has a flashlight on it, too. It's never accidentally turned on in my bag but I've hit buttons to accidentally turn on the flashlight and I'm, like, “Oh, man. Now, I've got to figure out how to turn it off.” That flashlight is a pain in the butt.


Steph: It is. It's not a good idea. I don't know who decided-


Tanya: I'm not sure of the reason for it either.


Heather: If you're using it, if you don't have any electricity.


Tanya: Yeah, that's true.


Steph: I guess so if it's an emergency. There's been one time that I've used it where I've been, like, “Oh, yeah. I have that flashlight on the external battery I can use it.”


Heather: Then you probably couldn't remember how to use it. It always turns off and then when you need it, you're, like, “How do I turn it on?”


Steph: Yeah. Do you guys know the brands of the external batteries that you have and which ones you like, if there's one that you really like or that you want to keep people away from.


Tanya: Heather has Halo ones, right?


Heather: Yeah, I like them. I have several different ones. Yeah.


Tanya: I don't know. I'm trying to look. The only one I can see in my sight right now is a 5 dollar one I got at Dunkin Donuts and it works fine for one charge for sure.


Steph: That's good, that's really good.


Tanya: Mine are random ones I got off of Amazon. I haven't actually had an issue with any of them. I have a couple smaller ones that give me 2, 2 an a half charges. I have bigger ones that give me 4 charges. I got a really cool, I'll probably never use it but it's a Captain America shield and it's gorgeous but I don't know. They're around here somewhere, I don't know. I have a bunch of them that I just use around the house.


Steph: Yeah, if you are looking for an external battery charges, I would suggest doing the 16000 megahertz, around there or above because then you get several charges out of it and you don't have to charge it overnight, either. When I'm at Disney, I can go 2 or 3 days on that and just re-charge my phone. If I'm only charging my phone. If I'm sharing it with everybody, then I have to charge it everyday. What were you going to say, Heater?


Heather: I was going to say I have one that I really only use on the plane and I need to re-charge it because it's heavy. The other ones I have are lighter. I still can usually get 2 charges out of it. I'll be in the parks and I'll charge it and I might need it later in the day and I can either half charge it, or fully charge it and they're fine. I would stay away from the ones that are the lipstick ones, those you don't get many charges out of.


Tanya: Yeah, those ones aren't really worth it.


Steph: Exactly. I totally agree.


Tanya: We'll have to see, I just got a new phone so I don't have to charge as much. I'm excited to see, the next time I go to the parks, how well my battery holds up now since I have a new phone.


Steph: Oh, yeah. Your 7Plus.


Tanya: My 7Plus. The battery is doing really well. I've only had to charge it … I don't even charge it overnight. I charge it once every day and a half.


Steph: Really?


Tanya: Yeah, it's amazing.


Steph: What?


Tanya: New phones are always like that when you first get them.


Heather: Then a month later-


Tanya: Yeah, then a month later, it all-


Heather: Like normal.


Steph: Once it settles in.


Tanya: Yeah, all goes down the tube after that.


Steph: Yeah, once your thirty days has passed.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Okay, the other thing that I do is that I make sure that I have charging cords for all of these devices. I have to make sure that I have a charging cord for my phone, my watch, my printer, my QX100 lens, and then a charger for my external charger.


Tanya: Do you always make sure you have a wall charger?


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: I made the mistake … I call them nubbies, I don't know what people call them, I call them a nubby but I always used to make the mistake of not carrying one of those around with me and then we'd be in a restaurant and there'd be a plug right next to me and I'm, like, “Oh, that's a wasted opportunity.”


Steph: Yeah, that's a good … Yeah, this is just packing for the trip but sometimes I pack them in my Disney bags, sometimes I don't. I mean, most of the time I don't.


Tanya: The iPhone ones are so small. I always just make sure I have them.


Steph: Yeah, it's very true. For my printer, my lens, and my external charger, they all use the same kind of charging cord so they can share, which is good.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah. Okay, then I also make sure that I have an iPhone charging cord actually attached to the external battery because I've made that mistake before, too.


Heather: Yeah, I keep mine, at least the main one, I keep them in the plastic bag … Tanya is laughing because I keep everything in a plastic bag.


Tanya: She keeps, literally, everything in a plastic bag.


Heather: I always have the cord with it in there, I'll keep the bag, when I'm at Disney or whatever, I'll have the bag inside my bag so even when I'm charging it, I won't forget to take that and put it in the bag. I'll be, like, “What was this empty bag for?” I'll remember to make sure I have that. Keep everything together. I always keep the same, when I put my chargers in things, I have these I think they're from e-bags, I put the chargers in those so when I'm not on a trip, I keep that on a carry on bag. When it's time for me to go, I have all the bags there so I can remember, I know what thing goes into which bag so I won't forget something.


Steph: Yes, I have a bag. I organize my stuff in bags inside of my bag as well. I have bags that I got from BlueQ that I love because they're really quite funny. They're very hilarious. The one that I put … I'll put all of my autograph supplies, my little printer, and my cards and then extra paper for the printer, all of that stuff goes into one that says, “Random Crap,” on the front of it.


Tanya: Nice, [rather [00:15:45] cute.


Steph: It's very funny. I love those for organizing all of my stuff. Yeah. I also make sure that I have whatever we're going to use for autographs. I make sure that I have … My youngest is still working on filling up her, well all of my kids would be but she's the one that's been going to Disney the most often.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: The autograph book that I put together for them a few years ago from your pages, your autograph pages that you made, Tanya-


Tanya: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Steph: That are still for sale on Etsy, correct?


Tanya: Yes, they're in my Etsy store.


Steph: Yes. Under what is the name?


Tanya: CrossBone Cuts, I believe.


Steph: Yeah, okay.


Tanya: CrossBone Cut Designs, I don't know. I'll have to link it, I'm not quite sure.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Something like that.


Steph: You can do a search for Capturing Magic for the autograph book and find it there and then it's linked up there as well.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: That autograph book, she's still working on filing that up so we take that with us so she can get any of the characters that haven't signed it yet. She still loves, that's her favorite thing with that book. For real. Here's the thing, one day on our last Disney trip, I though, “OH, today is not the day that we're doing the characters so I'm not going to bring her book.” We walk in, first thing we see is Alice and Mad Hatter and we haven't gotten them to sign her book yet, so she's, like, “My book!” I went, “I didn't bring it today.” Of course. She was mad at me the rest of the day. I heard about it the rest of the day. Yeah.


Heather: I feel her. I get it.


Steph: I know, it was-


Heather: I didn't bring my book with me this time because I feel like I wasn't going to get anyone new and I didn't get anyone new but I didn't know, I went to the Club Villain, which was so cool. I didn't know they signed because they give you a thing that has their autographs on it so I though, “Oh, they don't sign.” They all sign and I don't have Maleficent's autograph so I could have gotten that. I didn't have the Queen of Hearts so I was, like, “Ugh.”


I had nothing that I could've gotten it signed on. I was, like, “Ahh.” Then I went to the Halloween party and I ended up meeting the Queen of Hearts again but I didn't have anything but the girl behind me had the book with cards in it, like, what I used to do with Tanya's stuff, I had it printed separately, I didn't have it in a book. She had it like that, I'm, like, “Do you happen to have an extra one?” They were, like, “Yeah.” I at least got the Queen of Hearts. I had to keep telling the, she was with the Tweedles and I'm, like, “I don't need yours. I've got yours already.”


Tanya: Don't sign my card.


Steph: You should have used your phone. Had her sign on your phone.


Heather: I don't have that. I think you have something that does that, right?


Steph: You just need a drawing app and anyone can do it with their finger. The face characters can do it with their finger.


Heather: Yeah, at the Villains thing, she's a face character and that's awesome, I just have to say.


Steph: Yeah, that's so weird.


Heather: It's so cool. It's one of the best meets I've ever had. It's so much fun.


Steph: It looks totally fun.


Tanya: You should've taken video because I want to see how she talks.


Heather: I know. I wish I had. I didn't realize that. Yeah, if you go to my Instagram and see the selfies, that's only half the selfies. It's awesome.


Steph: So funny. It looked like it was a lot of fun, for sure.


Heather: It was. It was expensive, which is why I kept putting off doing it but I heard so many good things about it and it just happened to fall the one time on a trip, it was the day we came back from the cruise, that night so I'm so glad we did it. The characters were so much fun, they had singers, and the food, everything. It was great.


Steph: Okay, yeah. That's good.


Tanya: Yeah, you're just throwing that in there for everyone. [Crosstalk [00:19:42].


Steph: Did you know this was my show? You had your turn the last time we recorded. It's my turn. Okay, then autographs. I make sure that I have the clickable autograph pens, is that what you still use?


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: I would also say to make sure you check, test them out because I always have 2 or 3 in the bag. I take one with me when I go to the park and there's one that isn't as good as the other. When I went, my last trip when I had been using it, all the signatures were not. Probably only I care about this but they weren't completely full, the black ink on it, when it's not … I can't think of a word, still.


Steph: They start to get dried out.


Heather: Yeah, make sure you check that. When I went on the cruise, I thought of a couple different things. Should I get something that I can have the most fun, eventually, I just said, “I'll just get a cruise specific autograph book on the ship.” The book is bigger, it's not the same size as that small one, it's the big one how they have the princess one, it's really annoying the carry around. Still, I got everyone. I have to get Goofy's signature somewhere to stick in that because I have everyone else's that I met on the cruise in the book. That one, I made sure that the pen was correct so everything looks good.


Steph: That is good. I almost went on my last trip with a dried out pen. I decided to test them at the last minute before I left and I still had enough time to go buy another one because it was dried out.


Heather: Another tip is that even if cast members have sharpies, they will not give it to you.


Steph: Really? They don't want you to walk off with it. They need it, apparently.


Heather: I'm trying to remember what it was but I was at Disney Land, I think and maybe I was getting in the 60th book, it was something and I had, no it was probably still Tanya's pages and I somehow lost pen. I don't know where it was and I was then going to meet somebody else and I can't remember who it was but it was something that it wasn't that common and I went into the store. I'm sure they have the sharpies. They're, like, “I have one but I can't give it to you.”


Steph: You're, like, “excuse me?”


Tanya: Can I buy it?


Heather: I know. I was, like, “I'll bring it right back.” I can't remember who it was for but, yeah, I didn't.


Steph: I'm sure they would lose 100 sharpies a day if they-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: The character attendants, usually, will have that. When I was at the Halloween party, I remembered how the character attendants usually have a card, too, that you get signed but she was out. I had to ask someone behind me. She had said if you find another attendant with one, I'll get it signed for you. They usually have sharpies and everything. At Disney Land, they don't always have character attendants. The thing didn't have a character attendant. I don't remember what it was now but whatever it was, I didn't have it.


Tanya: Yeah. Bring a pen, people. That's what we're getting at here.


Steph: Yeah, bring a pen. That's what Heather is trying to tell you. One of the other things that I do before I leave but I do this, usually ,a long time before or the night before, is make sure that I have my photo pass, or memory maker in place. With my photo pass on my AP, I don't have to think about it anymore at Disney Land. Still, Disney World, you still have to take care of it.


Make sure you buy it ahead of time so you can get the discount, all of that stuff. Then I also think through photos that I might want to get so I can make sure that I get them while I'm there in the park. Sometimes I've gone as far as making a list but not usually. Usually it's just in my head.


Heather: I was just going to say I make a list.


Tanya: We've tried the in your head thing and we end up forgetting.


Heather: Yeah, I always end up forgetting something so I make sure I … Usually before a trip, sometimes it's just even things I want to do. If they have new things out, I say new things so I'll list that and I'll lost including photographs, like, the new magic shots. I wanted to make sure I got on the new magic shots this trip. This way, I'm not going to forget anything.


Steph: That's good. Are you making these lists on paper or in an app?


Heather: I just use the note thing on the phone. [Crosstalk [00:24:18]. It's just easier for me to do that.


Steph: Yeah, totally.


Heather: You could go all fancy and have the apps that have lists, or whatever. I just do it on there. I mean, I did that even when I was on the cruise. They had the characters and the different outfits and I knew all the different sets of outfits. I just put it for every character so then each time I met them, I was able to, I just [inaudible [00:24:42] it so I knew I had met them.


Steph: Oh, that's good. That's a great idea. Oh, I was going to ask you something else. I can't remember what it is, now. Okay. One of the other things that I've started telling people to do because it's changed since I went to Disney World is to make sure that you take a screen shot of all of your plans that you have, of your fast passes, of your dining reservations and all of that stuff. Screen shots them in the app or in my Disney experience online because once that day is passed they won't let you go back anymore. They used to let you go back and I could come home from a trip and screenshot everything then that way I would have it. It's also a good idea to do it ahead of time because, sometimes, the internet isn't that great.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. I always do that. I'll do that even before the trip but then during the trip, I'll do it, too. Sometimes, I'll change things or add things and I just do it, I screen cap it and it's easier than opening the app. We mentioned this another time, you have to sign in every single time, now, you open the stupid app.


Tanya: Yes.


Heather: If I wouldn't just go and, “Oh, I can't remember exactly what time the fast pass is, you have to go in, sign in, hope that the internet is working. It's, like, “Huh, let me look at the screen cap.”


Steph: Yeah. No, go ahead.


Heather: Sorry. I also put my fast passes in the calendar app so I can look at it quickly also. I don't put each one in separate but I'll put a fast pass thing and if I need to look at it quickly, I'll have them all there also.


Steph: Yes, that's a great idea. I've done that as well as with my dining reservations, too. I put my confirmation number in there, as well.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Just because it's easier than trying to get into my Disney Experience. I was going to ask you, when you're at Disney World, this last time, did you have any experiences, or in the last couple times, have you had any experiences where they closed the ride down and notify you about it with your fast pass?


Heather: Yes.


Steph: How are they notifying you?


Heather: There's e-mail, which I never check my e-mail.


Steph: I know that's the thing that totally annoys me.


Heather: Yeah, I know. The other way, it's just in the app. You have it that you can have things turned on, you should get a notification but you don't. It just shows up. Yeah, I know I talked about the whole Frozen thing but, yeah, that other time I went in the pouring rain and I walked all the way over there, and they were, like, “It's down.”


Steph: “It's closed,” yes, okay-


Heather: I got a thing after the fact that it was down.


Steph: An e-mail?


Heather: Yeah, then I checked my e-mail and I didn't have anything and then 10 minutes later, I had an e-mail.


Steph: Yeah, it was the same problem when I was there a couple years ago. I was hoping that, maybe, they had updated it and taken care of it because that's the same thing that would happen to us. We'd get to the park and we would be almost late for our fast pass on [Mind [00:27:54] train so we would hike it all the way back there and every single morning [Mind [00:27:57] Train was down. They would say, “It's down.” I would say, “Oh.” They would say, “Did you check your e-mail?” I'm, like, “no, I didn't check my e-mail. I'm on vacation.” I'm not going to check my e-mail. I'm thinking, “Why can't they text me?” Why can't they have an automated text? Why can't they have an automated notification in the app? Come on, Disney, surely-


Tanya: Yeah, I don't understand why they don't have a notification in the app.


Heather: Yeah, they even have the thing when they do the app and they say, “Can send you notifications?”


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: It's, like, “Yeah.”


Tanya: Please do.


Heather: On the app, one of the bars is notifications but I don't know why they don't do that. Have you been to any of the restaurants since they started testing you?


Tanya: No.


Heather: [Crosstalk [00:28:43].


Steph: Wait, I take that back, Café Orleans, yes, okay.


Heather: Yeah, they do that Disney World, too. Even you have your ADR, anything, they say, “What's your number,” and then they text you. If you don't have a phone, they still give you a beeper. They do that so why can't … I just don't understand that when your room is ready, if you have an online check in and they text you when you're room is ready for that. I don't know why when they make [Crosstalk [00:29:11].


Steph: Why can't you let me know when the ride is down so that I can not run, well, walk very quickly to the back of the park.


Tanya: Exactly.


Steph: All right, I think that's, yeah, that's my list of stuff that I do prep-wise. Oh, one other thing that I put on my list is that I make a customized touring plan at and I do that before we leave because that does help me make sure that I can fit everything in that I want to fit in.


Tanya: Okay.


Steph: A lot of people, I'm learning that I'm one of the few people that go to Disney a lot that still does that. Especially when I'm taking people that haven't ever been before, I really like to make sure that I can maximize our time and get everything done. I do a customized plan and touring plan.


Tanya: You, kind of, need to, now. The parks are so crowded that you can't wing it anymore. You have to have some sort of plan.


Steph: That's how I feel.


Tanya: Yeah, you have to have some sort of game plan.


Steph: You do have to have a game plan for sure. I've learned some really great tips and tricks, is what I'm trying to say, by getting in the touring plans app forum from other users that have figured some systems out and some pretty A-typical ways of working Disney Land, California Adventure, especially, so you can hit everything. I'm not going to share it here, though .That's not what this show is about. Yeah, really, I mean, great information, great stuff. That's probably the only other thing that I do before every single trip. It's harder for me to do it to Disney World just because it's usually that so many days and it's, kind of, a pain to enter in all that information. It's a little time consuming.


The great thing about it is once you enter in all of the rides that you want to ride, and the day that you want to  ride it, is you just hit optimize and then it optimizes for you. Then when you get to the park, you can optimize it again and it tells you what to ride in what order, which is cool.


Tanya: That's cool.


Steph: Yeah. Do you guys have anything else you want to add?


Heather: One of the things I try to do but I've gotten away from that since I got the new phone because I had more memory. I go through and delete pictures after they're backed up.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: I keep pictures on my phone even though I don't. Tanya is the opposite.


Steph: I know, she had two photos.


Heather: Yeah. I normally will go through and delete pictures before I go on a trip but I haven't been doing that. Then when I went on the cruise, I went and I waited until the end of the cruise, to be able to transfer my pictures to the phone and it took a half hour because I had so many. I was really only doing character ones, too. It's a lot. I was looking at my memory and not that it's low but it's still a lot less than I would expect. I have to do that before my next trip, I'm going to have to go thought and start deleting this stuff again because you never want to be somewhere and it's, like, oops, no memory.


Steph: No, you don't. Especially when you're on a cruise, you can't do the online backup, you know, the wifi, iCloud stuff, which is how I'm able to fit so many photos on my phone is I have the save memory option setting turned on. One thing I would recommend for people, if you are somebody that runs out of memory sometimes, often ,whatever, there is a little flash drive that you can get. I got one for my husband and I have one as well, actually that I've-


Tanya: I was going to ask if anybody had one of those because-


Steph: Oh, I love it.


Tanya: I just recently saw them.


Steph: Yes. It's a Sand disc flash drive and it has it's own little wifi connection in it. You have to download the app in the app store, it has great direction included with the device. You download the app the the iTUnes, whatever, the app store, and I believe they're Android and they're either version, and you connect to the little USB with your wifi through your phone, you turn it on and then you can transfer all of your stuff. It works really quick. I was surprised how fast it worked but I took one with me on my last trip to Disney Land because I wasn't sure how the wifi was going to be where we weer staying and I wanted to make sure I had my photos in two different locations in case something happened to my phone. I took one of those with me and backed up every night. It worked great.


Tanya: I feel like I just saw something somewhere, too, and I don't know if it was a real thing or in my imagination but something that plugs into, it's like a little USB drive but it plugs into the lighting part on your phone.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: That is a thing, right?


Steph: Yes, that is a thing. It's also made by Sand disc. I just haven't ever, I haven't tried that one.


Tanya: Okay.


Steph: I don't know how it works or if it works well. I can't recommend it because I've tried to Sand disc one. I actually wrote an article about it on the Daily Digi, I think, several years ago, a couple years ago when I very first started doing stuff on my phone and I was doing my everyday lay out. People were asking, “What do you do when you run out of space?” I haven't had that problem yet because I've done that resolution and then I move stuff back and forth.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah, it's a great, great thing and I would recommend it if you need more storage for your phone, or you want to have a second location to store your stuff when you're on vacation. It's a really good option. For sure.


Tanya: Yeah, that is nice because wifi could be spotty. I back up everything to Dropbox, just the camera upload from my phone into the Dropbox but that can be, like, videos can take a really long time.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Especially if you're on not very good wifi in a hotel somewhere, yeah.


Steph: Yes, exactly. That's why I wanted to have that little thing with me and it's worked out really great, yeah.


Tanya: Yeah, I definitely clear all the photos off my phone before going on a vacation. I also turn off any unnecessary notification to save my battery.


Heather: Yes. I do that, too.


Steph: Yeah, and going in check and see which apps are checking your locations, or following your locations. There's several apps that I go in and make sure that I have them downloaded, updated. The official Disney one, I always make sure that that's updated. The Lines app, which is the touring plans, that one. Then when I'm going to Disney World, I also the Twit one, is what I call it. That's their abbreviation. It's the one where I use it to figure out how long it will take me to get from one place to another around Disney World. Oh, yeah.


I'm going to pull it up here in a second. I'm trying to think if there are any-


Heather: I'll tell you, the fastest way to get around is it take an Uber.


Steph: Yeah, that's-


Tanya: I think we're Uber obsessed now.


Heather: When I'm at the parks, it's just so much easier than waiting for the bus and then being on the bus and having people kick you or hit you, or having to stand on the bus for 20 minutes when you have a bad knee. I only did it once, though, this trip but, I don't know, I just think it's the best thing around the parks.


Steph: For sure. That's newer, though, in the last year that it's really catching on and people are really using it. I think that they've been allowed access at Disney World, right? For a while, they weren't allowed.


Heather: I don't know. I've been using them, I guess, it's been about a year. I know that they're also allowed at the airports. Some airports don't allow them but they're allowed at the Orlando airport.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: That's really good. I've never taken it from the airport but I've thought about it a couple of times when I'm in the line, “Should I just take an Uber?” I really like, too, a lot of times you'll get Uber drivers who are cast members-


Steph: Oh, fun.


Heather: They really know their way around. I've only had one Uber driver that didn't know what she was doing. She drove backwards on the street-


Steph: Oh, no.


Heather: She missed the, it was against the boardwalk and if you've been to Disney World, you've seen, it's a huge sign that says, “the Boardwalk.” She missed it and I'm, like, “There it is.” She was, like, “Oh, okay.” And went backwards. Oh, my goodness.


Steph: Scary.


Tanya: Uber drivers can be sketchy sometimes.


Heather: Yeah, otherwise, I mean, I've had Uber drivers where they had ears on-


Steph: Oh, fun.


Tanya: We took Uber a couple of times the last time we were at Disney Land.


Heather: I took the Uber the one time after the race to get back to the hotel because I was just, like, “I can't walk anymore.”


Tanya: Are they okay going that short of a distance for you?


Heather: Oh, yeah.


Tanya: The two times that we took Uber, or the 2 or 3 times in combination, was from our hotel to the Disney Land hotel because it's, where we stayed, that can be a bit of a walk to get to our reservations or just because we didn't want to walk that far, that was really the only place we were going. One time, they had closed down the street to get to the hotel so every time that we went to the hotel, I had to re-route the poor driver and tell him how to get there.


Steph: OH, funny.


Tanya: There'd be a crowd this day and the traffic was all backed up, or the fact that the, for some reason, at the Disney Land hotel, the GPS doesn't pinpoint, it doesn't pinpoint the front of the hotel, it pinpoints downtown Disney. You have to re-arrange it, it's funny, though.


Steph: That app that I like to use is called Twizz, is what it is. Twizz, it's not Twit, it's Twizz.


Heather: Is that just for the park-


Steph: That's the acronym. It's for Disney World so you can pick a park that you're at and then pick where you want to go and it'll tell you the transportation options and how long each of them will take.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: It tells you car, too, so then you know if. If you've never been to Disney World, and you're at the Grand Floridian or The Contemporary and you're trying to figure out how to get there, you might not know that from the Contemporary, it might be faster just to walk than to take a car.


Tanya: I wouldn't have known any of that stuff if Heather wasn't there to direct me. I was, like, “I can't go from here straight to this place? I have to stop at one place first? What?


Heather: I think a lot of times, you don't comprehend how long it's going to take. You think, “I can get there in 10 minutes,” or something. “No.” That was one of the best things, too, about the cruise. No matter where you were, if I had to be somewhere, I knew it wouldn't take anymore than 5 minutes. It's all contained. You know the Disney Springs, you can get a bus from the park to Disney Springs, now.


Tanya: Yes.


Heather: Yeah, they added the, that's great. You still can't do it the other way around but that's fun, we actually did that. We were at Disney Springs more than we were at any park this trip. It's really funny. They completely changes, if you haven't been there, and it hasn't even been that long but I think, in June, where they changed where the buses are and it's, if you're not, it's one of those things where it's, kind of, grouped by where you're staying, like, if you're not in the deluxe things, you're not in the front, we stay at Pop so it's almost faster to walk back to Pop than it was to walk to the bus. It's so far away.


Steph: Funny. That's really funny. Okay. I think we've covered pretty much everything on getting ready for a trip, right? Do you have anything else guys, girls?


Tanya: No, it's pretty much just bring your chargers.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Make sure you have your-


Tanya: Your memory card in your camera.


Heather: Yeah. I almost messed that up, I left it. I always bring with me my netbook so it's small and that's what I transfer my picture to each night. I almost forgot one night that I hadn't taken the card out. It's a good thing. I always carry an extra card with me because I'm me but I was, like, I went to take a picture and then there's no card in there. I also format the cards before I go, too, generally.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I'm trying to think-


Steph: I don't. I never format my cards, ever. I'm afraid I'll lose something I need. Back in the day, when I was hauling a DSLR, I don't take big cameras anywhere with me. I'm iPhone only. I got brave and a couple of years ago, I decided even to Disney, I'm only going to be iPhone and it works out great for me.


Tanya: That's good.


Steph: Especially with that QX100 because I can do low light with the QX100.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: If I didn't have that, it would be a different story.


Tanya: It's a baby step towards, you know, you have something a tiny bit better than just the iPhone but not the bulkiness of the big camera.


Heather: This trip, I was carrying two cameras around.


Tanya: Yeah, I get it.


Steph: All right, thank you both for being here. Remind our listeners where they can find you, Tanya.


Tanya: You can find me at and at TanyaH666 on all social media.


Steph: Heather?


Heather: My character site is and on most of the social media, I'm HeatherW25, on Facebook, I'm ILoveCharacetrs.


Steph: Prefect. We will see you next time on Capturing Magic.