Set The Scene For Your Food Pictures

I never used to take pictures of food until I started going to Disney. Now, anyone that has a meal with me knows not to eat until pictures have been taken! Food photography isn't easy, and sometimes the resulting picture doesn't look appetizing. And some meals just look the same no matter if you order at Disney, or at home. So, I try to set the scene with food pictures. Whether it's the only-at-Disney background, or getting the name of the stand/restaurant behind the meal, this will make your food pictures more fun to look back on! It also makes a more interesting picture to share on Instagram or elsewhere online. Here are a few examples from my Disney trips last year:

I love cupcakes, and the ones at Disney are always cute and calling for their picture to be taken! When I saw the Columbia sailing towards us at the Hungry Bear at Disneyland, I stood up and made sure the water & ship were behind this delicious cupcake. It's a much better picture than if I had just taken a picture of the cupcake on the plain table, don't you think?

The chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Starring Rolls at Hollywood Studios is my favorite cupcake on property. I will always remember where I got it from because of this picture

I love the Jolly Holiday bakery. I've lost count of how many times I've had the practically perfect punch. Just taking a picture of the drink wouldn't mean much, but place it in front of one of the penguin stain glass windows, and the picture is adorable!

When getting a Matterhorn macaroon from this bakery, you HAVE to take a picture of it with the Matterhorn in the background.

Anytime you get something in the World Showcase at Epcot, you can have a gorgeous background of the lagoon and World Showcase. I got this special drink in France during the Flower & Garden festival, and it looks even more special with Italy and America behind it!

When I got this gingerbread ice cream last month at Epcot, I made sure to take a picture of it in front of the menu sign. You can see it was special for the holidays, as well as the price. It's always interesting (or sad!) to see what something costs years later.

In some sit down restaurants, they have a branded napkin. This makes it easy, just position your food or drink on the napkin!

After the revamp of the California Grill, they have their name on the cloth napkins

And the Carthay Circle has cocktail napkins that we placed under our Pimm's Punch

Also at sit down restaurants, you can place the menu or drink menu behind your plate

Since Starbucks has entered the parks, it is now Disney law that you MUST take a picture of your Starbucks drink in front of the castle!

Some examples of ice cream on both coasts

And since I could go on and on with pictures of this topic, here's one more collage with examples

Have fun taking creative food pictures next time you're at Disney!

Heather is an annual passholder that loves coming up with excuses to take a trip to the World. Follow her adventures at Disney on twitter and instagram. Visit her website, I Love Characters, to see pictures of the almost 200 characters she's met at Disney World and Disneyland.