Red Rose Tavern And Other Special Events At Disneyland – CM105

Red Rose Tavern at Disneyland

Tanya is sharing her experience at Red Rose Tavern (the theming, photo ops, and food) plus details about Food and Wine at Disneyland and AP Days at Disneyland.


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Steph Clay: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph Clay and I'm here with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at and she's tanyah666 across social media. Hi, Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Howdie.


Steph Clay: We have also Heather Winfield here today, who can be found at She heatherw25 across social media. Hi, Heather.


Heather W: Hi.


Steph Clay: All right. Let's dig into this. We're talking about some Disney Land stuff today. The first thing that we have is it's happy birthday to Pirates, 50th.


Tanya Hickman: Yes, 50th anniversary of the ride.


Steph Clay: What have they got going on with that? Mostly just merchandise, yes?


Tanya Hickman: Merchandise. I see they have some special churros and beignets that are gold dusted.


Steph Clay: Ooh.


Tanya Hickman: I think the beignets are lemon flavored and they sound delicious, actually.


Steph Clay: They do sound good.


Tanya Hickman: Lemon flavored … Yeah, yeah, it's like a lemon flavor dusting thing, special drink and a breakfast burrito, all at the Mint Julep Bar.


Steph Clay: Oh. It doesn't normally have-


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, random breakfast burrito.


Steph Clay: I know. I'm like, “What?”


Tanya Hickman: They're trying new things.


Steph Clay: Trying new things, exactly. If it goes over well, maybe they'll be serving breakfast over there from now on.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Oh, that would be kind of cool.


Steph Clay: Yeah, it would be. I agree.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Make sure if you're in the parks, you want to get a picture outside of Pirates to commemorate the 50th anniversary.


Heather W: There's a really cool cup, souvenir thing. It's really cool and it has the …


Tanya Hickman: Skeleton pirate.


Heather W: Skeleton pirate, yeah, on the top. Yeah, it's really cool. It's probably sold out though.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. It's been like a day, it's probably gone. [crosstalk [00:01:53] Yes, and merchandise.


Steph Clay: Of course. A new thing at Disneyland which you're going to share with us … Cuz you just got back from a trip. We should mention that. YOu're fresh back from Disneyland. By this time[inaudible [00:02:10] might not be as fresh.


Tanya Hickman: That's true.


Steph Clay: But you were gonna share with us the details of Red Rose Tavern.


Tanya Hickman: Red Rose Tavern. That was my first day of my trip. I was like, “We've gotta get there right when it opens cuz I want to try all the foods”. It's where Village Haus was, the Pinocchio quick service restaurant. I'm pretty sure they just kinda overlayed stuff onto the walls and the outsize and stuff. I'm not sure how permanent and stuff they're gonna make it. I personally really really like and it wouldn't mind if it was permanent. IF they fix the signage up a little bit and made it more permanent obviously. The line was really really long. I'm not sure how long it is still nowadays. The line before Red Rose Taverns opens at [11:00] is around to The Fantasy Land rides.


Steph Clay: Wow.


Tanya Hickman: It was really really long. It moved fairly quickly. They had somebody inside directing you where to go to pay and order and stuff. They had it moving fairly efficiently. Inside is really really cute. Above where you order they have the rose and the Belle jar and they have all new paintings and decorations and stuff on all the walls. You have a whole Gaston section with antlers. All the fun stuff on the walls. The food is really really good.


Steph Clay: That is good to hear. Do you have pictures for us?


Tanya Hickman: I do, I do. They're on my Instagram, but we can put them in the show notes.


Steph Clay: Which can be found at I think, but maybe not. Maybe just got to and then you can click on podcasts or blog and find it there.


Tanya Hickman: Yes, I have tons of pictures of the inside, the outside. They even put up stain glass windows of the rose and stuff. It's really really cute.


Steph Clay: Very well themed, it sound like.


Tanya Hickman: Very well done, yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay, so they had the gray stuff there too.


Tanya Hickman: Oh my God, the gray stuff is so good!


Heather W: It's totally different than the Disney World version.


Steph Clay: Really?


Tanya Hickman: It's on a little shortbread cookie that people were making fun of. They're like, “It looks like a Ritz cracker”. It was delicious, people. No joke. It's a little shortbread cookie. It looks a little cheesy but it's shortbread. Then they put a little nugget of … it's red velvet cake with a raspberry and a raspberry glazed on the inside of it, almost like a little bon bon size thing of red velvet cake that has a raspberry and raspberry glaze on the inside. They put that on the shortbread cookie and then they put the mousse over top of that. It's like buried inside like a little hidden treasure. It was delicious. It was really good.


Steph Clay: It looks really good actually and I think it would be really good on a shortbread cookie. Yum!


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it was really really good.


Steph Clay: What did you eat? I love to hear about this stuff?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah yeah yeah. The Beast Burger, which I'm trying to think of the details right now, it's meat, meat, and more meat. It has the burger and then it has either pulled pork or … pulled pork I think. More on top of that and some areole. That burger was excellent and I'm not a huge burger person at all. That's not my first choice of something to buy but I would definitely get it again when I go there.


Then at, I don't know if I say it right, Putin.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I think that's how you say it.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I never know. The Putin was by far my favorite thing there. Their waffle fries with a brown gravy and cheese curds and the same pulled pork stuff and onion. Oh my gosh. It was magic in my mouth!


Steph Clay: Really?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. It's really really good. We tried a bunch of stuff. We got the burger and the Putin for sure. I'm getting those two things the next time I go there. Those will be my two things that I get. We also got the cauliflower sandwich which people have been talking about. They call is cauliflower steak is what they're calling it. It's literally like, a square patty of just square patty of cauliflower.


Steph Clay: Awesome.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, that they cook and season and put on a bun with all the stuff. I didn't hate it, but I feel like maybe the cauliflower, the one that I got, was a little undercooked so it was really hard still.


Steph Clay: Oh okay.


Tanya Hickman: I feel like if it was just cooked a little bit more it would have been really good. But people seem to really like it. It's a good vegetarian option.


Steph Clay: For sure and there's so many vegetarians in California. It's important that they have those.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I didn't hate it. It was seasoned good. I feel like the one I got just wasn't quite cooked enough.


Steph Clay: As far as wait goes, I did a search … You guys are gonna get tired with me and hashtag searches on Instagram. I did a hashtag search on Instagram for Red Rose Tavern. There's not a ton of stuff there. There's 1000 photos there. But what is there is super helpful. One of the photos that was posted two hours ago, and we're recording this on St. Patrick's Day, so two hours ago said that they waited for two hours.


Tanya Hickman: Oh my goodness. I can't believe it's still … It's probably really crowded there today though.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they do once again have the Red Rose glasses.


Tanya Hickman: The cups are back in stock?


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah.


Steph Clay: That's probably contributed to that long wait.


Heather W: I think the wait time went down when they didn't have it.


Tanya Hickman: When those cups are in stock, the wait time goes up.


Steph Clay: For sure. Yeah, I bet. The themeing looks great. It looks like there would be some fun places to get photos inside there, as well. Is it dark? How's the lighting?


Tanya Hickman: If you go during the day, the lighting is fine. All my photos turned out fine.


Steph Clay: Okay, good.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah it's not bad. It's indoor lighting but there's definitely a lot of windows for the lighting to come in through.


Steph Clay: Yeah, good. It looks beautiful. It would be fun if they kept it that way forever.


Heather W: Yes.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I liked it. The food was … Disneyland has really in the last couple years uped their quick service food game.


Steph Clay: I totally agree.


Tanya Hickman: Each new places that opens just blows me away even more for what it is. It's really good.


Steph Clay: Yeah I totally agree. There was a time when I definitely preferred counter service food at Disneyworld. Uh Uh, not anymore.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Disneyland's counter service food is so good.


Tanya Hickman: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Steph Clay: It's sometimes hard for me to decide.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I'm like, “I need to eat at three places today”. [crosstalk [00:09:01]


Steph Clay: Or more. I know, it's a problem.


Tanya Hickman: They also, over at … I forgot they brought in some other stuff. It's not just the restaurant. Belle and Beast and Gaston now all roam around Fantasyland.


Steph Clay: Oh great.


Tanya Hickman: I keep seeing videos of Belle and Beast on the carousel together and she's in her blue dress too which is really cute. I keep seeing pictures of all three of them wandering around. Over at Maurice's, where you can get the bagel twist things, by fantasy fair, they now have dipping sauces for those.


Steph Clay: Oo, yum!


Tanya Hickman: One of the dipping sauces you can get is the gray stuff.


Steph Clay: Yum!


Tanya Hickman: Right? I think I just recently saw that they have a gray stuff twist now too and you can get the dipping sauce. I think there's a caramel dipping sauce, a marinara dipping sauce, and the gray stuff, which I mean, just give me the sauce. I'll just eat it.


Heather W: Yeah, for sure. They also have with Belle and Beast, they're been having them with the Disneyland Band and they've been in front of the castle. I think they have a couple different showings. Ya know how they do the thing with Mary Poppins and all them come out there? I don't know if this is instead of that or what.


Tanya Hickman: I feel like it's instead of it.


Heather W: Yeah, which would make me sad but still it's cute. They play Beauty and The Beast songs and they dance. It's really cute.


Steph Clay: Do the characters when they're walking around Fantasyland and stuff, do they meet or do the stop or do they do pictures? Or is it just they're wandering?


Tanya Hickman: I feel like they're wandering. I think Belle and Beast come out when they're going to their show. I know Belle, I saw her meeting outside of Fantasy Fair in her blue dress but I didn't see the Beast. I think the Beast and her only wander around together when they're going to their show that they're doing with the band in front of the castle. Gaston roams around all day. He doesn't actually stop and do a meet and greet but he's around.


Steph Clay: Okay. Super fun stuff. Let's move on to, was there anything else on that that you wanted to talk about?


Tanya Hickman: No, I don't believe so.


Steph Clay: I sensed we were done, but just checking. AP days. We wanted to talk about those because we do have a lot of the people that are Disneyland fans are quite often AP holders because it's easy for them to get there. We have a lot of California locals. I have no clue what AP days are and I am an AP holder. You're gonna help clue me in and maybe some of your listener too who aren't locals. I think maybe locals are clued in better than the rest of us.


Tanya Hickman: Yes, we'll talk about the one that just ended. There's been a couple now. We'll go back so Heather can talk about the one [inaudible [00:11:50]. This one that just happened is the winter 2017 AP days. It was geared and themed towards The Electrical Light Parade, cuz that just came back. What it is is, essentially it's 4 weeks and each week you get a different button. Like a little different pin to wear. You go … This one it was, remember the old star cave that they don't really use that often?


Steph Clay: Yes.


Tanya Hickman: That's what the made the AP headquarters this time. Last time it was in DC, this time it's in Disneyland. They took that whole bottom floor of that and you head that way.  You show them your AP. They give you a button, each week it's a different button. It was a different Main Street Electrical Parade button. You go inside. Inside you can buy merchandise. They have special AP merchandise. They have photo ops. You can sit on couches and charge your phone. They had characters out inside there too. The characters … when they advertised this, they were like, “Oh it's gonna be way back when characters”. Main Street Electrical Parade started in the 70's, right? They were gonna do like characters form the 70's.


The first two weeks it was kinda cool cuz they brought out combinations of all the Robin Hood characters. You got to see them. The last two weeks it was The Country Bears, who are out all the time anyways. It was a little sad for me since I was just like, “Oh, look at those country bears. Let me go meet them in DCA really quick”.


Heather W: I was gonna ask why you didn't have a picture with them. I didn't realize [crosstalk [00:13:30]


Tanya Hickman: Which is fine. Characters are characters. I'll take them any way I can get them at this point. All of that is in the star cave. They had vintage arcade games set up that you could play and family friendly crafts, coloring, that kind of stuff. Really, if you wanted to hang out in there for a little bit, you could.


Steph Clay: Nice place to rest when it's super hot.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah and you could charge your phone if you wanted to. They have charging stations. They had PhotoPass in there to take a picture of you in front of Main Street Electric Parade sign. Your PhotoPass photos got a special border on then, an AP days border. I'm trying to think what else besides the merchandise. Yep, I think that's pretty much it. Its just that little area. That's really all it is. You go, you get your button, you go inside, purchase any … I got a shirt. The pins sell out really fast, the AP pins and the tumblers. Those usually go within the first day or two. Again, wasn't able to get my hand on one of those pins. I got a shirt. Sit down, cool off, charge your phone, take a picture with the character, take the photo op and then you go out.


Steph Clay: Is it only during a certain period of time that they have that?


Tanya Hickman: When was the last one, Heather? September?


Heather W: Yeah, it was the September one. Yeah, was it the whole month of September? It was the end of … I think that's what it was.


Tanya Hickman: They were in their Halloween …


Heather W: Right, but that's why it was weird that they were in their Halloween costumes. They had two weeks. It was Donald in his wizard and it was Skelt and Goofy and they switched out. Two weeks later they had Thanksgiving themed which again was weird because it was early. I think it was like October wasn't it by then? Or was it just around September? I'm trying to remember. I was there the first week of September, right?


Tanya Hickman: Were you there for the race?


Heather W: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Okay then it was the whole month of September.


Heather W: Yeah, so that time when it was supposed to be for Thanksgiving, it was Pocahontas and Meko and then they switched with … Minnie had a colonial-ish outfit.


Tanya Hickman: It was so cute.


Heather W: I know! I know I was so bummed that I missed that one cuz I'd gotten the other two that I was there for. It's cute that they do that.


Tanya Hickman: The one that just happened was Main Street Electrical Parade Theme. That one didn't really have a theme. They're starting to do them quarterly.


Heather W: Yeah I know they had Halloween stuff out, what they were gonna have for Halloween.


Tanya Hickman: It's like the Halloween preview.


Heather W: You came in. They gave you water. It was outside of it and the characters were inside. So they gave you water and they had a picture too where you held the sign. Then you got in there and it was the character. The line was long for a lot of that.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, the line for the one I just went to, since it was inside and I think a lot people maybe just didn't see it or because the character weren't quite as [inaudible [00:16:44] the line wasn't really long. Maybe like 15 people at the most at any given time. Over by Pixie Hallow where the little water show is there, they had a little landscaping done of Elliott from the Main Street Electrical Parade like in flowers that you [crosstalk [00:17:07]


Heather W: I was trying to picture where that was. Every time I looked at it I'm like, “Where exactly?”, cuz that was really cool. I like that.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it was really cool. They had a PhotoPass set up there and they would put the border on it and stuff in your PhotoPass photos. Yeah it was really cute. They made me do little dinosaur rawr hands.


Heather W: At the other AP days they also had another place where they had set up. Remember, that's where you got a pin and recipe card. That was over by [crosstalk [00:17:42].


Tanya Hickman: They still do that too, where you can get recipe cards. This one also had in the Main Street Opera House you could see a special screening. I think they did 'em three times a day. You would go and you'd get a wristband and then you can come back at your specific time to see it. It was an hour long presentation. They showed … it was an old TV show that I can't remember the name of now and it was like a Disney documentary sort of thing. It was all about them creating the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was an hour long. It was super cheesy and the outfits that all the men had mustaches.


Steph Clay: Okay, wait a minute. Wait wait wait wait. It was filmed way back then?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it was filmed way back then.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: There's like something that aired on TV back in the 70's and they were airing it so you could watch it in The Main Street Opera House. When I went, that theater was full. People were all about it. It was cool though. I liked seeing it.


Steph Clay: That is cool.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, that's pretty much …


Steph Clay: How do you find out about these? Cuz I'm an annual pass holder. I know nothing.


Tanya Hickman: Most of the time they'll post about it on the Disney parks blog. There's also the Disneyland AP Twitter account.


Steph Clay: So it's not like you're getting an email? [crosstalk [00:19:02]


Heather W: I got an email.


Steph Clay: You did?


Heather W: I'm pretty sure I got an email about it.


Tanya Hickman: I didn't got no email.


Steph Clay: Me either.


Heather W: I feel like I got something in the mail too. I was like, “This doesn't help me. Don't send it to New Jersey”.


Steph Clay: I know! I know.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I don't get anything in the mail. I don't get emails. Everything I see, I see on Twitter.


Steph Clay: Okay. Well …


Tanya Hickman: But I also have my phone set up so that the Disney parks blog, Disneyland, and The Disney ap account all send me text messages when they tweet.


Steph Clay: Okay, I see what you're saying. Maybe I need to do that.


Tanya Hickman: I get text messages all day long cuz they post all day long. I see everything.


Steph Clay: Is it through IFTTT?


Tanya Hickman: No, I do it straight through Twitter.


Steph Clay: Oh okay.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, turn on notifications.


Steph Clay: Okay. Perfect. I guess I need to see if I can remember how to log into Twitter.


Tanya Hickman: I know, right?


Steph Clay: That is where all the Disney people are, for sure. That's the once place. More the Facebook. Moe than Instagram. More than Pinterest. Twitter, yes.


Tanya Hickman: That's it for AP days.


Steph Clay: Okay, what about AP events? I know during that party that I went to, The Main Street Electrical Parade party, they also had an AP event going on during that time where people could go get cool AP stuff. I hadn't upgraded my AP yet so I didn't get anything and I was bummed. I hadn't upgraded to an AP yet at that night.


Tanya Hickman: So like actual sign ups and events?


Steph Clay: Yeah, how do you hear about that stuff? What do they do?


Tanya Hickman: That stuff, again, I hear about on Twitter. The alerts come through to me. That's why I set up the alerts so I wouldn't miss those sort of sign ups.


Steph Clay: Yeah, explain.


Tanya Hickman: If it's an AP event, there's two different kinds. You have AP events and you have Disney park blog events. AP events usually have a way bigger capacity. Movie screenings, some stuff in the parks like that. Not as exclusive stuff. It's more broader, bigger range stuff so they can accommodate more people. Like, seeing the parades. They'll be thousands of people there. That sort of stuff. When you sign up for this … when I see it on Twitter, it's either the Disney parks blog that posts it or it's the Disney AP Twitter that has posted it. You just follow the link and you can sign up up to five or 6 people I think but you have to have everybody's annual pass holder number. I have all my family's numbers on my phone already so I can just copy and paste them into those sort of things when that stuff comes up. You have to have everybody's annual pass holder number. I think you can do … It's you plus five people. I think you can do like six people at a time.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: Then there's Disney parks blog events, where anybody can go to those. You don't even have to be at Disneyland at that day. You don't need a ticket. You don't need anything. You don't need to be an annual pass holder. You can just sign up for those events and when you sign up for those events, they're always posted on the Disney parks blog. They fill up within minutes because they're usually kept to under 50 people, usually. It's usually not that many people. It's you and you sign yourself up and then you can bring one person.


Steph Clay: Right, but you don't have to sign them up.


Tanya Hickman: You don't have to sign them up, yeah. Just you and one person. Those fill up really really fast. I love those events cuz they're really done well. When Cinderella came out, I went to the Cinderella parks blog movie to see that. They did a thing. We saw the movie and we went to the reception afterward. Cinderella and Prince Charming, the actual actors were there.


Steph Clay: Oh cool.


Tanya Hickman: They came out and talked about the movie and stuff. Some events are better than others. For the most part, I'm never disappointed in the Disney parks blog events. They do Halloween events every year. They do holiday events. If there's something big coming up, they're gonna do an event for it.


Heather W: You always get into better ones than I do.


Steph Clay: Hey at least you've been in to [crosstalk [00:23:13]


Heather W: I've never been able to get into it. I've always been the plus one. I've kind of [inaudible [00:23:18]. The best one I got was it was the Saving Mr. Banks movie that they were doing. I'd already seen it but I was hoping that they were gonna have chimney sweeps there to meet. I went and my friends knew that. They announced at the beginning, “After the movie, then you can be able to meet Mary Poppins” and I was like, “Okay”. He's like, “And then chimney sweeps and Burt”. I know I made some kind of noise. All my friends were like, “Yeah!”. That's all I cared about. Most of the other ones I went they gave [inaudible [00:23:52] and they gave you like a kite.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah they always give you some sort of little gift too. It's kinda nice.


Steph Clay: That's fun. The only one I've ever gotten into was one when I just decided, “Hey, I'm gonna try it and just see if I can get in” and I didn't even have a trip scheduled. Then I didn't go. They're non-transferable.


Tanya Hickman: That's the bummer about them. Now that I don't live in Southern California, I still look out for them and I try to sign my mom up so she can go.


Steph Clay: You're nice.


Tanya Hickman: Get me the gift. Just kidding.


Heather W: Your mom always gets the really cool stuff too, doesn't she?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, we went to that, it was a summer barbecue thing and back in Big Thunder Ranch they did a whole barbecue with Characters and stuff. We went to that and they did a raffle. There was only like 3 or 4 prizes and my mom won one of them. There was like 100 people there.


Steph Clay: That's awesome.


Tanya Hickman: Now I have a bunch of Disney kitchenware.


Steph Clay: That's so fun.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah those park blog ones are really fun. The girl that runs then, Erin Glover, you can tell she loves what she does.


Steph Clay: Yeah, for sure. That's so fun.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Ki, was that everything for …


Tanya Hickman: I wanted to talk real quick about the DC Food and Wine Festival [crosstalk [00:25:13]


Steph Clay: Yeah yeah yeah, thank you.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. Besides all the signage and the food booth and stuff which you can take tons of photos in front of, I went around and spent 15 minutes of just every food booth period because I wanted to see what was on the menus for everything cuz the food looks really really good. There is a little annual pass holder area. I think it is over by the Paradise Garden food area down at the very far corner of DC where again they're doing buttons. They love those pin buttons, giving you guys those. You get a different one every week. They have a photo op with the sign too. I know the sign says ” Annual Pass holder” on it so I'm not sure if they'll let anybody else take a photo with it or if they'll have normal ones eventually which I wouldn't be surprised.


Steph Clay: Super fun.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, food, signs.


Steph Clay: I'm all about the food. Ahh.


Tanya Hickman: I know. They brought down the prices a little bit this year as opposed to the holiday food that Heather and I had year. That was really expensive. But we wanted to try it so we were like, “We don't care!”.


Steph Clay: Fun. K there's lots of stuff going on in California. Lots of new things to check out for sure.


Heather W: Yes.


Steph Clay: I think they do that just to keep the AP people coming back.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, do they think we're not gonna go every week?


Steph Clay: Like you need an excuse, right?


Tanya Hickman: Right, yeah.


Steph Clay: Fun. K, Let's remind our listeners where you find us. Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: You can find me at and tanyah666 on all social media.


Steph Clay: And Heather.


Tanya Hickman: My character site is On Facebook it's I love characters and then everywhere on social media I'm heatherw25.


Steph Clay: Perfect and I am Steph. You can find me at capturingmagic. Our Instagram is capturingmagic_. You can also find me at where I'm talking about doing stuff with all your photos that you're taking. Check it out there. My free course can be found at The show notes for this show, in case I didn't mention it, can me found at but I think I did mention it already. Thanks girls for being here. I appreciate it.


Tanya Hickman: Thanks.


Heather W: Thank you.


Tanya Hickman: We'll talk to you, or I guess we'll see you, you'll hear us, something next time on capturing magic.