Scrapbooking Disney from A-Z – Part One

If you're lucky enough to visit any Disney park often, you will more than likely have a TON of Disney photos. What a complaint:  a mountain of Disney photos!! However, having too many photos (Disney or not) can be a problem.

We visited Hong Kong Disneyland around 8 times in the park's first year of opening. At the time, my son was aged between 2 and 4 and so I was taking lots of photos on each trip. I quickly knew that there was no way I could possibly scrapbook each photo, as I took between 200 and 300 on each visit!

A friend of mine had just entered a scrapbooking competition run by Chatterbox (remember them!) where she did an A-Z album which captured the first 3 years of her childrens' lives. I loved the simplicity of this idea … she set herself an A-Z list of topics she wanted to scrapbook, and off she went.

So I decided to do the same thing with my Disney photos. I'm a Mac user, and use iPhoto to organise my photos. So as I took the photos off my camera, I put any Disney ones into a folder. Then I sat down at my computer with a pen and paper and started to think of our personal A-Z list of Disney that I could use for page titles. I had “obvious” things like “Adventureland”, “Mickey”, “Buzz” and so on, but as I looked at my photos I realised I also wanted to try and capture my son's personality at the time, so I became a bit creative with some of my title choices. I also wanted to make sure I captured any special moments or character interactions that he had.

One really fantastic encounter that Conor had on one of our first trips to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for breakfast was with Goofy. Goofy is probably my husband's favourite character, too. Conor was almost 4 at the time and we had brought some toy cars along to breakfast with us. When Goofy approached our table, he noticed the cars and asked (mimed) Conor if he could play with them. Conor looked up at him and slowly nodded his head. Eventually, Goofy got down on the floor to play cars with Conor. Truly a magical Disney moment!

OK, back to my A-Z list of titles and the making of my album. As I knew I wanted to include photos that were taken over a period of time and not in chronological order, I decided that I wanted something to tie the album together in some way. The friend who was the inspiration for me had used Chatterbox products throughout her album. I'm a paper scrapper and started this album over 5 years ago now. Luckily, the company I chose to use for this album is still in operation: Basic Grey. I have used a huge variety of different BG lines through out this album, and have generally used the large monogram letters as the first letter of each title. Even with the variety of paper lines that I've used, there is still a consistent feel to the album, which I'm happy with.

The album opens with a title page with a picture of my family and Mickey (top left). The next page is “Adventureland”. My journaling talks about the fact that my son loves this land and always runs to find the drums to play. I took photos of the Adventureland signs. both during the day and at night. I used a close up of one of the signs as part of my title. I'm pretty sure that all the photos on this page were taken on different days.

The next page is actually the “You and Me Together” page with Goofy (shown above). Now I know that “Y” doesn't come right after “A” in the alphabet, so this page is here really as a place holder. This is the beauty of a non-chronological album like this one. The next pages in the album are  double page spread called “Breakfast with Friends”, so I can move the “Y” page towards the end of the album when I have another “A” or “B” page to put in its place!

My son's favourite ride for the longest time was the Buzz Lightyear ride. In fact this was almost his favourite thing to do in the whole park! So the next page in the album is called “Buzz” and talks about the fact that as much as he loves this ride, he was a bit scared of meeting the “real” Buzz!.

You can see that I'm using the large monogram letters from Basic Grey as the first letter of my titles. Sometimes I've painted these chipboard letters and sometimes I've covered them with patterned paper. And in some of BG's older collections, they had cardstock versions of these letters that you could either glue onto the chipboard or use on their own.

The next letter in the alphabet is “C” and this is where my creative license came into play with titles. My next page is called “Crazy Cool Dudes” and has photos of my husband and son wearing the 3D goggles from Mickey's Philharmagic and making silly faces at each other!

I'll finish part one of this article here … and I'd be curious about what is your A-Z of Disney!