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Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph Clay and I am here today, with Tanya Hickman and Heather Winfield. Today, we are talking about runDisney and presenting runDisney 101 for people who have never ran the race. Heather just finished her 36th runDisney race and Steph is planning on going to her first runDisney event.

One of the considerations is whether they should book early flights and go to the Epcot International Festival of Arts which is happening before the race. We talk about booking rooms, finding discounts, and time schedules. The races are popular so booking early and leaving early are good ideas. Steph gets a lot of her first time race questions answered, and we talk about the balloon ladies, getting great pictures, meeting characters, and more.   

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Show Notes

  • [02:00] How Heather just finished her 36th runDisney race.
  • [02:54] Steph is planning to run her first race.
  • [03:06] Epcot International Festival of Arts is right before the race weekend. It would be fun to go early and catch the festival.
  • [05:58] How people are having a hard time booking rooms. Using a booking agent to get a good deal on a deluxe room.
  • [09:01] How it is getting more difficult to find room discounts because the races are so popular and everything gets booked up.
  • [12:58] It's rumored that some of the Disney hotels are going to book fast passes 60 days out.
  • [14:45] Any of the Disney resorts and hotels have a bus that will take you to the race.
  • [15:31] Heather stays at Pop Century or Port Orleans French Quarter. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a little bit too far away.
  • [17:17] How there was so much traffic getting to the race that the time was pushed back by 5 or 10 minutes.
  • [18:45] You can't walk into the race, so leave early and take the first bus.
  • [19:47] The first bus is at [2:30] for the Princess Half Race. Heather wakes up at 1:45 am.
  • [22:15] How every race has a theme and then a theme within the theme.
  • [23:38] You find out the theme during registration, but this year they didn't have the information for the theme because registration was early.
  • [24:38] People theme their outfits around the theme so it would be nice to learn what the theme will be. Rumors are that it will be Snow White, but we don't know.
  • [26:20] Going to the Disney parks after running a race. You might want to pace yourself. The walking can help your legs a little, but don't overdo it. Take it easy the day before the race.
  • [29:54] Heather walked the 10K with a broken foot.
  • [30:36] It's 16 minute mile, but you have a buffer depending on what corral you are in.
  • [33:50] How Disneyland isn't having races anymore or at least they are postponed.
  • [34:16] Tanya shares some information about the vintage 50s and 60s themed After Dark Event.
  • [35:26] How there might be a Star Wars After Dark in the future.
  • [37:59] Being surprised and delighted by Disney and cool After Dark events.
  • [39:41] Balloon ladies start off in the last corral and run 16 minutes time, so you have to stay ahead of them.
  • [43:44] Having a plan for photos with characters.
  • [45:55] The 10K has had a group of fairies out on the street.
  • [48:00] The half has heroes or princes on the main road. Before the Magic Kingdom tollbooth there will be characters, but you can catch them after the race and the light will be better and the lines will be shorter.
  • [53:02] How the number on your bib has the Memory Maker number to get great photos with your PhotoPass.
  • [57:21] Take your own pictures and have a backup just in case, but the PhotoPass pictures have been turning out really good.
  • [59:12] How people can cut you off when it's your turn to pass the photographer. It's always fun to try and get great pictures.
  • [59:53] The castle is a great photo spot when running the half.
  • [01:06:06] Race Retreat is a tent that you can go before and after the race. It's temperature controlled and has food and there are also characters there. It is also themed to the race.

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