Thor & Iron Man Title Styles

Taking two teenage girls to Disneyland meant we were certain to spend some time in Tomorrowland checking out Thor: Treasures of Asgard & Iron Man Tech presented by Stark Technologies.  It took some research to find/create titles that helped me capture those memories.  Here's what I did:  Each title was in multiple layers with some layer styles I created.  You can download the layer styles in .asl format here.  <<<<LINK UP TO SHADOW STYLES BEFORE PUBLISHING


  • Top Layer:  I used the  Iron Man of War 2 NCV Regular font in a brick red color
  • Middle Layer:  (same font) with a gold metal style
  • Bottom Layer:  (same font) any shadow style


  • Top Layer:  I used the  Modi Thorson BOLD BOLD font.  Then added a silver/blue metal style.
  • Bottom Layer:  (same font) any  shadow style


And here's my finished layout:

Supplies used: Lay It On There {Doubles} #4 Template