Smashing the Magic

I've always kept a travel journal, a long time before I was a scrapbooker. I think I started with my first ever overseas trip as an adult. Usually I just buy a spiral bound notebook to take with me on a trip. Nothing fancy, just something that will fit into my handbag or carry on luggage.  Each night that I'm away I sit down for 10-15 minutes (often I take my notebook into the bath with me for some ‘me' time) and make notes of that day's events.

So once I started scrapbooking, these journals have been great for me to add all the details of a trip to my scrapbooks. In 2010, our family went to Europe – and of course we included a visit to Disneyland Paris. I did my usual travel notebook, and as we'd taken our son out of school for a few weeks for this trip, I bought a notebook for him as well. We both did really well in recording the details of this trip.

In 2011 we went to the US. We had a few days in New York, a cruise on the Disney Magic and then stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge for 4 days. For this trip, I decided to take a Smash book with me (and also one for my son) as I thought it would be really fun to journal and add ephemera while we were actually on the trip.

So I packed us a little mini kit which included washi tape, a Smash stamp, some inks, couple of Smash accessories and some fun post it note pads that I found in a local bookshop. All of this (plus our Smash books) fit into a 12×12 plastic bag which I could either pack into our suitcase or carry on luggage.

Having a kit small enough to fit into our hand luggage (and not packing scissors) meant that we could make entries into our Smash books while we were at the airport – perfect use of down time.

While at Walt Disney World and on the Disney Magic, I bought some really cute Disney themed notepads and post-its.

Now, I don't know what I've done with my beautiful Smash book. I have a feeling it's in a box in storage back in Australia. I've been looking for it for a week and haven't found it yet.

However,  I do have my son's book with me here and thought I'd share a couple of pages that he did while at Disney. He really loved using the Smash products along with lots of washi tape – so if you're taking a book for a child to complete, there is no such thing as too much washi tape!


What's your favourite way to capture the details of a trip to Disney while you're there?