Tips for Documenting and Capturing Your Disney Vacation – While you are there – CM094

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We are talking about the processes and lists we go through when we are in the park to document our Disney vacations.


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Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph, and I am here with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at Hi, Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: Did I just say Tanya or did I say Tanya?


Tanya: I don't know.


Steph: Okay. Well, you're responding to both, so that's good.


Tanya: I respond to both.


Steph: I'm sorry if I did.


Tanya: No, I don't think you did.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: I would have been like, “Ugh.”


Steph: Oh, good. Been like, “Hey.” Call me out on it. We, also, have here with us today, Heather Winfield, who can be found at Hey, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: Thanks for being here girls. I'm excited. You ready to visit about … Let's see, today, we're talking about what we do in the parks to make sure that we're capturing and documenting our trip. I know you have some good stuff for me. Okay. One of the thing, I know that you guys have talked about how you both make lists of photos that you want to get.


Tanya: Heather makes the list. I tell her my requests, and she makes the list. To the point where, even if she's not with me on a trip, I still have her making my lists. Then, I have to have her send me reminders.


Steph: That's funny. That's really funny. Do you have standing photos that you have to get every time you go?


Tanya: Not really. No. No. I mean, it depends if it's Christmas time.


Steph: Yes. You do.


Tanya: The Christmas tree, obviously or something like that.


Steph: In front of the castle. Don't you do that every single trip?


Tanya: Yeah. Yeah. I guess we do. Yeah, no we do. Our lists are usually like what's new, if there's anything new, or if there's anything holiday related going on, or if there's just anything that we need to see that we haven't seen. That's usually what happens when you go too much.


Heather: Yeah. I can tell you my list, because we're going for the holidays at Disneyland. We're going for the Avengers Race. My list, right now, is all this Christmas stuff, because I haven't been for Christmas in years. There's a lot of new stuff for me. The Viva Navidad stuff, the different characters that meet there, and then when those street characters have Christmas overlays. I list all that kind of stuff. [inaudible [00:02:20] in a new place. I missed the bell ringers lasts time, so I need to make sure I catch them. Those are the kinds of things that I put on the list. New things and new to me things, so that I don't forget. They have, at Epcot, they now have this Muppet Mobile Lab thing. I said, “Make sure I see that. I haven't see that.” Then, I forgot I put it on my list this trip, and I totally missed it. The list is important.


Steph: The list is important.


Tanya: The list can be silly stuff, too. I wanted to take a picture of my BB8 Alex and Annie bracelet somewhere in Tomorrowland, and I had her put that on the list, so I wouldn't forget to do that. It could be silly stuff, too.


Steph: That's a fun idea though, I think.


Heather: Then, I cross them off. Put a little check mark next to it when we do it.


Steph: Are you keeping this in an app or a piece of paper?


Heather: I just do it on the note thing …


Tanya: Note app.


Heather: Yeah. On the phone. It's just easier for me to just easily check it.


Tanya: Yeah. I'm sure we could probably come up with an actual app for it. The notes thing is just easier. Get there already. It's not an extra thing you need to have.


Steph: Right. I totally agree. That's usually what I end up doing, too. Then, when I'm in the park as well … I don't know. Let's go over your list a little bit, because I'm sure that people that are getting ready to go to Disneyland for the holidays are curious about if there's specific things that they need to make sure they get to?


Tanya: Oh, yeah. Both parks have beautiful Christmas trees, so you have to have Christmas tree photos, for sure.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Small World holiday.


Tanya: Small World holiday.


Steph: Do you guys try and do day and night in front of the trees or just get the tree, it doesn't matter?


Tanya: Yeah. No, definitely day and night.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: Carsland Christmas time. Again, day and night.


Steph: Yeah, because the sign out front is different, and their Christmas decorations are so fun in Carsland.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: So fun.


Heather: New Orleans Square has decorations.


Steph: Yeah. Really beautiful decorations. Then, you mentioned Small World, too, Tanya.


Tanya: Oh, yeah. Small World holiday.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: At night. Not during the day.


Steph: It's not as attractive during the day?


Heather: At day, they have that Santa hat on the clock.


Tanya: Well, that's true. I forgot they have that. Yeah. Christmas time is the only time that ride is a must for me. I can do without it the rest of the time of the year, but I love that ride at Christmas time. The inside and stuff.


Steph: Yeah, because on the inside, spoiler alert, they sing Christmas songs.


Tanya: Yeah. It's really cute.


Steph: They have the smells.


Tanya: It's all decorated.


Steph: Yeah. Totally decked out for the holiday. It's fun.


Heather: Yeah. Definitely have that.


Tanya: I saw the castle is decorated as of yesterday, too.


Steph: Oh, how fun.


Tanya: It's ready for Christmas. I'm assuming that's all they're going to do to it. They might put up more I don't know. It looks like it has the icicles, the wreath, and everything on it, and the snow's on it.


Steph: Fun.


Tanya: I'm excited. I love Christmas time.


Steph: Yeah. This is going to be a problem. It's just going to make me want to go. I think I'm going to crash your party.


Tanya: Do it.


Steph: Have annual pass. Will come to Disneyland.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Tonight, I believe, is the first day of the castle lighting at Disney World.


Steph: For the holidays?


Heather: Yes.


Steph: They start their holiday festivities a little bit earlier down there.


Heather: Yes. It was Halloween, and then the next day the Christmas decorations were all up.


Steph: I've heard people that schedule trips over that time, just so that they can see that.


Heather: Oh, yeah. I did that two years ago. I was there a couple days before Halloween. Then, I went to all the resorts for Halloween for the characters. They had some really great ones out there this year. I might be doing this again next year, because a couple years off of that. Then, the next day everything was up for Christmas. A few days later, the Christmas party starts. You can get the Halloween party, the Christmas party, food and wine, wine and dine race, which will be perfect this year because I'm not doing it. If people don't know, the weather's been awful the last two years. I thought it was cursed for me, so I'm not doing it. My weather app said that on Sunday it will be pleasant. You're welcome everybody that's doing it.


Steph: Just because you're not there, I'm sure. What other kinds of things are on your list for regular times and holiday times?


Tanya: We usually try to, we did this last time, I'm trying to think if we've done it before. Yeah, no we've done it before. We try to pick one day where we're wearing matching outfits, so we could take photos.


Steph: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Tanya: The last time we were there, we both had the 60th Anniversary sweater, so we made sure we took pictures in front of the castle for the 60th Anniversary wearing our sweaters.


Steph: Fun.


Tanya: We took a lot of photos.


Heather: Yeah, some cute ones.


Tanya: Yeah. We wore matching shirts to Halloween party one time. Those are some of our best photos.


Steph: Was that the year that I was there with you guys?


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: That whole trip is our best photos ever.


Steph: Same with me and my sisters. My sisters and I went, and we wore matching costumes. It was so fun. So fun.


Tanya: It makes for pleasing photos.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: You're wearing the same thing.


Steph: Or at least coordinating. You know I'm big on that.


Tanya: Yeah. Yeah.


Steph: If people aren't aware, there's several posts on Capture Magic all about how to coordinate your clothes so that it's not a mess, because I've done that. I learned from my mistakes, and I thought I would share with everybody.


Tanya: Yeah. You always have that one kid that's standing out in fluorescent orange, you know?


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. I also like to coordinate with what we're doing or the character we're meeting. That whole kind of thing.


Steph: The day. Yeah. I do that, too, especially with my daughter. If we're doing Star Wars stuff all day, we're wearing Star Wars shirts and …


Tanya: Yeah. I had Winnie the Pooh ears and a Winnie the Pooh shirt that I knew I was going to wear, but I had to make sure it coordinated on the day that we're meeting Winnie the Pooh. We've done it to the point where we bring extra shirts with us to the parks to change in to for certain characters.


Heather: Oh, yeah.


Tanya: If we don't have anything else Frozen going on, but we wanted to meet Anna and Elsa because we're going to be there, then we're going to bring the Anna and Elsa shirts to change into.


Heather: Yeah. I've had up to four wardrobe changes in a day.


Steph: Oh my goodness. I've done two. I've never done more than that.


Heather: It's easier, too, when I'm going with my mom, because she always brings a big tote bag. I can put more clothes in there. Otherwise, I could fit a shirt or two in my bag.


Steph: Yeah. Okay. I, usually, will go through and plan out outfits, plan out what we're going to wear based on where we're eating, what we're doing, then I make mental lists. Sometimes I make lists on my phone as well of photos that I want to make sure that we get with certain characters or in certain places. When i go to Disneyland, there's certain photographs I always like to get. Of course, in front of the castle. I will often go off to one of the sides of the castle, because then you get less people in your photo.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. That's always when I take [inaudible [00:10:12]. That's where I always bring Tanya over to take them for me.


Tanya: Front of the castle is just too hard now.


Steph: It is so hard.


Tanya: It's too hard to get a photo there any time of the day. It doesn't matter.


Steph: Yeah. I totally agree.


Tanya: There's always something ugly happening behind you in the photo.


Steph: Partners is starting to get that way, too, I think a lot of times. Unless the photographer gets down low.


Tanya: Yeah. There's been times where we've gotten a photographer where they wait for people to get out of the way. It's nice when that happens, but it can take forever. There's always that one person that doesn't want to wait in line, but sneaks up right next to you while you're trying to get your photo. You're like, “Come on, dude.”


Steph: “You're in my picture.”


Tanya: Yeah. Even the photographer is like, “Seriously.”


Steph: Yeah. They put their camera down, and they're like, “We're going to wait.”


Tanya: Yeah. It's hilarious. I appreciate when they do that, but you can't do it in front of the castle. It's too hard.


Steph: Main entrance is another one that's getting hard, I think, too.


Tanya: You have to get to the castle first thing in the morning. Bee line straight there, and maybe you'll get lucky to get only a couple people in the photo.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Are PhotoPass even out right when the park opens?


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Okay. I don't get there that time, usually.


Steph: I don't either. What were you going to say, Heather?


Heather: I don't remember now. I remember when I did the Magic Mornings there a couple years ago. That, I think, is probably the best picture with just a couple of random people behind me for the castle. Yeah. I think I was going to say that for the Partners statue, it usually turns out better people wise and Disneyland than Disney World. At Disney World, people just sit there, taking their own pictures. I don't now. It seems to be harder out there than Disneyland. There wasn't as many people around the Partners statue, in the picture anyway.


Tanya: Disneyland kind of helps that it's raised, too. I think it adds some. I don't know. I think it helps for some reason. I could be all in my hear. I don't know. I feel like, because it's raised a little bit. It helps with the view and stuff.


Steph: Yeah. That makes sense to me.


Tanya: The people heading towards the castle are lowered a little bit, so they're not exactly in your eye line when you take the photo.


Steph: Yeah. When we're in California Adventure, I like to get a picture in front of the fountain or by the fountain on [inaudible [00:12:39]. Then, if we eat at Carthay Circle, I for sure have to get a picture in front of Carthay Circle. I usually will snag a PhotoPass photographer.


Tanya: We've never gotten a picture in front of Carthay Circle.


Heather: We haven't?


Tanya: In front of the restaurant, no. We have fountain photos.


Steph: Yeah. Usually what I do is ask them, when we're getting pictures in front of the fountain I'll say, “We ate Carthay. Do you mind taking a picture with Carthay as well. They're usually very happy to do that.


Heather: Okay. I am putting on the list. Picture in front of Carthay Circle.


Tanya: That's, literally, our favorite restaurant to eat at.


Steph: Mine too. Honestly, mine too. When we take the kids, I don't eat there, but it is my favorite.


Heather: It's my favorite on either coast.


Tanya: Yeah. It's really good.


Steph: I agree. I totally agree. It's very, very good. Then, also in California Adventure, you have to get a photo with Mickey's Fun Wheel in the background.


Tanya: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Steph: Then, in front of the Carsland sign.


Tanya: The fake Hollywood backdrop.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Haven't done that in a while either.


Steph: I do it every trip.


Tanya: Actually, they put a Christmas decoration up, or at least they did the last couple years. I don't know if they're going to this year, but they put the Christmas decoration of Santa and the reindeer up flying through the Hollywood sky.


Steph: Yes. They do that every year. They put that up every year. I'm pretty sure they do. Unless I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm pretty sure they do. Then, there's the tire Christmas tree over by Junkyard Jamboree. That's always fun.


Tanya: The hubcap tree down by Radiator Springs Racers. I love the Christmas decorations in Carsland.


Steph: Yeah. They're incredible. Oh, then there also a photo op right by Junkyard Jamboree with one of the tractors there. It's there all year round.


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: My kids love to get their picture taken there.


Tanya: Is it so cute. It's like a little pet.


Steph: It's so cute. That's exactly what they say. They're like, “It's my pet.” My youngest. I shouldn't say all my kids say that. My older two might kill me. My youngest one says, “It's my pet.” It's adorable.


Tanya: Yeah. It's so cute.


Heather: I always see people stopping there during races, too. They should put a photographer there, because there's always people running over and taking selfies.


Tanya: Has anyone gotten a photographer over there before?


Steph: I've seen a photographer, yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: I feel like we've had one there maybe.


Steph: It can be hard and awkward to get your photo taken with it, though. If there's a group of people, it's hard. If there's just a couple of you, but then when you have more it gets difficult. It can be kind of awkward, but anyway. When you're in the parks, in my Notes app, I keep notes of stuff that has happened on the trip that I know I want to document later. When we went and saw Santa when we were in Disneyland a year ago, there were the elves there. They were hilarious and had the funnest interactions. The most fun interactions with my daughter and my niece, so I put down their names in my Notes app. I never would have remembered. You would think Mistletoe and Nutmeg, you would think that you would remember that. No, I didn't. When I was documenting it, it was great later to be able to pull that up in the Notes app. You can search on date, too. That's a great thing about it. It will organize them by date.


Tanya: I'm really bad at … We have such great interactions sometime, and unless Heather remembers them, I never do. Writing them down, I need to start doing that. I never remember that stuff.


Heather: I always say I'm going to do that. Even with the cruise, I started doing it the first day to remember different stuff that happened. Then, I didn't do it after. It's bad because we you do it, you have all this information. It doesn't take long to do it. I should put it on my list that I should do that.


Tanya: How many times have we met a really good cast member or something great has happened, and we're both looking at each other like, “What was that, that happened the other day? It was great, but what was it? What were we talking about that we were laughing so hard in this photo?” Stuff like that.


Steph: That's funny. Yeah. In Disney World, I always start at Epcot. I always like to take a photo of my group and then just me in each country. Yeah.


Tanya: That's smart.


Heather: Yeah. By the lagoon and different places all around. Not with the country, but towards like, Space Ship Earth and the water. Each one you get a different kind of background.


Steph: Different view.


Tanya: That's a good idea.


Steph: Then, Space Ship Earth, you have to do that photo. I'm trying to think of the other things that I do when I'm in park. I screenshot. In the park, if we split up at all, we'll text message back and forth, so I'll screenshot text message conversations to help me remember stuff as well. I've included those before in books, because they're funny little conversations with the kids or whatever, or my sister texting me about the annoying people standing by us waiting for the parade.


Tanya: Oh man. I could have a whole book full of screenshots like that.


Steph: That's a lot of the stuff that I'll do when I'm in the park. Screenshotting. Taking a screenshot of the weather in the morning.


Heather: Yeah. That's something that I always mean to do, and most of the time forget to do.


Tanya: We take screenshots of our FitBit at the end of the day.


Heather: Yes. I always do that.


Steph: Yes. I do that, too.


Heather: The weather. I have the apps that do the thing, it'll put the where you are and the weather. I just always end up forgetting about that. I usually screenshot if it's something crazy weather wise, like if it's thirty something degrees in Florida.


Steph: Florida with Matthews coming through.


Heather: Yeah. I've done that. I wish I could have done that when I was on the cruise, but you didn't have connections. The weather app wasn't working. I think that's something to definitely do. Yeah. To keep track of weather and that kind of thing.


Steph: When we've gone to Disney World, another tip that I got from Kimberly [Lund [00:19:52], she used to be on the Capturing Magic team, was to take pictures of clocks as you're entering the park, so you can remember what time you entered. That's a great way to document, too.


Tanya: Well, with me and Heather, we're snapping photos the whole time. Yeah. We have those time stamps. There's usually like the moment we walk in the gate, we're like “Snap, snap, snap, snap.”


Steph: Yes. Yes.


Tanya: I totally agree with that.


Heather: Yeah. If I'm in the park after midnight, I generally, remember to take pictures of that. For some reason, that's always a fun thing to remember. That tends to happen more at Disney World than Disneyland, because the park hours aren't as late.


Steph: Right. Right. When we did my fortieth birthday trip, that was a lot of fun. We happened to be in Magic Kingdom, it was open a little later, and we happened to be in there, like it was [12:30] at night. Then, that was my official birthday, so my husband took a picture of me underneath the clock so we knew it was my birthday.


Tanya: The only time I've taken pictures of clocks was twenty-four hour day. I tried to take pictures of the clocks, because it's not very often you get to see them at 3am.


Steph: Crazy. Crazy.


Tanya: It was fun.


Heather: I would see something that I wish I had done, and I didn't, and I was kind of planning it, is that first time you walk in the park to take pictures of your shoes. This is my first step in Disneyland. I remembered that I was going to do it, and then I was just like, “Ah. Disneyland.” Then, I didn't.


Tanya: Never mind.


Steph: You should have videoed it. That's what you should have done, because then you'd have that whole thing. Tanya should have videoed you.


Tanya: It just would have been her crying. It's not pretty.


Heather: It would also be fun if you were doing your Magic Band thing touching it to the Mickey and going into the terminal. Not terminal, I still have cruise on my brain. To do that. You could take pictures of that. “My first Mickey to Mickey that you'll hear a hundred fifty thousand times on your trip.”


Steph: Yeah. That's a good idea to do the video of it, so you can hear the noises and stuff. I did take pictures of my daughter the first time, my youngest, the first time we went and had Magic Bands, and she did that. I should have done video. That was before I was doing very much video back in the day, though. Now, I do lots of video, because it's easy to include it in my books with the QR code.


Tanya: Yeah. This last trip, I didn't take too much video, but the trip before that I took almost nothing but video. I took so much video the trip before that. I love seeing the videos, because I was using, there's an app call One Second or something.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: I wanted to do, because you can make the one second clips from … It's supposed to be one second per day, but they have a freestyle part of it where you can just make it for a trip or however many days you want or however many seconds you want. I knew I was going to do one for Disneyland, so I literally all day, one of the days, it was a trip without Heather. I was there with my family, so I was only there for a day. All day I was taking, whether the clips were two seconds or two minutes, I videotaped everything. Then, put them all together in the one second clips later in the app the next day. It was real easy.


Steph: That's really cool. It's called One Second Everyday. It's an app.


Tanya: Yeah. It's a fun little app. I like taking the video, because then if I want to go through and make them into a longer movie in iMovie I can do that too.


Steph: Yes. It's easy, so easy to do on your phone.


Tanya: Taking photos from the videos is easy now, too, with apps.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: I love doing that.


Steph: Yeah. That's why a lot of times I choose to do video over taking photos, it's because I know that I can pull some jpegs from it.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Have the best of both worlds. For sure. All right. Is there any other documenting that you guys do, that you can think of, when you're in the parks?


Tanya: Just food photos.


Steph: Oh, for sure. Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah. I try to remember what we're eating. Taking pictures of the menus.


Heather: Oh yeah.


Tanya: “Oh. What is that?” “I don't remember.” “If I can pull up the picture of the menu that I took, I could tell you what it is.”


Heather: I always take, we have to set the scene, too, most of the time with the food. Put the menu behind. If you're somewhere with a good view, you could do that. I did that a lot with the cruise. I got an ice pop, so I took it where you can see the water behind and all those kinds of things.


Tanya: Yeah. There's food photos, and then there's interesting food photos.


Heather: Yeah. I was at, I did the [Remy [00:25:13] dessert thing. I had my prime lens on my SLR, and I was taking pictures. The people next to me are taking their phone pictures, and they're like, “Yeah. These aren't going to come out.”


Steph: In the darker restaurants, it's hard. Yeah. It's tough.


Tanya: The last time we ate at Carthay Circle. We were there rather early, right? I'm trying to remember what time. It was rather early, but it was still summer, so it was getting darker later. We were taking photos of the stuff. Right as Heather comes back from the bathroom to take a photo whatever she had in front of her at the time, the lights dimmed for the ambiance. Her face was like, “Of course.” Om my God. It was so funny.


Steph: That's so funny.


Tanya: It gets dark in that restaurant.


Steph: It gets so dark in that restaurant. I can't even read the menu. One time when I was there at night, when it was dark outside, I couldn't even read the menu. I need a flashlight. This is ridiculous.


Heather: I like those menus when you open them up, they light up.


Tanya: Yeah. Right.


Steph: Who has that?


Heather: I know they had them at the [inaudible [00:26:36]. They had them, and they didn't have them. I haven't been there in a couple, so I don't know if they have them again. They had them there, and I feel like there was somewhere else I ate that had them.


Steph: I've never seen them before.


Heather: Oh, yeah. They're really cool. Then, on the cruise, there's this Skyline Bar. It's so cool. They have it's a different skyline from a city in the world, and it changes every twelve minutes. It's like Paris and … It's awesome. There, it's really dark in there, because it's supposed to be at night, so their menu when you opened up, lit up too.


Steph: That's really cool.


Tanya: That's awesome.


Steph: That is really cool. Yeah. The other thing that I guess I can say is taking screenshots. If you didn't do it, our pre-show, the episode before this talked about taking screenshots of any of the dining reservations that you have or in Disney World, the Fast Passes and all of that. If you haven't done that, do it by the end of the day, because then it will be gone, and you can't access that again. That kind of stuff also comes in handy the next time you're planning a trip. I go back to that stuff all the time.


Heather: Yeah. I always go back. For example, we always eat breakfast at this certain place after a 10K. I always go back and try to figure out what time did we do that, so I can make sure.


Steph: Exactly. Yeah. That's exactly what I do. Trying to figure out the timing of when to make reservations because this worked out last time or this didn't work out lasts time. Then, also pricing when I'm budgeting. I can go through and figure out, this is what everybody had, and this is how much we spent. Is the dining plan a good deal for us? No, it's not, because we don't spend that much money on food. It's better to just pay out of pocket. That kind of stuff.


Heather: Do you save all of your receipts, because I do that?


Steph: Yes. I save a lot of my receipts for most of my trips. The last couple trips to Disneyland, I haven't saved all of my receipts. Before that, I did save all of my receipts.


Heather: I don't even know what I'm going to do with all of them, but I have saved every single receipt that I get at Disney. I have them in separate bags for each trips, so you can imagine how many bags of receipts I have. I'm looking at them right now.


Steph: Have you noticed that they fade, though, over time?


Heather: Yeah. They do.


Steph: Really bad.


Heather: They're not in the light, but yeah.


Tanya: Just in an air controlled room.


Steph: That was really funny.


Heather: I could probably have just a room … When we were on the cruise, I took a picture of the receipt when we went to one of the adult dining thing. My mom was like, “Oh, yeah. We should do that for all these things that we're doing on the cruise.” You have to buy extra things. I did that for the different restaurants, but I still saved them. When I first started, I was going to do something with it in the scrapbook, and I didn't. Now, it's just a thing.


Steph: You know what's kind of cool is when my mom, one time when I was visiting her, pulled out this big envelope thing of pictures and stuff that she's kept, and she has her Disneyland passes form when she was a little girl. It was a year after the park opened.


Tanya: That's awesome.


Steph: Some receipts, too. Yeah. I'm like, “Woo, Mom!” I'm freaking out that she has this stuff, and she won't let me touch it. Can I touch it? I think she's afraid I'm going to steal it.


Tanya: I wish I had tickets before I had an annual pass. I have all my annual passes. I got my first one in '94, I guess, so I have all those annual passes. I wish I had paper tickets from before that.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I have paper tickets from my first trips, since I was an adult. I could go back, and be like “Yeah. The price has double since I started going.” I can see still the ticket we had when I was five, and it was with the photo album I had no idea where it is. I know it's there somewhere.


Steph: Yeah. I do. I even like to take pictures of my receipts, and make sure that I include those in photo books. I figure twenty years from now, that'll be cool to go back and see.


Tanya: Yeah. If you're not going to at least take a picture of the receipts, then throw them out, because they're going to fade eventually anyway.


Steph: When we went on our vacation to the Bahamas, I included some receipts and prices of food and stuff like that. That's, honestly, the kids favorite thing to go look at in the photo book and talk about the price difference. Even when people will come look at that book, people that aren't family members will pick it up, and be like, “Wow. Look at these prices.” That is the one thing that people always comment on. How different it is in the Bahamas, because milk is super expensive, but yet I could buy Diet Mountain Dew for the same price. It's so funny.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Okay. Anything else that you guys want to mention to help people?


Tanya: No. Just make sure you have external chargers with you in the parks. Yeah. No. I think it's just certain photo spots.


Steph: Yeah, make sure you get all those in. One app for scanning, if you want, a Scannable is a great app to scan receipts and stuff like that. You can save it to Ever Note or save it to your phone as a jpeg. Especially, the Fast Passes, because paper Fast Passes I don't know if they're going to be around forever.


Tanya: Oh, I wanted to say that's another thing that we always do at Disneyland, because they still have paper Fast Passes is take a picture of the Fast Passes in front of the coordinating ride.


Heather: Yes.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Those won't be around forever.


Heather: Yeah. I miss that every time. Paper Fast Passes. I want to hug the machine.


Steph: Yeah. They're great. I love them and I don't want to give them up either. I'm like, “Can I have that back for my scrapbook, please?”


Heather: Yeah. I have old ones scatter throughout all my past trips. As you can tell, I save everything. I have it from each trip. I should go through and try to figure out which rides I have Fast Passes for. That was always the plan to go around and get all of them before they got rid of them. Then, I didn't. Now, it's probably going to be the same thing with Disneyland. I'll have to go to international parks. Yeah.


Steph: That's a fun idea. Everybody, next trip to Disneyland, ask for your Fast Passes back. The paper Fast Passes back, so you can keep them as a memento, or just take a picture of them in front of the ride. That works.


Tanya: Yeah. I would like to have a paper Fast Pass for each just to have. A, the chances of them giving it back to you are kind of slim, because they're like, “We don't trust you.” Then, you can only get one at a time, so it's kind of like you get one, and you're like gung-ho to collect them. Then, I forget. I'll have that one, and I'll be like, “Oh. I was supposed to go get more of those, and I totally forgot. I just wasted time.”


Steph: Yeah. Totally. Totally. Okay. Well, let's remind our listeners, then, where they can find us unless you have something else pressing that we need to share. I think we covered a lot of stuff.


Tanya: Yeah. I think we're good.


Steph: Okay. All right. Remind our listeners then, Tanya, where they can find you.


Tanya: You can find me at and all social media @TanyaH666.


Steph: Heather?


Heather: My character site is and I'm HeatherW25 on Instagram, Twitter. On Facebook, it's I Love Characters.


Steph: Perfect. You can find Capturing Magic on social media @CapturingMagic_ We would love to have you follow us there. If you know somebody that is planning a Disney trip or is a Disney fan, please tell them about the podcast, so they can listen as well. Thank you so much for being here girls.


Heather: Thank you.


Tanya: Thank you.


Steph: We'll see you next time on Capturing Magic.