Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Video & Pictures

On ride pictures is nothing new at Disney World. If you have Memory Maker and are wearing a magic band, you no longer have to go to a register after the ride to have your ride picture added. Your picture is automatically added to Memory Maker!

And now, two rides have added on ride video! There is stock video of portions of the ride, and then a short video of YOU on the ride is spliced in. Tower of Terror was the first ride to do this, but I still haven't conquered this ride at Disney World. 😉 The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has also added video, plus TWO on ride pictures!

The first picture is taken when you are coming out of the dark ride portion of the ride into a drop.

Here's another version taken as it was starting to get dark. When you go on this ride at night, you will easily be able to tell where the pictures are, since the flashes are really obvious.

You can also see that the picture looks different depending on where you sit in the ride vehicle. You will usually be in the center of the the picture, so every person in the same ride vehicle actually has a slightly different picture! If you want a picture with the front of the ride vehicle, you would have to sit in the first few rows.

The second picture is taken later in this same drop, as you're moving towards the end of the ride. Don't be like me and hold onto your camera the whole time if you want a really good on ride picture. 😉

The on ride video is taken at the same places as these two pictures. Click on the image below to watch the full on ride video!

Click image to watch Seven Dwarfs Mine Train On Ride Video

The on ride video is a .mp4 file. Right now, you can only download them if you purchase Memory Maker. You can’t purchase them separately. You will be able to view the video on the photopass site if you did not purchase Memory Maker, but you won't be able to buy or download it.

One more note, I rode Mine Train 3 times this trip, and only 2 of rides ended up on the Photopass site. In the past, if you didn't add your ride pictures within a few days to a week, they would be lost. I emailed when I got home, almost 2 weeks later, and they were immediately added! So make sure you check and, as with any missing photopass pictures, contact them and they will hopefully find them for you.

I'm hoping that Disney will continue to add on ride video to more rides, since they are a fun addition!

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