Rivers of Light and Arts Festival Recap -CM107

Heather is giving us a recap of her experience at Rivers of Light and the Arts Festival. She has some great insider tips for photo ops!


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Steph Clay: Hey everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph Clay. I'm here today with Tonya Hickman, who can be found at EveryMagicMoment.com, and she goes by Tonyah666 across social media. Hi, Tonya.


Tonya Hickman: Hi.


Steph Clay: How are you?


Tonya Hickman: I'm good.


Steph Clay: Thanks for being here again today.


Tonya Hickman: Thanks.


Steph Clay: We have also joining us today, Heather Winfield, who can be found at HeatherW.com/Character, and she is HeatherW25 across social media. Hi, Heather.


Heather W.: Hi.


Steph Clay: Thanks for being here today.


Heather W.: Thank you.


Steph Clay: Okay. Today we are going to be talking about Rivers of Light and the Arts Festival, because you just got back from a trip, and you were able to experience both of those.


Heather W.: Yeah. I went … Rivers of Light started and they started with the having the FastPass for it. I didn't think I was going to be able to get it for my first day and it popped up so I was really excited. I pretty much got off the plane and threw my stuff in the room, and went to Animal Kingdom. I've been dying to see it because it's been over a year that we've been hearing about it.


Steph Clay: Yeah. You had a FastPass for it.


Heather W.: Yeah. I had a FastPass.


Steph Clay: Tell us how everything works.


Heather W.: First thing was the night we got there and I didn't know where the line was. They pointed us to one way but that was from the DinoLand area, but that was the … They have dining packages, so I think that's where the dining package was. Then, there's another place and then that was the standby line. I had to walk all the way around, it's on the other side where Everest is. Make sure you go in the right place because walked all the way around. They do have … You know the PhotoPass thing you hold?


Steph Clay: Yes. The sign?


Heather W.: Yeah, the sign. They had one by one of the lines, like right by the DinoLand one. I got a picture there and then I also got one when I was seated.


Steph Clay: Oh, good.


Heather W.: If you want those. Yeah. We went in. They opened, it was about an hour early. I know when you get a FastPass you don't … The whole point is to not wait, but I figured since … I had a friend who was there. She said, “Yeah, they're open,” so I thought I might as well just go, might as well just get as good a seat as I can get. We waited an hour, even with the FastPass. I think they were really good seats. Obviously, I wasn't in the other section so I don't know how much better or worse it is compared to anything else, but they all kinda looked the same. It's kind of in a circle.


They had the Jungle Book fill-in show for a couple months. If you were at that, it's the same theater, but it's … From what I was looking at other seats, it kind of looked like … You know with Fantasmic, you know the theater, so you'd be on the side or you'd be in the center. We were in the center, I guess. They have multiple barges and the lotus flower things. I think you would pretty much be able to see anywhere you want, it just depends on if you wanted a guaranteed seat or you just want to have to stand and wait in a line.


The good thing with us getting there early is that the seating, if you're in the first, I want to say it was four rows, there's a lot of … It's very tiered so that if you're shorter like me, you can still see. Doesn't matter if someone's standing in front of you. Then once you start going back there's hardly any vertical distance between that. You're kind of stacked up, so if you're shorter you're going to have a harder time seeing. Which is actually when we went to see the Jungle Book show, whenever that was, and I could hardly see because I was shorter and there's people in front of you.


If you can, try to get there earlier to get one of those first, I think it was four rows, I was in the third row and then there was still one behind us. The first row they had it said, “Reserved.” Then someone just walked up to it and was like, “Oh, I'm sitting here.” No one's like, “Oh, it says reserved.” Then she said, “Oh, I'm sure it means reserved for FastPass.” That's not what it meant but she sat there and they didn't do anything. Maybe if you get there later and go down to the reserved, I don't know. That's definitely I think the biggest tip is to try to be in those first couple of rows, especially if you want to take pictures because I had nothing in my way. Which is very rare. You know like when you're going to see World Of Color.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: It's yeah, it's not that same thing. That was really good.


Steph Clay: Let me stop and ask you a question really quick. Is all of the seating, is it standing or actual seating?


Heather W.: Yeah, it's sitting. It's long benches so the first floor rows are … I think they were kind of more concrete and then the ones behind it … No, I could be totally wrong. It looked more wooden. It's like a long bench, the same kind of thing where they're like move in. I was on the end and I was glad that our whole row was filled in because I'm not moving in, I'm on the end. That's what I want. Yeah, it's seating and seating.


Then if you leave, if you want to go get food or use the restroom, they give you a card so you can come back in. You can do that. Yeah, it's actual seating. I feel like they might have a standing room and then behind it maybe if they needed to fit more people in. It seems like they could, there was enough room when you were leaving but I'm not 100% sure. They have, I believe it's two showings. It was when I was there and when I went at first they were only doing it every … It wasn't everyday but now I think it is everyday. Especially when Avatar Land opens you're going to have something else to do at Animal Kingdom later at night. I'm sure that's going to be very popular.


Steph Clay: That's what I'm hearing so far is that it's going to be popular and people are recommending for sure to get a FastPass or dining.


Heather W.: Yeah, I would definitely recommend the FastPass because just knowing, especially if it's your first time, I think to know that you're getting in is better. Then maybe if you have multiple viewings you are fine with just walking up.


Steph Clay: Right. Okay. What about photo tips for getting photos? Do you have any of those for us?


Heather W.: I think it's … The show is kind of like World Of Color in the sense that it's [no [00:07:17] with the water. You have a couple different … It's hard to explain but they have these lotus flower barges and they come …


Steph Clay: They look really pretty.


Tonya Hickman: They do look really pretty.


Steph Clay: Pictures look really pretty.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: The thing too is when you're walking up, like I said how we had to walk all the way around because we went the wrong way, but when you do that you can see them sitting in the waiting area to come out. You can get some good pictures. I'm trying to remember exactly where that was. That was when we were walking in through DinoLand. It was somewhere … Animal Kingdom is the one park that I don't really … Can't get around if you blindfolded me. I'm trying to remember exactly where it was.


There was a bridge when you were walking from in DinoLand all the way around and you could get practically right on top of where the lotus flower barge is. You could get some good pictures of that in the daylight and then you keep walking around and they had more out in another spot. Then once you sit down and a little before the show starts they start coming out and again, you could get pictures. Now it's darker out so you have them and they light up. Then … Kind of a bit of a spoiler but they shoot up water that's different colors. That's really pretty. It's the same kind of thing that's from same of the World Of Color with the fountains. If you know how to photograph those you can get good pictures of that.


There's also water screens and those are really well done because when I saw the Jungle Book I don't know what it was but [inaudible [00:08:59] that everybody didn't like about it. It was hard to see, you couldn't really see what they were projecting, but this, it's crystal clear. You can see everything. You could probably get better pictures even of those water screens in World Of Color, Fantasmic, that kind of thing. They do that.


Then they also have these different animals. I know you've seen the pictures so I'm not sure how you describe them but they're like stained glass looking.


Steph Clay: They remind me of luminaries.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: They have all different animals and they light up different colors. Those are really cool to get pictures of and it's all of that. It's also, there's these two barges and that's what there's actual performers on it. They go to both sides, that's why I think if you're on either side you can still see that. The lotus flower barges, they move around the whole time. I think no matter where you are in the theater you should be okay. They do that.


The background with all the different trees, they light up. They have the trail lights sometimes, you can see it lighting up. There's a lot of things to photograph and concentrate on. I really like the different colors and the water and everything like that. Then at the end some of them, like I said, open up and this other one, I don't even know how to describe it, comes out of the really big lotus flower. That was really pretty to take pictures of.


Steph Clay: Video would be good too I think.


Heather W.: Yeah, I got some video also. It's probably easier to take video of it then it is to take pictures. It's still I think … I was happy with the pictures I got. I didn't know anything. I made sure … It started a couple days before I got there. Then they also had previews even before that. I didn't want to watch anything, I wanted to see it live. I didn't have any kind of advance knowledge of what I was taking pictures of. I still think I was happy with my pictures.


Tonya Hickman: I haven't been to Animal Kingdom since 2001 or whenever it was that we went.


Heather W.: 11.


Tonya Hickman: Oh, 11. Was it 2011?


Steph Clay: Man, it all blurs together, doesn't it Tonya?


Tonya Hickman: Oh, it blurs together. I don't know exactly where. It's in front of Expedition Everest, right?


Heather W.: Yeah.


Tonya Hickman: Those really cute pictures that we took in front of Expedition Everest. That would be in the background now.


Heather W.: Yeah. It still is. Yeah. You can go there, they still have the photographers set up there.


Tonya Hickman: Is the seating for Rivers Of Light in the background now?


Heather W.: No, because you see Everest there … When we left and walked around we saw that. I think the way the picture is … Yeah, I guess you would see the seating in there but it's not really …


Tonya Hickman: As long as there's not people sitting there [crosstalk [00:12:06].


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Yeah, it makes me think, and I'm sure that they've done it a similar way is the theater … Or the seating area, the standing area for World Of Color. You can get pictures outside of that area and still not see all of the cement if the photographer's at the right angle.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah. I really liked that area.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I would imagine that they would do it the same way.


Heather W.: I'm even thinking if you, like I was saying, how you pass by on a bridge and you can see the lotus flowers and stuff. I'm wondering if you can even stand up there and see it, I'm not 100% sure, the show if you didn't want to wait or even one of those times you're like, “Oh, I just want to stop.” With World Of Color and then from the back you can see even just the fountains.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: I'm wondering if that same kind of thing …


Tonya Hickman: You don't have to be in the amphitheater to watch it.


Heather W.: Yeah, I'm not sure. That's something to test sometime.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I'm wondering … Okay, I'm looking at a map of the seating area and it looks like there's a river that goes in between the seating area? Do floats and things come in and out that river?


Heather W.: Yeah, that's where they come in. Where I was at the FastPass I feel like there were three sections that were FastPasses and I was on the second one, could be three or four. Then there was another section and that's where the river thing one. That's … How you said it. That's where all the … The lotus flowers and stuff came from the other side because that's where you can see them when you're walking up but yeah, the animals and the barges with the performers on it, they all came from there. They went around and then they would go out after the … Towards the show, yeah. That's where that is.


Steph Clay: Okay, it looks like there's plenty of walkways around where you could probably see the show. The trick is going to be if they'll let you stand there when the show's going on. If the cast members will let you stand there because a lot of times they don't, they make you keep moving.


Heather W.: Yeah. I'm trying to think about the way the walkways are there if you're in the way if you're just standing up, I'm not sure.


Steph Clay: Yeah. Back there by Expedition Everest I think the walkways to me seem like they're more narrow than in other places. I would be surprised if they would let you stand and watch back over there and Finding Nemo. They're a little bit wider around Finding Nemo. I would be surprised if they would let you stand and watch. I wonder if on the opposite side … Then there's the tree right there in the middle so never mind. Just forget I said that. Okay, lots of good … Is there anything else you had to talk about on that?


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay, let's hear it. I shouldn't ask that question.


Tonya Hickman: She always has something else.


Heather W.: I found this out just because I had friends who were also there, they were sitting there just talking. I know that's surprising but they busy talking for a long time and the show had ended. People had left and it was pretty much just us and a couple of other people. The animal barges were all still out and you're able to go and take pictures of them. You're pretty close. Again, if you're right in the front there so you could get some really good pictures if you wait until after the show ends and then just go down there. You could take them, you could take pictures with them behind you.


Of course as we were talking we didn't think about that until afterwards. They were like, “Oh, let's take a picture in front,” and then that's when they were like, “Yeah, we're going back in for the next show, you have to leave.” Yeah, okay. They're pretty much out there for a while. Again, that was the first show and then they had a show afterwards. They didn't rush them out or anything. I think that's a [crosstalk [00:16:11].


Tonya Hickman: I wonder if they leave them out there in between the shows but once the second show ends, do they rush them back in or do they leave them out there again?


Heather W.: They're bringing them back in. When we were leaving that's what they were doing, they were bringing them back in. In that little river thing that Steph mentioned, that's how I had to go back in there. They weren't out there … The only thing that was out there during the show were the lotus flowers. The other things come in after it's starting.


Tonya Hickman: Got you.


Heather W.: The music is really pretty too. Everything was really pretty. I loved all the colors. I only posted one picture and I was just looking at my phone because of course I transferred a billion pictures and I only posted that one. The colors are just, they're really beautiful. There's a lot to take pictures of, the animals and the lighting and then the flowers and then the water fountains from them, and then the water screens. There's a lot to concentrate on that you can get some cool pictures of.


Tonya Hickman: Good. Yeah.


Steph Clay: Awesome.


Tonya Hickman: The pictures I've seen have been really colorful which is awesome.


Steph Clay: Really beautiful, yeah. Really beautiful, I agree. Okay, then let's move on into the Arts Festival. We had done a show about the Arts Festival before but none of us had been there so I was excited to hear your report back.


Heather W.: Yeah, I loved it. I had gone … I added a couple days to my trip just so I could catch it. I was hoping to go a couple days and then again, I got the Rivers OF Light FastPass. I went there there instead of going to EPCOT, then another day I wasn't able. I only had one day. I wish I had more time but I still loved it. I did pretty much everything other than the food, which Tonya [inaudible [00:17:57] why wasn't that the main thing?


Tonya Hickman: Isn't that the main purpose of going?


Steph Clay: I'm all about the food.


Heather W.: Yeah. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of the food but I think I pretty much did everything else. The thing was after we recorded it and then I completely forget that I didn't mention, me of all people didn't mention the character thing that they had had. With most of the characters in the world show case they had a portrait of them for the festival and I completely forgot to mention it last time.


That was one of the things I was able to get a picture Aurora and Mulan and Belle. They had a really pretty … They were all completely different kind of art styles I guess but they had it and they were signed by a character. Mulan was signed by Mulan but then Belle it looked like her father had done it. It was a whole … The inventor kind of thing that he had made it to built it, he had signed that. Aurora's was signed by the fairies. Her dress was blue and pink. I made sure to get a picture of them with their portrait. A picture with them with the portrait. That was a really fun thing they had.


Tonya Hickman: How fun.


Heather W.: Yeah. The only one that didn't have it was Jasmine and … I feel like there was another one that I'm forgetting. Oh, Mary Poppins, she didn't have one. I don't know if you would count Pluto because he's like when you first enter the world show case but all the rest of them did. I didn't get it with Snow White, I could of waited but I wanted to make sure I caught a couple of other things so I just took a picture of her portrait but I think that one was really pretty.


I really like Mulan's. It was just different because it was like a charcoal, burnt charcoal look. I don't know, I'm not an art major, I can't figure it out. Obviously. As you could tell I say, “It's pretty.” Yeah, I really liked that. I got a cute picture of Donald, his line was really long. I just went up to take a picture of, again the portrait, and then he … When somebody had left and he was standing there and he looked right at me so I have a picture of him looking right at me with the portrait. I was like, “Thanks Donald.”


Tonya Hickman: That's awesome.


Heather W.: Yeah, that was really fun. Yeah, everything else, I got the magic shots. That was obviously the other important thing.


Tonya Hickman: Yes.


Heather W.: I need those different magic shots. Two of them were really easy to get. I didn't even go to the front because I came in in the back. I went in the … You know when they have the two photographers always behind the [inaudible [00:20:47] so they were [inaudible [00:20:48]. I was able to get … There was one where he had a pink brush and there was another one where you're thinking and he has a light bulb over you and he's falling over. I asked about the other one, it was just him and nobody knew where to get him. I just went to this other photographer that was behind … I need to figure out what it's called but it's the place where they have the cranberry [bog [00:21:16], that's what I call it.


Tonya Hickman: That's just like the straight away into EPCOT.


Heather W.: Yeah and they always have during the other [inaudible [00:21:27] up there so but they had a back drop. I asked her and she's like, “We're not supposed to but I can try.” She did it and I was able to get that one. We did get the magic shots, I'm not worried about that. I was able to get, they had the different portraits, the walk in portraits that you could take.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, those were really fun. The only thing I notice is that two of them … The one was by, when you're walking from UK to the international gateway and then another one was in America. They were both pointing into where the world show case is. The sun, it was really bad shadows so it didn't really look as real.


Tonya Hickman: Real.


Heather W.: Yeah, because the shadows were in the way. They had the photo pass set up on the tripod so that was all fine. It was just the shadow part. They had you do all different poses. The one with George Washington, they were like, “Point, salute.” There was one where you were with … Again, I'm not an art major so I don't know what that painting was. You know when you're there and they were eating. They had you doing all these-


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, silly poses and stuff. Then the one that was in Italy was one that had the two portraits. That one was facing towards the lagoon. That one didn't have a shadow. I wish the other two were the same way. That one came out really good. None of them really had much of a line so I was able to quickly …


Tonya Hickman: Was the shadow just because the time of day you were there or would there had been a shadow no matter what?


Heather W.: No, because the one that I did by the international gateway was [3:30] and then the other one was a couple hours later.


Tonya Hickman: Okay.


Heather W.: It's the [inaudible [00:23:18] so I don't know. Again, I was only there the one day. If I was able to go over multiple days then I would have gone back at different times. I didn't want to do it at night either because I didn't think that it would come out well.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: I don't know. It was okay. It was just like I said, the shadow. In one of them you can't even see the other person in it. It was fun, I like that.


Steph Clay: Have you tried to lighten that up with any apps or anything, that photo?


Heather W.: No, I haven't even posted those. I need to get on that. That was the last day and I was like, “Oh, no one wants to see these now.”


Steph Clay: One of my favorite tips for lighting up photos like that is just in the default editing app on your iPhone. The shadows feature is great.


Heather W.: Yeah, I'm sure I could fix it. It's just not just that it's the lighting but it's because … It's all different. You know how shadow is. It doesn't look like it's really the painting as much because you still would see the shadows even if it's lighter.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, I'm sure I could fix them so you could see us in it.


Steph Clay: Wow. Okay.


Tonya Hickman: She'll fix it, it'll be fine.


Heather W.: The other fun thing, you know when you talked about that they had that mural that you could go up and paint?


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: Yeah, I did that. I haven't posted that picture either. I took a picture of me painting.


Steph Clay: Oh, cute.


Heather W.: Yeah, that's cute. That was fun. I went back later at night and a lot of it was done too. You could see that. It gave you a postcard of what the finished thing looked like.


Steph Clay: Oh, really?


Heather W.: Yeah, I took a picture of that in front of the not completed mural yet. That was fun.


Steph Clay: Okay, they give you a post card of what it looks like but not necessarily what the people that day were painting it, right?


Heather W.: No. Once they fill it up they re-do it.


Steph Clay: Right. Yeah. Did they put that on your photo pass? How did they do that?


Heather W.: Yeah. It was really popular too because when I walked up there and there was a line. They have all the different colors out there and then they're numbered. They give you the color and then they're like, “You can paint,” I think it was seven squares. I actually pained eight because I had to take the picture and I was like, “Oh.”


Tonya Hickman: What a cheater. Somebody didn't get to paint because of you.


Heather W.: I know. Awful.


Steph Clay: Funny.


Heather W.: Yeah, that was fun. Everybody seemed to be enjoying that. That was that thing. Let's see what else … One of the things I was really excited about was the content out that they had for [Herp Rimon [00:26:20] and Mary Blair. I went and I saw that and that was really fun. I talked about how they had the chocolate easels.


Steph Clay: Yes.


Heather W.: I didn't get that because they're really tiny. I don't want to eat it anyway, I just want it and how will it stay so I just took a picture of it. They had a couple different ones, they had different characters and stuff so those were really cute. Like all the food, I saw people getting … They had whey chocolate and then you could paint it and it was a puzzle of figment


Tonya Hickman: Oh, cute.


Heather W.: Yeah, they had a lot of really cute stuff and I just didn't get a chance to eat any of that but that was good. They also had mentioned the scavenger hunt they had for Figment around the world show case. They had different artwork with Figment in it. I went to do that and when I bought the match, he said, “Do you want your magnet now?” I was like, “Okay.” You don't even have to do it, they just give you the prize.


Steph Clay: Awesome.


Heather W.: Yeah. Okay, it's good. I don't need to walk around the world show case again. They let you pick which one you want. That was fun. [inaudible [00:27:38] had to go over and take pictures of his topiary even though they kept it for the flowering garden but still.


Steph Clay: That's probably one of the reasons it was up. Did they have a lot of topiaris during that I hope?


Heather W.: Yeah, because whenever I go I go at that time for princess half. They always have a good majority of them up. The only ones that they wait until a day before or so is the new ones, the ones they don't usually have in the past. We'll talk about that when we do the flowering garden. Yeah, if you go and they have most of the topiaries up, which is really nice. I'm trying to think if there is anything else.


They also have a lot of artists there. They have a ton of booths with different artwork that you could buy. They had people doing chalk paintings. There was somebody in Italy and she was doing a paining that was like a forth perspective. If you stood on it it looked like you were riding a gondola.


Tonya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, they had it all roped off but you could stand there and actually watch her do it. Then when you were done she would take the picture of you in it. They had a lot of that kind of …


Steph Clay: That is so cool.


Heather W.: Yeah. They had other people, the UK I passed. She was just painting portrait of somebody. All these things, it was really cool. Then they had artists that were … Tanya knows his name, Jarrod … How do you say his last name?


Tonya Hickman: My-ru-yoma?


Heather W.: Yeah. He's been one of my favorite Disney Artists. He's does really adorable Disney Artwork. You can gt it the wonderland gallery. Sometimes he'll come and have signings and I'll always miss it. He was there. I was able to get a signature from him, I got a post card of the Mulan artwork thing he had it's really cute.


Just talk with him, get pictures of him and stuff. He was really nice. There was other artists like that one the world show case.


Tonya Hickman: Was the line long to meet him?


Heather W.: No, there was nobody when I walked up.


Tonya Hickman: Okay, because the last … I was just at Disney Land and I went to go buy his two new pieces of art that came out while I was there. Just to but the artwork took me a hour. If I wanted to have it signed, it was like, “They only sign for a period of two hours but his wait was three hours.


Steph Clay: Wow.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Tonya Hickman: You couldn't buy it and then go get in the a line. It was crazy.


Heather W.: Yeah.¬† I think with that, the advertising … He was going to be at Disney Springs doing a signing also but here he was just standing there and it wasn't really … There wasn't a lot of signage or anting. Yeah, I think you had to know. I had known that was one of the things like, “Oh, I need to finally meet him.” They had the tents basically that they had our booths signed. They had his art work, they had a couple of other artists there. It wasn't that much you could buy I should of brought … I didn't realize it I would of brought one of my pieces from home but it's okay I got that and I just wanted to [crosstalk [00:31:01]


Tonya Hickman: I like when they do those artist signings. Even if it really did have a really long line, they still let them sit there and chat with your for a minute.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah. As I said with this, they were … It was empty. I don't know if other times it wasn't but the way it was set up I think it was at probably like double time and it was just like you walked up.


Tonya Hickman: yeah.


Heather W.: He was us standing there. I think if you didn't know that he was even a artist you might realized that because there was not really much. He also had pins, like buttons, he was like, “Pick a button.”


Tonya Hickman: Cute.


Steph Clay: Oh, nice.


Heather W.: Yeah, it was really fun. They had other ones around the world show case that I didn't really know that much about them but hey were out there also. That was yeah … I just think it was a really great festival. I love EPCOT.


Tonya Hickman: I haven't heard any bad things about this anyway.


Heather W.: No.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I haven't heard one single bad thing about that festival.


Heather W.: It was really well done.


Steph Clay: It's probably one of the first time they announced right after it ended that it will be doming back.


Heather W.: Yeah. It's a good bait. They announced it at the flowering garden preview thing. They were like, “Yeah, it's coming back.” I've heard rumors that it's going to be the whole time. This was just Friday through Monday. I've heard rumors it's going to be the whole week. That's good.


Steph Clay: That's good, that ‘s really good. Okay. All right. Good stuff. Thank you Heather.


Heather W.: Yeah. I forgot too the Broadway show. I almost forgot that, that was really good.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Heather W.: Now we're done. No, I just wanted to say I did. I had that and they … I just want to double check their names, yeah. It was Kissy Simmons and Alton White. They were from the Lion King. Oh my goodness, they were phenomenal, they were just amazing. I went and I was like, “I don't really care where I sit.” I just wanted to hear them. I didn't feel like getting there too early but from what I understood anyway, it was if you went to a later show you could sit anywhere.


I went to the first show because I happen to just be there. I was like, “Okay, I'll just sit.” Yeah, they were just fantastic. That was something I was really looking forward to. I'm glad I got to do that. Another thing. Fantastic [inaudible [00:33:29].


Steph Clay: Fun. I hope I'll be able to make it work sometime to be able to do that. I've heard so many good things about it. Yay. Thank you Heather.


Heather W.: You're welcome.


Steph Clay: Okay. Let's remind our listeners where they can find each of you. Tonya.


Tonya Hickman: You can find me at EveryMagicMoment.com and TanyaH666 on all social media.


Steph Clay: And Heather.


Heather W.: My character site is HeatherW.com/character and on Facebook it's I Love Characters but everywhere else online I'm HeatherW25.


Steph Clay: Perfect. You can find me at Capturing Magic but also on ModernPhotoSolutions.com and same for social media where I'm talking about doing things with your photos that you take.


Tonya Hickman: Doing stuff with them.


Steph Clay: Yeah. Actually doing stuff with them. I have a free class that you can take over there all about Google photos and I also go over some other things like Cloud storage and Dropbox and stuff like that as well. It's a 30 minute class and by the time you're done you will be able to confidently know that your photos are backed up. Also the searchability  in Google photos is amazing.


Tonya Hickman: I just used it the other day for … I needed to look up castle. It gave me so many castle photos.


Steph Clay: Yay.


Tonya Hickman: That I got. So many castle photos. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I don't even know which one to choose.” I didn't have to go searching through all my files. It was nice.


Heather W.: You can use Tonya because I text her this. I said, “Steph is going to be so proud of me.” I was looking for a particular shirt that I knew I had and so I searched for me pink shirt and I found it.


Steph Clay: What? Yay. I am very proud of you Heather, way to go.


Heather W.: Yeah, I've been slowly uploading my Disney pictures and working backwards from 2009 I think.


Steph Clay: Wow.


Heather W.: I'm almost done because I wasn't as crazy back then. I didn't go to as many trips so those don't take me as long.


Steph Clay: Yeah, aren't you glad you don't have to try and upload this year? It's already done, right? You didn't have to …


Heather W.: Yeah, this one I do automatically. Yeah.


Steph Clay: Good deal. Okay, thank you so much for sharing those experiences, that makes me so happy to hear. I love it. Everyone go check out that class, you can find it at ModernPhotoSolutions.com/free. All right girls, thank you so much.


Heather W.: Thanks.


Steph Clay: We'll see you next time on Capturing Magic.