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Nothing captures the memory of Disney more than a photo at the Magic Kingdom. Instagram is full of old and new Disneyland memories, and people seem to be getting more and more creative with their Disney photos. Today, we are going to talk about the Walls of Disney which make a perfect backdrop for Disney photos.

Sprinkled throughout the Disney Parks are certain walls and spots that can be used to create photos of some of our happiest moments. Some of them are colored walls, doors, and other spots that you may not even know are from Disney. We are going to talk about some of our favorite walls and where they are located and give you a guide to find these perfect spots.

Welcome to Capturing Magic.  I'm Steph Clay, and today, I am joined by Tanya Hickman and Stephanie Haney to talk about the Walls of Disney. Heather Winfield isn’t with us today because she is actually on her way to a Disney Park.

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Show Notes

  • [00:43] Today, we are talking about the walls of Disneyland on Instagram.
  • [01:07] Stephanie discovered these on Instagram.
  • [01:48] The small world ride wall and the details was the one that kept popping up. It's a wall with a big door to the backstage area and a cast entrance. It is still decorated with the small world theme.
  • [02:40] How the colored wall pictures are super fun and you can't always guess that they are in Disneyland.
  • [03:06] We are going to run down our favorite walls and include a guide and photos.
  • [04:21] Stephanie's favorite wall is the Sleeping Beauty water fountain on the back side of theSleeping Beauty Castle. This is off the beaten path and Stephanie has always loved it.
  • [05:34] Tanya's favorite wall is the Small World one at Disneyland. You can take the photo at two places. Looking at It's a Small World, you can go to the right where the parade comes out or to the left there is another door next to the theater.
  • [07:23] How people are getting creative with their poses in front of the walls to create a more unique image.
  • [08:34] You can also change the distance and your focal point to create a  more unique photo.
  • [10:05] The Main Street Station trellises have a bench for a seated group shot and the brick wall in the back has ivy trellises.
  • [11:14] Some issues for this location are the lighting and being a distance from the wall.
  • [12:41] The Stardust Wall is also a great spot.
  • [13:51] Head down Main Street toward the castle then turn right on one of the alley ways. In the back near the locker rental is a brick wall. This wall is rumored to be the wall that was used to test some of the brick patterns for use in the Disneyland Park.
  • [15:48] Tanya likes the good old blue wall at Disneyland. This one is in the Hollywood area where the Mad Tea Party used to be. At one time it was a smoking area, and it is now a cast entrance. Inspite of the location, this is a popular photo spot. The sunset wall is also a great spot.
  • [17:42] Boo's door at the Monster's Inc. ride is another awesome with flowers and pink colors.
  • [18:06] Mint Julep Bar wall in New Orleans Square is another great spot to show off your mint julep.
  • [18:40] Stephanie loves the mural at  Radiator Springs. Go to Cars Land and go to the left of the Radiator Races and there is a great mural painted on the wall.
  • [20:24] How you can't use a selfie-stick in the park anymore. A QX lens and GorillaPod helps.
  • [21:35] The mosaic wall where you get smoothies and ceramic pieces in Disney California Adventure is also a great spot. It is also built into an arch and if you whisper to someone on the other side they can hear you.
  • [23:09] San Francisco girl Stephanie loves the painted ladies which is row of Victorian houses and doors with great colored front stoops to take pictures on.
  • [24:28] The newest Disney wall is the Big Thunder Walkway. It has a PhotoPass in front of it.
  • [25:54] Having no mission other than to get photos on the wall and get lunch. How going to Disney for only one day is never enough.
  • [27:24] The Paradise Pier posters are also a great photo backdrop.
  • [28:31] Tanya likes Ariel's Grotto. Walk past the entrance and there is a cool alcove seat for pictures. The wall has under the sea stuff and an outline of Ariel.
  • [29:42 ]Stephanie likes the Tiki wall across from the Tiki Room.
  • [30:34] The groovy beads in Cars Land are a great spot and kids love to play in them.
  • [32:21] The Cheshire Cat Wall is also a nice spot. To get the cat in the photo, you have to go wide.
  • [33:28] How you see walls when you are actually looking for them. There is another brick lawpointing to Radiator Springs and there is another one with a painting of an oil pan and the here it is sign.
  • [35:05] The Mission Breakout wall is hard to get to.
  • [36:15] The Mad Hatter Wall is also great.
  • [36:41] Stephanie also likes the Orange Bird Wall in downtown Disney Lego store leading to the restroom.
  • [37:38] The importance of looking at the details and snagging the awesome shots first. How the meticulous craftsmanship of Disney often gets overlooked.
  • [39:46] The intricate beauty of Disneyland if you take the time to stop and enjoy everything.

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