Updates on My Recent Posts


If you follow the Capturing Magic blog regularly, you probably already know that my family and I are readying ourselves to embark on our first Disney Cruise. Over the last few months, many of my posts here have been about my planning process. Over the course of time, some things have changed and I thought it would be good to share a few updates.
  • Our trip is longer – Disney got us, man. Originally, we were going on the four day Bahamian Cruise, with an additional three days in the park. That was until they announced the Villains Unleashed party. With it being right after we left Disney, we did a little maneuvering and we have extended the time we will be in the parks so that we can attend the event. Our trip now has seven days in the parks following our cruise!
  • Capturing Magic While at Sea – I had long debated what I was going to do to waterproof my camera/phone on the cruise. I looked into all three options (purchasing a waterproof point and shoot, getting a waterproof housing for my DSLR, or purchasing waterproof cases for our phones and using them), and eventually decided on using our iPhones with waterproof cases. I went ahead and purchased the Lifeproof cases. They do a great job for keeping water out of the phone. I've had some trouble, however with the film that covers the camera lenses. The film covering the back camera has some marks on it, and is making most of my pictures hazy. The casing around the front facing lens constantly has dust trapped in it. Overall I'm not happy with the Lifeproof cases, and ended up getting two new Otterbox cases. They are not waterproof, but there is no issues with the case and the camera lenses.
  • Capturing Magic from A Child's Eye – When I wrote this post, it opened up my eyes to the fact that I was the sole person memory keeping our trips and the girls may have some different memories they want to include. That being said, each girl will be taking their own camera with us on this trip. They will be encouraged to document the trip the way they want to, with the memories they want to share in addition to my main album.
  • Why I'm Not Taking My DSLR on my Next Disney Vacation – This post generated so much discussion! It was great! When I wrote the post, I had pretty firmly decided that I was going to rely on my phone to take pictures and was leaving my DSLR home. I'm not going to lie, the discussion on the post started me thinking that I may regret that decision, Then, when we extended our trip, I really started to waiver. While I'm not 100% decided right now, I may be leaning more towards taking my DSLR with me and using it along with my phone. I guess I won't know for sure until I start packing.
So that's where I stand now. Have your ideas on these topics changed since I last posted them?