Printing My First Disney Photo Book


Last month, I blogged about how close I was to finishing my Disney album. Thanks to Project Mouse and pocket style scrapping, I am so happy to announce that I finished my album! This is the first Disney album I've finished EVER! The album came in at a little under 15 pages, and I feel good about the amount of stories I got into the album. Now, while I was so happy to have all of my pages scrapped, one thing remained – getting the album printed.

I chose to go with Adoramapix to get the photo book printed. In the past, I've sworn by Persnickety Prints to get my layouts printed, but Adoramapix came highly recommended from Steph, so I figured it was worth a go. Upon logging into the website, I had to upload my pages. This process was easy and took only a few minutes at most.

Once my pictures were uploaded, I was given a blank photo book template to begin placing my pages in. Placing the pages was easy, all I had to do was drag the pictures into the template.

One thing I had to work with was my actual layouts. Having done them in pocket style, there was important pieces of my layouts right up along the edge of the layout. In Adoramapix, there is a quarter inch margin which they instruct you to leave in case they have to trim the pages. If I had left the pages as they were, I would have risked losing what was on the edges of the layouts. To remedy this, I opened my original layouts in Photoshop, layered them over a copy of the paper I used for the background, and then resized the layouts a quarter of an inch smaller. After I saved the, I re-uploaded them and worked at placing them back into the photo book template.

What was nice about the Adoramapix photo books is that I was able to design the cover, as well as inside the front and back covers. Inside the front cover, I put the first page of my book. However, when I got to the inside of the back cover, I was out of pages. Instead, I used a paper from the Project Mouse kit as the inside back cover. I was happy with the end result this time around, but next time I will make sure I have enough pages to put a page there. The final thing to do was add a title to the spine. This was also easy to do using their template.

A few more questions, and I was ready to order the book. All I had to do was wait for the book to arrive.  The book took about two weeks to arrive.  Included in that time was a holiday, however the website clearly stated that they would be observing the holiday. The book was packaged nicely, wrapped in additional cardboard to prevent moving or damage.

The book itself was gorgeous. The pages had not been trimmed too much, and my precaution of adding the additional quarter of an inch around the edges prevented anything from being cut off. The cover had a nice luster finish to it, and it was nice to be able to include a title on the spine of the book.

The pages inside the book were great. The color was bright and true to what I had seen on my monitor. The images were crisp, and the handwriting easy to read. One thing I noticed about the pages was that some of the elements seemed abnormally large, however that is totally my error. Let the lesson be that you should always check your layouts sized at 100% in Photoshop before you print.

The book is advertised as a “lay-flat” book, and it most certainly was. This is great because it eliminates anything being caught in the spine area, and it makes it easier to read and flip through.

I can't tell you how much I loved the book. Not only because of the high quality of the book itself, but also because the book symbolizes an accomplishment that I had yet to reach. Through this new approach to my Disney book, I was able to actually complete a book and have it printed. I'd say that's 100 times better than the last few trips we've taken where I have no books at all!

Now to get started on a book for our upcoming September trip!!