The Pirates League

Sadly, when my daughters were little, there was no Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  And my youngest is a boy.  So we were super excited about being in Disneyland during The Pirates League.  Appointments are not necessary, but recommended.  For around $35, girls & boys ages 3 to 12 will be “transformed into the most swashbuckling of pirates, receive a sea-worthy name, train with some of the League's most veteran Pirate Masters, take the official Pirates League Oath and learn the ways of the scurvy sea dogs.”    The Pirates League is located inside the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.

I was surprised how different my son looked.  Those Pirate Masters are VERY talented.  And he loved it!  Loved it so much that we returned again the next day to become a different pirate (there are 4 looks to choose from).After they finished the first day, he walked (instead of riding in the stroller) straight to Pirates of the Caribbean to talk with the “other pirates”.  Along the way he brandished his cutlass at anyone who happened to look his way.

The second day after his oath, they invited us to return in an hour for a pirate treasure hunt.  There are usually 3 treasure hunts per day, depending on demand and staffing.  This was his favorite part.  Pirate masters had the boys solve clues which earned them pieces of the map.  Then they headed off toward the next clue location.  As we walked along, the Pirate Masters called out “Make Way, Pirates Coming Through!”  The treasure hunters were treated like royalty.   In Frontierland they helped one of their “mates” escape from jail to share the next clue with them.  The treasure hunt took us from Big Thunder Ranch to New Orleans.  Eventually they discovered a chest of gold doubloons and were allowed to keep “their share” of the treasure which was 2 doubloons.

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Note:  The Pirates League at Disney World is available year round.  The Pirates League in Disneyland is only available mid-September through the end of October.