Using Disney Parks Maps in a Photo Book or Digital Scrapbook – No Software or Scanning Involved

Disney park maps have a way of making me feel all giddy inside. How can you not be filled with excitement, happiness, and anticipation with a park map in your hand?  One of the things that I love about AdoramaPix photo books is that you can customize your inside pages (instead of having blank white or black pages). I always thought it would be fun to add park maps to photo book and digital scrapbook pages, but I really dislike scanning. Well, there is a way to make this happen with no special software or scanning involved!

Disney puts PDF files of all of their park maps online that you can easily download and save to your computer.

**note: Disney changes their site quite often and maps are removed. To find the map you need do a Google search for: park map pdf
(you can copy and paste that into a Google search box. You can also add the year of your trip)


If you are a digital scrapbooker, you can open the PDF directly in your photo editing software. The background will most likely become transparent instead of white, so you will need to add a white layer behind it OR use the same workaround for photo books below.

Some photo book printers will let you upload a PDF, but AdoramaPix (which is my preference for printing photo books) doesn't. Not to worry! I have a solution for you. is a FREE online app that will convert a high resolution PDF to a high resolution JPEG in just a couple of clicks.

Then, all you have to do is upload them and add them to the first and last pages of your book:

Then, click Fit/Fill and “Fill to spread” for it to automatically fill both pages:

When you place your order, just make sure the box below is NOT checked if you want the pages to be inside cover and opposing page:

Here's how they turned out in my printed book: