Some Fun Disney Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Hey everyone!  I am here today to show you all some super cute ways to incorporate Disney into yours or your children's Valentine's Day!  In case you have never looked at it before, the site has some ridiculously cute ideas for crafts and projects of all occasions and they make it all very easy for you to follow!

We also have a super fun Capturing Magic Valentine's Day Pinterest Board that you can follow!  We just LOVE Pinterest around here =)

I headed over to their site to see what they had to offer for Valentine's Day and was blown away by all the amazing crafts!  I wanted to do some really easy crafts this time around so I was only looking for things that I could print out on my Zink hAppy Printer.  Here are a couple of the things I found and how I made them!  You can find all these crafts HERE!!!


There are seriously a crazy amount of different printable valentine cards on the site!  I couldn't believe it!  I downloaded them all, chose one from each set, cut it out and resized it and then stuck each one in my Dropbox.  Once in Dropbox I could access them from my phone to print on my Zink hAppy printer!

Here they all are in my camera roll on my phone.

Then I fired up my printer and went to town!

The max width on the printer is 2 inches, but that's ok!  We can do some fun things with the smaller size.

Here are all the ones I printed out.  Now what do I do with them?

These are so fun because they are stickers!  To make them into normal valentines, I just stuck them to a index card and cut them out.  You can do this same thing with cardstock and create a border to make the valentine a little bit bigger!

Using a index card gave me some lines to write a little message on the back if I wanted to!

Because these print out as stickers, I used them as stickers too!

My cousin Sid LOVED his Muppets themed valentine!

I even managed to sneak one on to my boyfriend Chris when he wasn't looking =)

Cupcake Toppers:

There is a whole sheet of adorable cupcake toppers on  Print them out on the Zink hAppy printer and stuck them right to the toothpick that will go in the cupcake!  Soooo easy!

Lunch Notes:

This is such a cute idea and I know a ton of parents that already do this sort of thing with their kids already!  Now they can make Disney ones!  Just print them out and stick one in your child's lunch box or your husbands wallet!

There are a ton of other fun crafts that you should definitely be sure to check out!

While on my search for printable Disney Valentine's, I came across something awesome.  A printable to make your own paper airplane from the Disney Animation Short Film “Paperman”.  If you have never seen this short film, I would highly recommend finding it and watching it because it is brilliant.

I went ahead and printed the printable and watched the tutorial on the website.  Super easy to make and soooo cute!

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your Disney themed Valentine's Day crafts, so if you want to share, link us up in the comments!


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