What Does a Mermaid Wear in a Half Marathon?

What does a mermaid wear in a race?
All ready for the race in the morning.

All ready for the race in the morning.

I have a confession to make, I'm not a huge Tinker Bell fan. I enjoy watching her fly from the Matterhorn to start the fireworks but otherwise, I'm pretty neutral to the pixie! I am, however, a huge Little Mermaid fan! It could be that we are both redheads, or the fact that my friends surprised me with an 18th birthday celebration that included a trip to a local ice cream parlor and a night at the movie, it had just been released. Ariel is my princess!

As I stated in my last post, a runner I am not. I often told folks who heard I was doing the Half Marathon that I run like a mermaid who traded her voice for legs. I figured there were mermaids in Peter Pan so it wasn't a complete stretch to go as Ariel.

How do I go as a mermaid but still run? Enter the Sparkle Skirt — think running shorts crossed with a tennis skit. A friend of mine is a more accomplished runner and she introduced me to the wonder that is the Sparkle Skirt. One of the most awesome things about the skirt is that there are three pockets. One pocket on each leg and another zippered pocket in the waist band.

There are tons and tons of patterns to choose from, and they seem to be the garment of choice for costumed running outfits. There are lots of forums that offer second hand sales of skirts and I was able to locate a skirt with a green fish scale pattern. First item check!

For the top I wasn't about to subject other racers to myself in a bikini top. I found a simple lavender t-shirt at Target and used some glitter HTV to cut out shells with my Circut. I also found a pair of Ariel socks at Hot Topic to complete the ensemble.

Author's Note: I had also ordered an adorable pair of Mermaid themed Mickey ears but they were never delivered. I won't share where I ordered them because I don't want to be snarky. There are tons of online sellers that have incredible work, so you can easily find just the right accessory to complete your race attire. I hope that I am able to get them soon because they are fabulous and I'll be back at Disneyland again sometime! I had this bow to cover my hair tie of my pony tale.

I loved having the pockets in the skirt. I kept my iPhone in the waistband pocket so I could keep track of my intervals with the RunKeeper app. The race does offer bag check, but they ask you to use it only if you need it. Since my husband was going to meet me at the finish line I knew he could bring me anything I needed. I was planning on putting some cash, ID and insurance card in the side pockets since I wouldn't be digging in and out of them during the race like I would the front pocket. I also knew I would need some tissues to combat the runny nose that I get in cooler weather.

The night before the race I remembered that I had a Mickey Mouse arm band from Disney Movie Rewards, and it was sill in my car!. It's meant to hold a MP3 player but, it did an awesome job holding a travel pack of tissues, my ID, cash, room key and a chap-stick. I made sure to have my ear buds in the front pocket with my iPhone and my sunglasses in my side pocket. While I was leaving the hotel room in the pitch black of [4:30] AM, once the sun came up I knew I'd need the glasses.

Prior to leaving I cleared my iphone of any extra apps I wouldn't need during the race, and made sure to sync the pictures I'd taken so far to my laptop. With a fully charged phone I kissed my husband and sleeping son good-bye and started to walk to the corrals!


Ready to run!

Ready to run!

Mermaid inspired manicure

Mermaid inspired manicure

Next up: It's time to fly!





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