Snow Days Disney Style


Hi Disney Friends…

I don’t know about ya’ll, but we have been stuck inside for a couple of days.  They are calling it ‘Snow Days’, but for us it is more like Ice days. Just too cold to play outside.  And after a day or so of sibling squabbling, I asked the kids to make a Disney list of things to do …

This is what I got..

  1. Movie Marathon.  Suggested to do it in a particular order like alphabetical, by release day or number of characters in the Title (I know… crazy, right?)  All this to make sure that one child doesn’t have the movie selection advantage.
  2. Disney Infinity.  This in and of itself could keep them busy for hours, but you might want to suggest they build something specific in the toy box.   My little man spent quite a while trying to build our neighborhood.  Of course it had to be way cooler.. because that is the Disney Infinity way.
  3. Pick a number, plan a trip.  Have the kids pick a number between 1 and 12.  Then, go to and start planning a trip.  The number represents the month.  Then pick another number for the length of stay.  Then pick another number for the resort.  You might just find a great time to travel!  And the kids can ‘help’ plan an imaginary vacation.

    Another version of this is “Get me the best deal”.  Start with a budget, and then have the kids look up potential vacations.  (Learn from me on this one… one requirement is that everyone in the family is included in the budgeting.  Like I tell my son, “Of course the trip would be cheaper if we didn’t take your little sister, but that isn’t how we roll!”)
  4. Name that Disney Thing.  This is a variety of the old Botticelli game.  Think of something Disney… Now answer three questions… Is it a Character, Movie or Park Attraction?  Classic or Pixar? Male or Female?  Then have the other members of the family ask yes or no questions until someone can guess correctly.  Might need to play in pairs with little ones.
  5. Play Where am I?  This is a game where someone describes from memory a Park Attraction.  Others take turns guessing?  Person who guesses correctly gets to go next.  Example:  I am walking in between large rocks.  I turn this way and that way.  I hear music.  I see something move while I stand.  I point to something.  It moves again.  It was a crab.  It grabs what I point to. Now I see a large sea shell… (“Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid”)


I think they came up with a lot of great ideas.  Keep the camera ready.  Funny things can happen when you and your family are having a good time.

How do you spend your Snow Days?


Keep Warm,