Using Official Disney Characters in Your Digital and Paper Scrapbooking

Have you ever wished you could use official, licensed, high resolution, Disney character images and graphics in your digital scrapbooking, photo books, and paper scrapbooking? I know I have! I'm excited to share with you how you can do just that LEGALLY and for FREE!!!

Spoonful is an official Disney site that is FILLED with Disney crafts and PRINTABLES!! This has quickly become one of my favorite sites to hang out on! The handy search box makes it soooo easy to find printables for almost any of the Disney characters:

After entering in a Disney character or franchise, add the word “printable” (without the quotation marks) and then hit enter or click on the magnifying search icon. When you find a printable, that you want to use (I really like the birthday invites and stickers for scrapbooking). If you are going to use these on a paper scrapbooking layout or in a pocket style scrapbook album, just go ahead and print them out, then cut with scissors and place them on your pages.

If you want to use the graphics in a photo book or on a digital scrapbooking layout, then you will want to look at this tutorial by Katie at The Daily Digi. Katie's tutorial will show you how to import the PDF into Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements (the process is the same for both programs). I imported one of the Cars sticker sheets and selected the second page:

Next, I used my Lasso Tool to trace around the Mater, making sure I was inside the solid cutting line (the “marching ants” or dotted lines around Mater is my selection):

Then, I just go to Edit> Copy (or CTRL+C) to copy just this part of the image. Then, I create a new blank canvas by typing CTRL+N which will create a canvas the exact size of the image I just copied:

On this new, blank canvas, I just CTRL+V to paste Mater:

Now, I can save Mater so I can use him as often as I want on my own layouts and projects. I've started a new folder on my harddrive to store these images and use them again and again in my photo books and scrapbooks. From there, I can make journaling cards or title cards to use in pocket scrapbooking projects. I can also use them on digital scrapbook pages. Here are a few things I've made:

4×6 Title card Created using the shape tool in Photoshop, Budmo font, and Cars printable stickers from

Created using Cars sticker printable from

3×4 Journaling Card created using the Dumbo Printable Party Invitation from

Isn't this fun? And soooo EASY!!  Just remember, since these are licensed characters, it's not okay to sell them or use them in anything you plan to sell, nor can you transfer the files to other people (you have to send them to Spoonful to so they can download them from there). They are fine to use in your very own PERSONAL projects and pages though.

Go have a look at Spoonful and tell me what you are going to use in your projects! I would love to hear what you have planned!