With less than a month to go…Preparing For the Magic

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My family and I have less than a month to go before we will be heading to Walt Disney World for TWO WEEKS!!! Things are going to be crazy as we will have a house full of guests for my daughter's graduation, just a few days before we leave, AND we are also getting ready for a move to a different state. Insanity!  So, I am in organization overdrive, hoping to not miss a beat. Here's what I will be doing over the next few days. I will have more posts next week as well, with more details.

For Capturing Magic

  • Getting the luggage out and starting to pack, using some of Kim's guidelines for colors to wear so our photos look great (more on this next week too).
  • Shopping for additional clothing for anyone that needs lightweight items in the color scheme we will be using (since I'm mostly concerned about this for the photo aspect, this is staying in this section).
  • Ordering my MemoryMaker
  • Getting memory cards together and wiping them, buying new ones, if needed (I like to have 5-6 32GB memory cards for a week trip).
  • Adding some documenting apps to my kids phones/iTouches so they can document on the go, from their perspective (more on this later).
  • Figuring out the RIGHT way to use video on my DSLR.
  • Setting up the Capturing Magic iPhone app with a trip, so I don't forget any important photos.
  • Documenting the prep all along the way (more on this next week as well).

For Creating Magic

  • I will be scheduling an email countdown for everyone in the family but the youngest (who doesn't have email yet).
  • I start checking the 10-day forecast for Bay Lake about 3 weeks out, just so I have a feel for what is going on. 
  • I will be putting together some “pixie dust packages” for my kids (more on this later).I will be going through all of our FastPass+ and dining reservations and making sure everything is as it should be. I've noticed that things aren't showing up on the app like they should be, so I will be logging in on my phone and taking screenshots of everything. I will put these screenshots in a folder on my phone, so I have them to refer back to (I've not had good luck trying to use the app for following my schedule of events).
  • Putting all FastPass+ and other reservations on my planning spreadsheet.
  • Getting pressed penny tubes ready for the youngest (my teenage son thinks he might want to do this, so I will make one for him, just in case)
  • Packing a carryon with PJ's for everyone and clothes for our first day (our flight gets in very late at night).
  • Working up a final food budget (this is actually fun for me…crazy, I know)
  • Adding budgeting apps to the kids iDevices, so they can track how much they are spending on meals (I give them extra spending money,  if they come in under budget).
  • Keep walking! When I'm at WDW, I easily walk 25,000-30,000 steps in ONE day (approx 12 miles), so right now, I am walking as much as I can each day and making my family do the same.