Scrapbooking Disney from A-Z – Part Two

Hello again, I'm back with part two of “Scrapbooking Disney from A-Z”.

Last time I talked about the overwhelming amount of photos I had from the first year of Hong Kong Disneyland being in operation and the many times we visited in that first year. Because of my many, many photos I had I embarked on scrapbooking the memories, rather than the photos, in a theme album.

My “A-Z of Disney” album started with “A” for “Adventureland”, “B” for “Buzz”, “C” for “Crazy Cool Guys”.

You can probably guess that my “D” page was about Dumbo! For “E” I had a page about “Ears”. You can still get personalised Mickey ears at Hong Kong Disneyland but I think it's done by computer backstage somewhere. However, when I got Conor's first set of ears, I got to watch the Cast Member sewing his name on. So that was the perfect inspiration for a page.

Now I'm not a great photographer and I'm especially not good at night-time photos. But it's pretty hard to resist taking photos of a Disney fireworks show. I actually don't take photos of the fireworks any more. I prefer to just live in the moment and enjoy the show and the music. This might change if I get a camera upgrade. However, back when Hong Kong Disneyland was in its first year, I took photos of the fireworks on pretty much every trip. As my son was only 3 at the time, I was worried he wouldn't like the fireworks – but he absolutely loved them. Consequently I have a double page spread “F” is for “Fireworks”.

We used to often visit the park with some friends, so I have another “F” page, “Friends”. This is the beauty of this kind of album – I'm the one making the rules and if I have two pages for one letter of the alphabet, that's OK!

“G” is for “Goofy” – of course! And “H” is for “Happy”. On this layout I've included a photo of my son skipping into the park. One of the special things about Hong Kong Disneyland is that there is a special train to take you to the park. It has Mickey shaped windows and Mickey shaped things for you to hang on to. These Disney touches can't help but make me happy. And I still photograph them when I visit the park today.

One of the things I love about Disney is all the transport options, particularly as the mother of a boy. So my “I” page is “Interesting Transport” and I included the strollers we would often hire for Conor – big enough to allow him to sleep (more on that later).

I don't think any A-Z of Disney would be complete without a page on The Jungle Cruise which is what I did for the letter “J”.

I really struggled to come up with a topic for “K” though. I eventually settled on a bit of a cheat and my page is called “Kissing Minnie (Not)”. Conor really had a thing for Minnie and was happy to line up to see her (above all other characters). In the queue he was excited about meeting her. However, when it finally came to be our turn, he got really shy.

My entry for “L” was entitled “Lunch” and as my son used to eat the same thing on every visit (cheeseburger from Tomorrowland and Mickey waffles from Main Street), this was a very representative page of our experiences. “M” was for “Mickey” and “N” was for “No” which was my son's first response on his first go of teacups! It took a few more visits till we got to “P” for “Pure Joy”. So I have pages in this album that show his progress from hating “Teacups” to it being one of his most favourite rides (especially if he gets to control the speed).

My next few entries were fairly standard: “P” for “Parade”, “Q” for “Queen of Hearts””, “R” for “Rides”, “S” for “Snow White” and so on.

Probably one of my favourite pages, and definitely something that Conor did on every trip that year, was fall asleep in the stroller. So my “Y” page is “Yawn”.



I hope you've enjoyed this peek at my album. And I'd be interested to hear what topics you could come up with in your personal A-Z of Disney.

Gab has been a Disney fan and scrapbooker of sorts ever since she can remember. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Anthony and 11 year old son Conor and has a Magic Access Pass to Hong Kong Disneyland. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram where she shares Disney (and other) memories.